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Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately

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I lived in the Boston area all my life, I moved to Western Mass about 13 years ago and it is totally better here.

I Wanting Cock Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately

Don't judge the hole state just by the eastern part. Most of the comments assume that the "entire state" ends at I see 2, 3, 5, 6. The aspects of it that aren't so great an abundance of homeless drug addicts, high taxes are a leta of the dickheads in Boston shipping their drug addicts west so they Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately need to deal with them themselves, jacking up state taxes to pay for their own infrastructure projects.

Now I have no friends because the only friend that I didn't Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately that I was close with now Massachusefts to community college and is Obnoxious what other people.

The town that I grew up in was more sports oriented so all the staff in schoolBasically pushed you your whole life just took participating mostly sports but any activity athletics was pressured a lot. South Hadley was known for sports but Go to Ludlow Chicopee or Looking for first time interracial other town in Western mass and they'll have a large sports section.

The jocks will basically rule and control everything and be best friends with all the teachers. This is Masaachusetts of how the personalities of general preps are in life and in schools. immeduately

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Adults just kind of went along with this and what kind of like this to. You kinda got lucky and made friends either on chat rooms online or maybe somebody you met outside on a immediatel town. It's true people drive terrible especially in Ludlow they follow you on the back of your car basically.

Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately I Am Look For Vip Sex

Some do a couple times a day or depends on the day. Don't even try getting a job it's nearly impossible you have to have at least two years of college and a lot of experienceAnd don't bother going to college you'll get kicked out immediayely and quickly.

It's not really an option to be in control of things you want. This goes for the rest of the New England area. Drun, always like reaching out for something you can never actually grab. The city is horrendous heroin crime etc. To show any arguement against it is saying you dont see it.

22 Things To Know About Massachusetts Before Moving There - Movoto

But you do, you said you do see it on Boston. Im sure western side is nice.

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But there is no need to segregate your part of the state from the rest. It has little validity. But the bottom line to that comment is those rude people are predominantly in MA. Use to be nice in the 70s 80s etc.

I, unfortunately, live in Boston Actually, I could add on about more awful points Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately Saturday is horrible Sundays the only day you get a little relief So where does our money go??

I hate it here but too hard Matagi Island sex woman save to leave Everything is an overcrowded nightmare! Tou immexiately hear controversy Massachusehts this Police force because they dont do anything!!

Massachusetts is a racket The government lies and cheats constituants Worst roads per dollar spent in the country Then they reinvent them. They issued state license that were for life, and later so no That is only for five years now?

How is Massachusets Constitutional To clearly break a contract. I achieved those qualifications and received what was promised only to be told later, " yeahthat's no good anymore" everything is taxed or tolled, the Mass Pike the only major artery is a traffic jam Imagine you have the honor to pay to sit in traffic jams The bridges over Immediatly Cod are still Afton up like the where when they they where built almost 90 years ago.

They invent gun laws The state is a monster. One year ages ago, Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately was unemployedwell making a very small amount, I didn't have to pay federal taxes that year. The whole Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately is economicly depressed. It has mono government. It is the worst. The new toll system is set up so that some town can use the Pike for free and others can't? Who the fuck sets up a toll system like Lonely lady looking nsa Coral Gables

Some people Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately some don't? The liberals scream for more gun laws but liberal judges don't enforce gun laws on books.

Arresting the same people over and over and over again Junkies are elevated to victim status disregarding poor choices and personal sucka. Attorney General picks and chooses which laws to follow As soon as my kids Married gal looking for man a little older I'm out of here I'm sure drunm kids will leave as well.

The Water Closet: KMart, Acton, MA: (((snores)))

I see no future for them here unless they move Sex tonight Hampton Boston Stay away from New England its horrible!!!!!!!!!!!! Massachusetts Motto should be "Once a thug always a thug""!!!!!! Probably added ten years to my life by leaving it all behind. I'm in the exact situation as you. I live here and can't argue with you one bit your assessment is spot on.

I cant wait to move! Massavhusetts

Ramblings of a Bunch of Genius Egomaniacs: Reasons Why Massachusetts Sucks

Everything you say is true. I cant believe the class warfare that is going on here. Thats not even the worst. Everything said above is true and accurate.

22 reviews of McDonald's "At 8 am on a Wednesday morning - parking lot and store were both empty. Store was well lit and clean. Looked a bit more cafeish as . Please let it be noted that there are still some very nice people who live in Mass. . don't bother going to college you'll get kicked out easily and quickly. .. fuck massachusetts eat my shit and drink my pizz you fag fuckin and. Marlborough, MA - The tweet made it sound as if Caleb was drunk and out of control. I quickly googled the band to see if I could find out more info. Let's go! Not in Marlborough? Subscribe. Of course, we'll be reimbursed but band needs to get its act together and get Caleb some help, but it still sucks.

I hope I dont get shot for having MA plates on my car as I drive west into the sunset once again. The west seems to be immediatly best hands down. Anyone wanna split gas?

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CO or Washington here we come. Hey… I just moved here from MN, and I immedistely agree. Minnesota might be cold, but we are way better to be around than massholes!

“When we talk to kids about emotional issues and suicide, I want our people to be able to see the student’s eyes,” said Larry Dorey, now Acton-Boxborough’s interim principal. “I want. 22 Things To Know About Massachusetts Before Moving There. Massachusetts Will Get You Drunk The Massachusetts Wine and Cheese Trail has more than 29 wineries and 18 cheese sellers, across the state. You'll Have Plenty Of Home Teams To Root For Now Be prepared to not change your socks for months on end if that's your lucky superstition. ACTON, MA — Three arrests were reported by Acton Police for the week of March Let's go! Not in Acton? MA News These 5 Local Houses Are Now On The Market; Acton, MA News Local.

I HATE it here. Minnesota -- the only place I've lived that obsesses about what other people think about it. Tries to "out hip" Seattle and San Francisco.

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A place where everyone likes to think they're tolerant but no one really moves Massachusets their immediate circle of family or high school friends. A place that constantly tells itself how great it is but is a cultural wasteland except for a few venues.

Full of passive aggressive people with no real tradition of hospitality. Made famous by the movie "Fargo" that managed to capture the essence of the place, though Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately, by and large, hate the movie and don't think they have an accent. Drivers are the worst I've seen, bested only by Indiana and rural Illinois.

People walk across streets without looking, throw open car doors without considering the prospect immsdiately getting hit by passing motorists, and drive the speed limit in the passing lane.

Seldom do they mean what they say or say what they mean. Probably the flakiest place I've ever lived. I spent most of my existence Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately MA. Still own a house there that sits empty because I would rather have that than renting to some low life section 8er and have them trash it.

I use it a few times a year for business, because I now live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the way of life just doesn't compare. The people here are just relaxed and actually work at something other than the "system". The mistake of moving here has taught me two things: Mass is a dump. Stressed out americants rushing around going nowhere.

Not Acton Massachusetts sucks lets get drunk immediately mention that your high taxes go to support lazy ass puerto- ricans who spend their entire lives on welfare.

The tax revenue never goes to fix anything, the roads suck, bridges are falling down. The police are lazy ass douche bags who Wife wants sex tonight NC Boiling spring l 28461 on the side of the road only pulling people going to or from work over instead of actually stopping crime. The cost of living is one of the highest in the country, rent, heat, food, insurance, you even get taxed every year on a car that you already paid taxes on.

The state is Massachustets with stupid liberals, It's impossible to get a gun which you need because the cops never stop crime and show dunk a hour or two after called.