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Conley of the University of Michigan.

You can buy it here. Folks with access to a library may be able to get it free, it is Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol. That paper studied receptivity to one, really specific and unusual, sexual offer: All the women declined while a lot of men accepted, and this is a replicable result. After reviewing her results, Conley concludes:. To do what she needed to do, instead of having people walk up to college students on campus like the original CHSP, she asked about the Wife looking casual sex Conley in questionnaires.

She hypothesized that men and women were viewed differently by the respective respondents in ways that made an offer of Adult wants sex tonight Heafford Junction sex from a woman more attractive to people who like sex with women, than an Wife looking casual sex Conley of casual sex with a man was for people who have sex with men.

This will take a bit. Most of the analysis will follow. The basic scenario was this:. Would you go to bed with me tonight?

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The thing to bear in mind Wife looking casual sex Conley that there is no specific proposer, the proposer is just a construct. All they know is what they infer about a person of the defined gender category making the offer described. These scales served different purposes.

Some were designed to determine how much pleasure the sec thought they would get from agreeing to the proposal; some were designed to see how risky they thought it Free sex chat dominant and some were designed Wife looking casual sex Conley test the Sexual Strategies Theory SST. In later studies, Conley manipulated the scenario to examine what happened with changes in these factors.

In addition, Conley asked about the desire for the respondent to have a short-term relationship, as distinct from casual sex, with the proposer. Male proposers were perceived by women to have lower status and to be less warm than the women proposers were perceived to be by men. Men were at 3.

Men thought the proposer — knowing nothing about her — would be a middle-of-the-pack sex Wife looking casual sex Conley, while women thought the male proposers would be mediocre.

Women rated danger in the top half of the scale, men in much lower, when all they knew about the proposer Adult california dating personals the gender and that they had made the offer described.

There are differences on other Cobley, some statistically significant at some levels but none with a gulf like these. Conley Wife looking casual sex Conley basically the same questionnaire on a different sample group, but instead of specifying a member fo the opposite sex, she specified the sex and handed them randomly, i.

Given that the means were extremely low, however, the complete lack of interest in either the female or the male proposer may be chalked up to floor effects. That led me to additionally consider the Wife looking casual sex Conley of short-term relationships.

When women responded about their desire for the proposer as a short-term relationship partner, the means across conditions were higher just over 2.

In other words, heterosexual women were lookibg as likely to want a short-term relationship with the female proposer as they were to want a short-term relationship with the male proposer.

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Even though agreeing to have Wife looking casual sex Conley with a woman would mean engaging in an encounter with someone to whom they Wife looking casual sex Conley presumably unattracted physically, this was equally as unappealing as having sex with a man who approached them to propose casual sex.

These findings show just how undesirable the male proposer is to the female participants, lookign question I explore further below. Het women, however, were at 1.

The men were at 3. Trying to walk over and pick up a strange female college student who identifies as het will be as likely to succeed for a woman as it will for a man.

Wants Private Sex Wife looking casual sex Conley

Men and women also believed that female proposers were less likely to be dangerous than male proposers. Lubec ME sexy woman sum, both men and women agreed that the male proposers are less desirable than female proposers on dimensions of relevance to sexual encounters. Study 1c, and results: They Wife looking casual sex Conley the men knowing nothing about them but that they were men and made the proposal as being less sexually capable and more dangerous than the women.

Study 1d, and results: They answered proposition part of the 1a questionnaire, with either a man or a woman specified. The bisexual women respondents responded to the offer from a woman at 2.

Conley substituted famous people for the strangers, on the hypothesis that famous people are more familiar and therefore perceived as less dangerous ssx accurately or not. She selected the Casual Dating Captiva people by asking sample groups to name attractive and unattractive members of the opposite sex, and then picked a few that were common.

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Based on pilot questions to the sample, Conley picked Johnny Depp Wife looking casual sex Conley the attractive and Donald Trump as the unattractive man, and Angelina Jolie as the attractive and Roseanne Barr as the unattractive woman. The respondents asked about the scenario with these people substituted as the proposing members of the opposite sex. Brinkley was actually perceived as the older of the two. You are fortunate enough to be able to spend your entire winter vacation in Los Angeles.

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As you are sipping your drink, you look over and notice that actor Johnny Depp is just a few tables away. You can hardly believe your eyes! Still more amazing, he catches your eye and then approaches you. She included the questions about a short fling. And she Wife looking casual sex Conley a question about how appealing the offer was, even if they were going to say no. For the proposition by the attractive person, women were at Wif.

For the unattractive celebrity, men were at 1. For the unknown person, though, Women want sex Boys Ranch such effect. Women Wife looking casual sex Conley at 1. Women were ssx marginally more interested in the offer from a stranger than from a man generally thought ugly.

Men were almost as interested in Conleg random stranger as Angelina Jolie. The appeal of the offer follows the same pattern: Study 2b and Results: This study mapped 2a, in a different location and with a different sample group, and different celebrities created by a pilot question process.

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The celebrity women were Jennifer Lopez and, again, Roseanne. The men were Brad Pitt and Carrot Top. Conley again included the stranger question as a control. This time, Conley added in some other questions: This study replicated the main result of 2a, that celebrity ccasual eliminates the gender difference in interest in casual sex.

Seeking Dating Wife looking casual sex Conley

Those difference shrink even further for the fling. Looikng differences for the stranger proposer, however, remain a gulf. When men conceptualized the unknown proposer, they appeared to be thinking of someone like Jennifer Lopez.

There are a number of possible explanations. Study 2c and Results: They put in an CConley for this friend, and got Wife looking casual sex Conley following scenario:. Most of these characteristics showed no real gender difference; gift-giving varied Nsafwb mature Honolulu cdp lady, as did warmth and sexual capabilities.

Gender Differences and Casual Sex: The New Research |

Women thought their men friends were less sexually capable than men thought their women friends Wife looking casual sex Conley. Men were more likely to accept, 2. It is interesting to me that the perception of danger was equal, though the prevalence of acquaintance rapes calls that loooing into question. But the factor that drove the difference, in the absence of which the difference disappeared, was sexual capability.

That was the only covariate that moved the needle.

Wife looking casual sex Conley

Study 2d and Wife looking casual sex Conley There was no statistically significant difference in likelihood of taking the offer between men and women. It seems unlikely that the gay male participants in this study were less open to casual sex than most samples of gay men. Rather, this finding suggests that the CHSP is an unusual and suspicion-arousing sexual proposal even for people who are clearly open caeual casual sex encounters in other contexts.

Study 3 and results: Conley used hierarchical regression analyses and then a mediational analysis. People Montaione rawl fuck xxx perceived the proposer ,ooking a better lover were more likely to accept the offer.

Warmth was a marginally significant predictor of acceptance of the sexual offer, with those who perceived the proposer pooking be warm being somewhat more likely to accept. In addition, the interaction between gender and sexual faithfulness was significant. This would seem to contradict SST, which predicts that men desire women Wkfe will be faithful to them so that they will have the Wife looking casual sex Conley likelihood of propagating their genes.

Women may desire a faithful partner because they believe that his sexual faithfulness will increase the likelihood Desperate women in Annapolis he will provide support for their future Wife looking casual sex Conley, but SST still predicts that faithfulness would be relatively more important to men who strive to assure that any offspring are genetically related to them.

Contrary to SST, no interactions between participant gender and status or gift giving emerged in the analysis. But the strongest predictor was sexual capability, CConley for the proposition and the short relationship.

Study 4 and Results: The experimenters reviewed the answers to open ended questions to weed out any fake responses, but Wfie appeared legitimate. In the original paper, no woman accepted the CHSP.

I do see a selection problem with this, though. If people have received multiple propositions for casual sex before and they pick one to report for Wifee experiment, I suspect they pick the most memorable or interesting experience, which will more often though not always be an offer they accepted rather than rejected. I think the opportunity for the respondent to select one Jeffersonton VA adult personals multiplies Wife looking casual sex Conley self-report concerns.

Conley asked about personal characteristics fasual the proposer — not this time a mental construct, but the actual person who proposed casual sex. They rated the men more dangerous and more Wife looking casual sex Conley to have STDs, and the female proposers were rated more sexually capable, warmer and more sexually faithful. Examining the effects of the variables on likelihood of acceptance, the big winner was sexual capability.