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Forum Main Forums General Discussion Relationships I don't understand this guy, what is this "exclusive" Non exclusive friend with benefits? I don't understand this guy, what is this "exclusive" friends with benefits?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jul Gender: Age 31 Posts I met him online from an internet dating site and we hit it off really fast. We've been Non exclusive friend for about three weeks and it's been going well.

Non exclusive friend We've gone on enough dates to where I Non exclusive friend lost exclsuive and he's slept over twice fooled around, no sex. He's met and hung out with my mom, and told him mom about me as I've overheard him on the phone tell him mom that he slept over my house, mentioning me by name, haven't met her The thing is, I am so confused about what our relationship is and where it can even go.

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I told him eventually that I was looking for a boyfriend shocking, I know. And he exclusivve had given me this fear of titles talk. This was threw text unfortunately, so I couldn't gauge Non exclusive friend he was saying.

He said some stuff about how titles tend to change everything and yadda yadda. What he proposed to me was this. This Nno in person.

It was under a bit of laughter which made me not take him too seriously, but then it came up again when I Non exclusive friend him to clarify it.

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Basically in this relationship we hang out, do stuff Non exclusive friend, have sleep overs, watch movies etc. So I'm like okay That's when I got all the yadda yadda about titles changing everything. But the thing is, I'm not sure if I'm being taken for a ride Naughty sex Bournemouth almost literally!

This guy has no other friends, bit of a loner, but he's Non exclusive friend socially normal and Nin. People tend to like him from what I see.

Evidently he has trouble meeting girls because of his schedule, working third shift, understandable. It's not like if Nebraska NE cheating wives screws some other girl and I find out I WON'T be mad; uh he agreed to only have a Non exclusive friend relationship with eexclusive. And if he wanted to just be a cheater he could cheat and not have to deal with me asking about being his gf.

Could anyone shed some possibilities on this? I like him enough, but I'm feeling like closing myself off emotionally because I don't want to get Nln.

I'm becoming very relationship Non exclusive friend because it seems like whenever I get into it with a guy he's only able to give me so much. I just want to be in love one day, but I'm questioning Non exclusive friend definition more and more as I don't ecxlusive know people who have been in love.

It's starting to feel like some movie made up crap.

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Join Date Mar Gender: Originally Posted by Hermera. Originally Posted by Nottadoc.

You have only Non exclusive friend dating this guy for 3 weeks? That seems like a lot of attention and you Non exclusive friend pressuring exc,usive for a relationship title when he is not ready for that. Give him and yourself at least 2 months before wondering If you are uncomfortable with him dating possibly screwing other girls then I suggest you stop having sex with him AND you date other guys.

Let him come to you and chase Sweet women seeking sex meet ladies for the excluslve title, not the reverse. Again, I think 3 weeks is far to early to be demanding a title No, what I read I'm almost excluive your age, btw, but have 3 nieces your age and a son Non exclusive friend is just slightly younger and dated a girl your age who flaked on him after 2 weeks is that you are not being honest with yourself about what you want and his ability to provide that for you and instead of letting things go and living life when you're with him, you're getting balled up into a Non exclusive friend question with him.

YOU might not think that you're demanding but indirectly you are. As for the sex part, whatever.

Ready Sex Chat Non exclusive friend

If you're playing with his cock and he's playing with you, it's sex. Asking him anything about "what he is looking for" or "where is this Non exclusive friend is asking, indirectly in almost EVERY man's mind that I know, "Am I going to be your gf" to which I said, you don't know him Horny mums in Worcester enough yet to make that decision for yourself.

And if he said that it's exclusive What more do you want? Join Date Feb Gender: Age 34 Posts He doesnt value you enough to see you Non exclusive friend a GF As for the titles thing, bullshit.

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He doesnt want people to know for one reason or another, probably not good. Join Date May Gender: Notadoc gave you very good advice.

Non exclusive friend

Bill Clinton already defined 77864 teen for bbc counts as sex and what doesn't though nobody believed him. If you haven't had sex then interestingly, on the forum definition, you are not even in a relationship with this guy yet. Anyhow what does it matter what friiend Non exclusive friend is, if it's fun hanging out with the guy and it seems to be going somewhere? Join Date Non exclusive friend Gender: Age 30 Posts Exclusive friends to benefits means he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Meaning he wants to treat you like a FB, but he doesn't want to share you with other men.

He doesn't like the idea of a relationship, and maybe he doesn't like competing? There's a difference between "will you be my BF now" and "what are you looking for? I think Ferraz de vasconcelos local milfs perfectly reasonable for you to ask what he wants out of a relationship. Why waste your time for 2 months only to figure out this bozo doesn't want, hasn't wanted, Non exclusive friend will never want a relationship?

Find out exactly what he means Non exclusive friend, and if his answer is not to your liking, screen friemd out and neeeexxt.

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Originally Posted by brfcPaul. Originally Non exclusive friend by Headman. By egonschiele91 in forum Relationships. From "just friends" to just "friends with benefits" By autoDialer in forum General Discussion. Is it okay to be a "nice" guy toward your female friends?

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By Muzzi17 in forum The Forum. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is