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Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later I Am Wants Sex Meet

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Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later

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Prev Thread Next Thread. Change to Thread View. Oldest First Newest First. Sourh am writing because of information that I just found out regarding my geneology.

I have visited the Drayton Family website numerous times after finding Frienfs information out Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later now have gotten enough nerve to put my information out there hoping someone can help me.

First of all I just was made aware of certain facts regarding my biological father Edward Drayton who was from South Carolina, maybe the Charleston area. You see all my life I will be 45 years old in October I was Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later that my Friens has past away when I was a little girl.

The Housewives seeking sex tonight Buffalo Indiana information that was past onto me after the death of my mother Viola White inwas that my father Edward Drayton of South Carolina who later may have moved to Balitimore, Maryland is now deceased.

Since I have been looking Eshill find some type of information on Edward Drayton but gave up because I became too emotional each time I searched. I gave up my search until last month when the zeal to find out some facts regarding my father started to bother me.

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I needed to know the truth about my father. I searched the ancestry website and read several posting but was afraid to go forward with any Freinds. I am finally at the stage in my life where I need to Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later Naughty wives want nsa Derby or contact people who just may know something.

I don't maube if this will apply to anyone out there but God knows I pray that it does, but Siuth any of this information on any Draytons from Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina sounds familiar, please feel free to contact me. I am not sure when my father was born but I do know that it was between and I don' have any information on his family because I was under the impression that my father was dead.

When my mother was pregnant with me inshe left Charleston and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am told that Edward Drayton did come to Philadelphia for a couple of years during my early childhood but moved away. I don't have any dated to back this up. I am Beast seeks beauty as to if anyone can shed some light on this great mystery. If anyone can help me or lead me to the right people who can help, I would appreciate it.

Maybe one day before I die, I will find out the truth regarding my Caarolina father. My e-mail address is janice. I'm afraid that i am going to disappoint you, because I personally have no information about. However, have you tried to make contact with the archives department of Souuth Hall near Charleston?

They have extensive material from all families connected with the place - including African American. For what it is worth to you, especially if you are not a Christian, I have found among others one verse in Scripture particularly helpful.

I'll explain why in a Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later. See, i have engraved on My hand. This Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later a great deal to me. I have had a distant relationship with my father because he finds it difficult to express his emotions - and therefore he cannot bring himself to say that he loves me.

Whereas in the past I found that a great burden to carry, now I accept that that is the way he is. It does not alter the fact that God loves us all equally. This may not mean much to you, but lster I want you to know that I shall be praying that you do find the answer to your restlessness.

It may turn out to be not what you expected or wanted. Don't reject it, but consider the choice before you carefully. I am convinced that if we put our trust in the Lord, He will never let us down.

It is Frienrs lesson I have had to learn! May the Lord richly bless you and may you know his peace - shalom! Dear Janice, Once more I post a message on the board.

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I hope you have not given up on your search. They are friends of mine, even though we have not as yet met. Evelyn has written some books, so you can find her details on the web. A short article i Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later written has been posted in the following website: I hope you will find it interesting and perhaps helpful as well.

Best wishes, Bill Drayton. Your surname is seen quite often in the Charleston area. Our firs focus for your surname is in the area of Berkeley County. We are non-profit volunteers glad to share information with the same.

Hoping to hear from you. Please visit the web page and look at what's coming in Low Country Africana. Joyce Reese McCollum www.

You can perhaps go by place the card was issued. Have a look at the following website - www. They are involved in an Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later project.

All the best wishes, Bill Drayton. Sylvia Chisolm, quoted in a number of slave narratives see archive page of our website-she describes being sold fidst at the age of 8was Stephen's sister. She married a Chisolm named Daniel. One of her descendants is Mayor of Estill, SC Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later is the town caterer - he catered the lunch at our last family reunion Eshill August ! Seaborn, a Caroliba uncle? He left the land on which sits the church to his young wife Elizabeth.

She remarried a Furman and left the land to the Church when she died. My Horney match in Milton Indiana has copies of various deeds and we have an extensive tree on ancestry.

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