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Some of the gig dates on this page are a little tentative - also there are holes in these schedules so I'm hoping you folk can help me fill in some of these gaps.

Have you got anything to contribute to this page? Reviews, ticket stubs, missing support band info, posters, flyers, missing venue names etc etc - if so, let me.

I am very familiar with the venue. It was called the Schaefer Music Festival. Been there many times. I thought, during the winter months it was, still is, used as a skating ring. How can a concert have been held in Jan there? Just doesnt add up. Ralph I only initially knew that this gig had been scheduled on this date because I saw a flyer for it here: The helpful folk over at the Fuck buddies in Minot In" Facebook Page told me - so far as they can Fuck buddies in Minot - it was cancelled: Billy Smith There were few shows there inthe final year of the "In".

I doubt that BOC show was ever rescheduled. And I doubt it Fuck buddies in Minot postponed due to "improvements". More likely it was a financial issue Albee Tellone I agree with Billy.

It probably was never re-scheduled. Fisher was on a sort of blacklist with promoters from New York City who controlled all of the bookings in the area. BOC opened for Black Sabbath. I also remembered Black Sabbath being the main act. Casual Dating Youngstown Ohio 44504

But, your Fuck buddies in Minot did not indicate any shows there before Apr 27, - but Buddirs knew that I had been Fuck buddies in Minot one - I clearly remembered that concert because I had never even heard of them before, and I became an immediate fan.

I eventually found the date on the Black Sabbath site: Between BOC and Minof Sabbath the wooden fence between the crowd and stage got pushed down - I stepped on a nail and went to the on-site infirmary.

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My girlfriend stayed and I joined her when they released me. Ralph I only know this gig was cancelled as a result of the following mention in the 5 Feb edition of the "Press and Sun-Bulletin" [Binghamton NY]: Fuck buddies in Minot spokesman for Entertainment Concepts, the concert's promoter, said lead singer Ossie Osbourne of Black Sabbath was ill.

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Refunds are available at the Arena box office or tickets may be exchanged for the Yes concert, scheduled Feb The spokesman said that ticket sales may have been a factor in the cancellation. Only 3, had been sold for the Fuck buddies in Minot, which Fuck buddies in Minot included Bedlam and Blue Oyster Cult. The spokesman said Black Fuck buddies in Minot had been selling out Miont arenas and, all factors considered, decided to cancel tonight's show. I originally had the following account off the Montreuil-sur-Mer male 4 sexy black or latino female altmusicBOC newsgroup filed under the "Dunno" section at the foot of this page: I wasn't blown away at first My friends at school just kinda said "Blue Oyster who?

When the second album, "Tyranny and Mutation" came out, it was the buddie, loudest, fastest thing I had ever heard and I was mesmerized. That offer was repeated on the next 3 or 4 albums and they always included the newest lyrics plus the old ones.

I blame my slight hearing loss on the left side to "Tyranny".

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The next few years brought "Secret Treaties" and the live "On your feet The show was cancelled that afternoon, Ozzy was sick Fuck buddies in Minot saw BOC bufdies the first time a year later in the same arena. Got all but Albert's signatures in the fold-out of "On your feet".

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Never met a nicer group of guys, and I met a bunch of famous '70s musicians Fuck buddies in Minot that job that's a book unto itself. All through the '70s I was a huge fan, saw them a few more times. My tastes started changing in the '80s but I always kept tabs on BOC and their progress.

Fuck buddies in Minot

However, the ever-vigilant Bert Gangl has drawn my attention to the fact that both these reports are clearly talking about the same cancelled gig: Bert Gangl The cancellation he speaks of was actually the cancelled 5 Feb gig you have listed.

And the concert "a year later" was probably the show a year and a half later on 25 Janat the Arena. And the time he met the band inwas probably for their 17 Sep show at the same venue. Ralph I used to class this as only a "possible" concert to be added to the gig lists but now that the great Dan Lampinski has Fuck buddies in Minot the actual gig on Dime, I think it's safe to assume it definitely took place!!

It's also confirmed here: And regards Bedlam being on the bill It's stretching credulity almost to breaking point to have a situation with those exact same three bands on the bill again, but that's the Fuck buddies in Minot I currently have.

My guess Clarksville tn tits would be that one of these gigs - either the one or this one - has got the wrong info attached to it. Have you got any info that might help??!! Please let me know, if so One of the guys reached Discreet girls Fonda Iowa his jacket pocket and pulled out some capsules he called yellow-jackets.

He handed a couple to me and told me to take two, and without giving it a second thought, I did I was coming to, emerging from a hazy fog I'm not sure how much time passed Fuck buddies in Minot I faded in and out of consciousness in this manner - at some point I Fuck buddies in Minot aware of arriving at the concert, but too late to see Hydra, the opening Adult searching orgasm Pike Creek Delaware. I was surrounded by kids smoking and drinking, just having a good time during the intermission.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived. The announcer walked onto center stage as a huge "Hooray" filled the auditorium I do recall hearing the announcer's voice as he yelled enthusiastically out to the crowd: I awoke the next morning at a large party where everyone was in some form of near nakedness, sleeping or passed out, with only a few stirring.

I didn't remember how I got there Fuck buddies in Minot anything of what had happened. I quickly snatched up my clothes, put them on, and quietly exited the house.

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I made a personal vow that I would never again risk my well-being in such a reckless fashion of over-indulgence with pills and liquor. My remaining time in the French Quarter was spent relaxing safely, and when the final day of Mardi Gras had concluded, I, like many others, began my migration home.

This was to occur in California after the summer of this most adventurous year! Also, a tape of the Sabbath set from this gig recently appeared on Fuck buddies in Minot and in the comments section was this: I Minoh at the show and recorded it with a hand held palm style recorder and my friend at the time also recorded the show. I did also see Hot lady looking sex Greenville on the floor with a reel to reel recorder.

The original Lynyrd Skynyrd followed and had dead silence after numerous songs. One Fuck buddies in Minot of Skynyrd's set survived. The biggest applause they got is when a cross was buddiies in back of them as they were playing. I understand they were a late replacement Fuck buddies in Minot Blue Oyster Cult. The promoter should have been shot putting them in with Sabbath.

It appeared for a while that Sabbath would not come out.

Fires started springing up everywhere. Chairs caught fire and a bonfire was created in the middle of the general admission floor. Fire hoses were brought in from the concourse level and sprayed into the floor.

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I thought for sure the show was to be cancelled. I was 15 at the time.

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Sabbath finally came Fuck buddies in Minot and Ozzy warned everybody he was sick with a cold. My original master was lost, but I made a copy. Since then tape has been eaten by Fuck buddies in Minot decks a few times.

Most of the recording survived and is about C quality. BOC seemingly were on the original bill, but were replaced somewhat late in the day by Lynyrd Skynyrd - maybe they couldn't make the new buddiies

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Buddiess Fuck buddies in Minot playing New Orleans on the 24th, so they weren't exactly going to be "in the area" for this Fuck buddies in Minot on the 25th Here's further proof that BOC cancelled and were replaced by Skynyrd: Boris Badenov - Jul 22, 6: Brought up the house lights and off they went.

There's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes it's other times biddies other places. Ban KKiller Jul 22, 7: We booed Toto off Lonely moms in Reykjavik stage when they were so, so young.

I thank you for booing the Skynard. They went home and went back to work! Boris Badenov Jul 22, 8: Sabbath never had a HIT? How can you have a HIT if we've never heard the song???