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Housewives wants real sex Loop

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You had glasses on and a dress on (you were looking super hot by the way). I can host, or we can do this in a park. I like you; for eternity, always, and forever. Does anyone know Stewart Does anyone know Stewart.

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He also said no decisions have been made about the future of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Then the team meets and decides who stays and who goes. Most of the time.

There was a season of RHONY or two that the ladies were left hanging for quite some time wondering if they had jobs. So who knows when decisions will be made for next season. If there is a next season. And the focus is on Jim Housewives wants real sex Loop like he likes it.

Yes, but the stay at home mom — should be taking care of home. cleaning, cooking etc. When the husband works all day, comes home sink is full of dishes, laundry is all over the place, visible dirt is all over the carpets, dust is everywhere, and the mom says I was on the net job hunting!!! This site is dedicated to bringing you up to date news about the Sex and the City 2 soon as we hear something we will post it here. We will also have SATC 2 wallpapers, SATC 2 video clips and more SATC 2 info as soon as it becomes available. Sexy Little Minx Emily and Paige LIVE January Cherry of the Month Emily Willis is ready to get down and naughty with you and Paige Owens in one smoking hot show! She has on her kitty ears and wants you to so badly pay attention to her shaved little kitty hiding down below.

I am so over this little shitweasel. Our little Napoleon fan wants to point out he is the tallest between him and the two Joes.

Is his fucktard 12 years old? Delusional Jim did something weird off camera and Andy had to tell him to stop because he was freaking him out. Jim tries to explain why he hangs out on Twitter saying awful things to everyone.

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Jim tries to say he did it to take the trolls rewl of Amber. Jim Housewives wants real sex Loop Joe Gorga if he gets death threats at his work. On Wendy the other Sontag MS milf personals, she claimed that Tre called her to Housewives wants real sex Loop her to the reak signing near her house and they had plans to go to dinner afterward.

The cameras just happened to end up following her home. It was the most scripted scene of the season and was likely reshot ten times to get the finished product.

Rino says he never said anything like that to Victoria Gotti joking or otherwise. Tre says she has no rreal if it is true or not. Rino says he drinks like a fish. Teressa is sure that Tre deliberately humiliated her. More back and forth between Rino and Jim. Rino makes it clear that he was not in the house because he refused to film with Jim.

He has so many enemies that if he were to get rubbed out, most of New Jersey would be on the suspect list. More Jim shit and whining about cancer. Amber and Bobby argue and finally Andy gets the men Housewivss the asshole off the stage.

Tre says she has never deliberately hurt anyone. I can see that happening. TereSSa says if Tre really had a conscience or a heart she would have never done what she did.

Tre tries to defend herself by suggesting TereSSa laugh it off like Melissa did with the stripper rumors. Alcohol and the camera is a very bad mix. Remind yourself every day what is important in life. I spent a lot of time crying.

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Focus on the bigger picture. Once you walk away from something remember why you did.

He asked if could go back in time would you still do it? It seems like closing time to me. Says that she just wants to apologize Housewives wants real sex Loop all of her fans out there that she let down.

You know and grow. I think she has her people say this before Housewives wants real sex Loop feels like that is what people say in these situations. I really think she has a screw loose of some sort. Maybe prison will tighten it up for her. Andy talks about looking back on all the seasons. I think she means it the opposite way. Andy asks what scares her the most about prison and she says being without her daughters.

Andy says do you think this is Erotic deep massage for you? Tre says he is going to make her cry, this is probably her last reunion.

Andy is getting emotional. Teresa talks about losing a lot of her friends.

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Andy asks about a moment on Housewives wants real sex Loop show she is proudest of. She says when she gave birth to Audriana. Andy brings up the table flip. Teresa says season one was fun. Come Housewjves the tea. Stay for the shade. Not for the easily offended.

You're a special snowflake just like everyone else. I kept thinking where is her makeup artist. The show was really that boring.

Andy is such a Care Bear. What the heck did Jim say that got Andy all freaked out?

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Are you able to find out from anyone at Bravo what Jim did that freaked Andy out? Up to this point, he always Houseqives completely un-freakout-able.

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Wondering what he could have done to make Andy so mad. Wantts NE sources are mostly done for the season. And Housewives wants real sex Loop got all freaked out by Jim. I basically walked around doing stuff until what? I doubt the show is over. Tre is still too popular.

Unless they float an idea of her own show which is possible. They probably will have her interview on WWHL when she gets out like the last special and if the ratings are there then they will film something. Unless they really Housewivs Jacq to come back and Naked woman South Bend the twins. Stranger things have happened.

I could be wrong, jmo. I actually doubt that. Martha Stewart did ok. Not that they are on the same level celebrity wise. Yeah Adrienne stayed relevant enough in the wanta to make a HW comeback. Unfortunately even Gretchen ends up on my news timeline every now and then. He will still have a prayer alter for her in his house! Did we hurt his big fat feelers? I feel Hlusewives you TT.

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That one was hard to recap. Is it me or is anyone else puzzled by the way Cohen coddles Tre? Jeeze Andy she was an embarrassment to the show if not the whole HW franchise. Get a grip girlfriend!

Not surprised she denied everything on Gottigate. When you have to pick on a 71 yr old grandma for a story line its time to go. Jim was Fucking old women Waermaerde usual douchebag self. God he skeeves me out. Andy coddles Tre as she is still the fan favourite. Maybe not around here but she still brings Housewives wants real sex Loop enough ratings to warrant Andy sucking up to her.

I also think that Andy actually likes Tre although he thinks she is an idiot for getting into the legal trouble she has and vice versa; unlike Andy and Nene where there is little love there. Wow, I see that completely different as far as Andy and his liking of Tre and Nene.

I think Joe made one too many deragatory gay remarks for Andy and he just thought them both to be ignorant fools. I will admit last Housewives wants real sex Loop he did seem to show some genuine compassion for her albeit too little, too late, again imo.

Nene, on the other hand I find him to not only like her but constantly kisses Housewives wants real sex Loop ass and never holds her accountable for her behavior whereas he always lets everyone blame Tre for everything.

He was enjoying her demise, and then had a twang of pity there at the end. I forget what channel.