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This webpage is dedicated to my collection of railroad lanterns as well as other railroadiana items. In it you will learn about the various lanterns and lamps used by the railroad.

Chicago swinging groups document how they were used as well as provide information on the railroad line that used it. Do note that Chicago swinging groups there are battery powered electric lanterns, and electrically powered lamps, my main interest are those that are fuel powered i. The very nature of operating a train and a train yard Old granny sex Dublin Pennsylvania that you have to have a means of communication.

During the days of steam locomotives and early diesel, the noise Chlcago Chicago swinging groups involved with Chicago swinging groups operations pretty much ruled out speaking or yelling, especially since common radio devices weren't yet available. Any device used would also have to be portable, since those working on the line were constantly on the move. While flags and semaphores might work during the day, how about at night?

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The most effective means of nighttime communications was the kerosene railroad lantern oil in the earlier days. The kerosene railroad lantern was a portable, efficient light source, that could be easily seen. Even after electric flashlights began showing up, some railroad workers still preferred the lantern because it lasted longer i. Chicago swinging groups

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At any rate, lanterns have enjoyed a long history with the railroad and today Chicago swinging groups become collector items for those fascinated with the railroad as a hobby. And like others who are spellbound by America's history of railroads, I too have entered the fray of collecting railroad grroups. I guess I should be a little more descriptive.

I don't collect in the sense of looking for value or investment. I just like the fact Grokps these devices were used by hardworking blue collar men, Chicago swinging groups our swinginv railways in the dead of night. When I fire up a kerosene railroad lantern, I like to imagine that someone else did the same, decades ago, as they reported for work at the rail yard. While there are electric, battery powered versions, I just think of kerosene versions as more Beautiful adult seeking sex dating Winston-Salem North Carolina of what an antique railroad lantern is all about.

I initially created this webpage to Amateur swingers in mountainair new mexico my collection of swinginh and how they were used.

Since then it has evolved into Chicago swinging groups information about the associated railroads, and other railroadiana items I have collected. I'm a collector Chicago swinging groups. I don't sell lanterns, parts, or supplies though I do list some sources.

Jump Chicago swinging groups my railroad lantern collection If you're asking for the value of a lantern If you're looking for lantern parts If you're offering groyps sell me your lantern If you want to link to my webpage At the bottom of this page, I've got a list of railroad lanterns and parts that I'm looking for. While my main focus is on lanterns, if you have something to sell that swinbing railroad related, let me know.

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A railroad Chicago swinging groups and a railroad lamp are two different things. Lanterns were designed to be portable i. When you think of a railroad worker swinging a signal, think lantern. Lamps on the other hand, generally had a sheet metal or cast metal body and used lenses to amplify the internal light source. They were generally intended to be stationary or mounted somewhere. They are generally bigger and most have lenses to magnify the light. The lamps on railroad track switches or on the back of a Chicago swinging groups as markers are examples.

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While they may have handles on Chicato for transportation, they were not meant to be swung about like lanterns. In the image above, looking from left to right, you have a hand lantern made by Adlake, a hand lantern made by Dietz, and a switch lamp made by Dressel.

The Adlake lantern is Horny Sexy Locals in Salem ma 9. The lantern was used by various railroad workers as a hand signaling device.

It would Chicago swinging groups swung in various ways to send a signal, such as stop, apply air brakes, etc. The lamp would generally be mounted to Chicago swinging groups.

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Unlike hand lanterns, which were used primarily at night, railroad lamps were used both day and night. The one above is a Vesta model. While it looks similar to the tubular barn lantern styles, it is a bit different. Notice that it has a wire guard to protect the globe. It also has a wire guard around the fuel fount to serve Chicago swinging groups the base. Normal tubular barn lanterns actually use the fuel fount as their base see the Dietz Little Wizard model below.

Chixago is a Dietz Little Wizard kerosene lantern Chicago swinging groups has been in my family for years. It is not railroad related.

Most people refer to these as barn lanterns or utility lanterns. The design is what's known as a tubular lantern.

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Every now and then you will see a barn Chicago swinging groups lantern that is marked for a particular railroad, which means that at least that particular specimen was used on the railroad. These lanterns were general utility lanterns, used by people at home and by businesses such as construction companies and such. They were also used not only for light, but also as a signal or marker when groupd Chicago swinging groups was exchanged for one that had a specific color.

For example, you will sometimes find a utility lantern with a red, amber, or blue globe. Here's a lantern that is often mistakenly listed as a railroad lantern. This Chicago swinging groups a Dietz Cicago. Yes, "Gard" is spelled without the "u". As the name implies, this lantern was used by highway contractors, utility companies, and municipalities rather than the railroad. They were used to mark construction sites and roadwork, and generally warn night time drivers of road Sexy ebony in Brehov. They also used various globe colors such as amber, blue, red, etc.

For example, red meant to stop, and blue meant that men were working or equipment was not to be moved.

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Here's a common lamp that's mistaken as a railroad lantern. It's a Dietz headlight lamp made for a car such as a Model T. They sometimes have a red lens in the Chicago swinging groups. Or, sometimes the front lens is red in which case it's a rear marker lamp Chicago swinging groups a car or truck. While this has similarities to a railroad inspector lanternthis Dietz lantern is actually made for a wagon.

Notice the bracket on the side that was used to connect it to the wagon. Signals - Hand Lanterns Various railroad workers, such as engineers and brakemen, used the lantern to signal instructions to others such as the locomotive engineer. A Chicago swinging groups yard is a busy place.

Hooking up and rearranging railroad cars took a lot of coordination and proper communication. The lighted kerosene lantern was just Chicago swinging groups right tool for use at night. The yellow globe can range from looking light amber, to yellow, to orange, but officially it is known as a Chicago swinging groups globe. Grooups green globe typically looks like an aqua or teal color in natural light, but will shine a signal green color when illuminated by a yellow kerosene flame.

There are a few green globes that look green in natural light. Clear and red globes are the most Chicago swinging groups. They were swung by hand. A white lantern or a green lantern could be used to stop a train at a flag station. A flag station is a location where one would want to ride one or two days a week, but would otherwise be too costly for a Chicago swinging groups to stop everyday if there weren't any passengers. It could be hung from the building or swung by hand. The red lantern was generally Charlotte sexy bbw women to signal STOP.

This could be at the tower, a flag station, etc. Sometimes a red lantern was hung on the rear of the tender. Sometimes a red lantern was hung on the end of a caboose as a rear marker.

JeffPo's Railroad Lantern Page

A red lantern might also be hung outside Chicago swinging groups tower to indicate the train needs to stop for Form 31 orders. Orders are instructions from the dispatcher, delivered through the operator, to the Chicago swinging groups and conductor of a train which either gives them the authority to operate, as in the case of an extra train, or modifies the Cihcago which exists in the timetable.

Unlike Form 19 orders, Form 31 orders require the train to Chicago swinging groups and the engineer and conductor must each sign for the order. The blue lantern was used for marking equipment Chjcago wasn't to be moved. It was hung on the various equipment, such as boxcars or locomotives, that were being Chicago swinging groups on.

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The signal green lantern was used as a tower signal for "proceed with caution". The green lantern or a yellow lantern was also used by switch tenders to indicate Chicago swinging groups the switches were aligned properly.

The green lantern was also used by the wreck master the one in Chicago swinging groups at the scene of a wreck cleanup to signal the wrecker operator and the engineer of the work train positioning the wrecker.

The engineer of the wreck train could only act on a green signal given by the wreck master. A green lantern or a white lantern could be used to stop Chicago swinging groups train at a flag sqinging. The yellow lantern was used to mark "camp cars".

Camp cars were railroad cars that track repair men or other repair people lived Cheating women Detroit Michigan when many miles from home. They ate and slept in them. Switch tenders people that manually threw the railroad switches also used the yellow lantern or the green Chicago swinging groups for signaling to indicate that the switches were aligned properly.


A Chicago swinging groups lantern could also be hung as a tower signal wsinging indicate that Form 19 orders were to be handed up to conductor and engineer.