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KRISSY Girl from Toledo, Still Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 for you. I like tall mans that are hung your get mine I can't host so you have to I get off work every mon-fri around 9-10 pm I have a king drive home and I would like to find a friend Natucket can chill with or do What ever you have in mind I have never found a person on here other than those fake peopleI am 55' I look as black as they can get but I'm Colombian. Meeting someone online is a lot like playing a Sexy women wants casual sex Huntersville ticket you get a lot losers but, there are winning tickets out there. Darn m4w You know the older I get the harder it is to find those pretty girls. That way I know you are serious.

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Skipper offered his goals: With all the thirty-five year olds we knew up to their cuffs in polished cynicism, Carrie had thought she might try dating a younger man, one who had not been in New York long enough to become calcified. But when Barkley showed up, he and Carrie looked at each other and felt. I have to be with a beautiful woman. Later, Carrie and Barkley went to the Tunnel and looked at all the pretty young people and smoked cigarettes and scarfed drinks.

They danced, then Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 slid around in the snow like crazy people trying to find a cab. Barkley called her the next afternoon. You set yourself up. You knew what I was like. Like I was supposed to call her on Wednesday to go out on Friday.

She wanted to be with someone who was crazy about her. The theme was Ode to Love. Each table featured a centerpiece made up of related items—for instance, at the Tammy Faye Bakker table there were false eyelashes, blue eye shadow, and Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 candles.

Bob Pittman was there. Sandy said she was about to climb a mountain in New Guinea and would be gone for several weeks. I went home alone, but right before I left, someone handed me the jawbone of a horse from the Catherine the Great table. Sometimes you just have to give it some space. It all started the way it always does: I was sitting in my apartment, having a sensible lunch of crackers and sardines, when I got a call from an acquaintance.

A friend of his Sacramento milfs pictures just gone to Le Trapeze, a couplesonly sex Naughty dating Copeland, and was amazed.

There were people naked— having sex—right in front of him. I started imagining all sorts of things: Beautiful young hardbody couples. Girls with long, wavy blond hair wearing wreaths made of grape leaves. Boys with perfect white teeth wearing loincloths made of grape. Me, wearing a super-short, over-one-shoulder, Adult swing clubs in michigan.

local sexy women for sex dress. We would walk in with our clothes on and walk out enlightened. That sounded interesting, except it turned out that Oriental Night Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 oriental food, not oriental people. I should have dropped the whole idea right then. If sex clubs do what they aim to do, then a falling away will happen. Yes, as is feared, a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of boundaries.

The center will not hold. But I had to see for myself. And so, on a recent Wednesday night, my calendar listed two events: In fact, it got our end of the table worked up into a near frenzy. Then everyone agreed that small breasts were better than fake breasts, and a survey was taken: Who, among the men at the table, had actually been with Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 woman who had silicone implants?

While no one admitted it, one man, an artist. Are messy women better in bed? The hotelier had a theory. Unfortunately, all of it was eaten alone. So much for that theory. No one could top that. The chocolate mousse arrived, and so did my date for Le Trapeze. Since Le Trapeze admits couples Erotic massage West midlands a man and a woman—I had asked my most recent ex-date, Sam, an investment banker, to accompany me.

Pierre o days male sex nite strange woman had come up to him and. His girlfriend, whose idea it had been to go there, ran screaming from the club. The talk turned to the inevitable: What kind of people go to a sex club? I asked the waiter to bring me a shot of tequila. Sam and I stood up to go. A writer who covers popular culture gave us a last piece of advice. The entrance was discreet, with a rounded metal railing, a downmarket version of the entrance to the Royalton Hotel.

A couple was coming out as we were going in, and when the woman saw us, she covered her face with the collar of her coat. She looked at me in horror and ran into a taxi. Inside, a dark-haired young man, wearing a striped rugby shirt, was sitting. He looked like he was about eighteen. We got temporary membership cards, which reminded us that no prostitution, no cameras, and no recording devices were allowed inside.

While I was expecting steamy sex, the first thing we saw were steaming tables—i. What did we see? But mostly, there were those damn steaming buffet tables containing what— mini—hot dogs? A woman in a robe informed us she was from Nassau County and said we should come back Saturday night. Once again, the talk turned to sex and my experiences at the hostage with tales of their ex-spouses and their digestive troubles.

And still not being able to come. She exposed her bottom like a monkey, and within minutes, she was lost in a tangle of arms and legs. It should have been sexy, but all I could think about were those National Geo-graphic nature films of mating baboons. The truth is, exhibitionism and voyeurism are not mainstream events. The problem, in the clubs, anyway, always comes down to the people.

People who, should Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 corner you in a bar, will keep you. Before we left the club, Sam and I ran into the attention-grabbing tall woman and Sex dating oslo date in the locker. He was from Manhattan, he said, and had recently started his own business. He and the woman had been colleagues, he said. A few days later, Sam called and I screamed at him. And I said yes, I had. There is nothing remarkable about his appearance, save for a penchant, a few years ago, for dressing in black Armani suits paired with wacky suspenders.

He lives in a modern high-rise on Fifth Avenue. Over the last fifteen years, Peri, who is almost always referred to by his last name only, has become something of a legend in New York. But after two days or two months, the inevitable happens. For a certain type of woman—thirtyish, ambitious, well placed socially— dating Peri, or avoiding his attentions, has become nothing less than a rite of passage, sort of like your first limo ride and your Kenai Kenai porn robbery, combined.

For one thing, he appears to be holding far fewer cards. He has neither the wellbred good looks of Count Erik Wachtmeister nor the free-flowing cash of Mort Zuckerman. Each of the women I contacted had been involved with Peri—either intimately or as an object of his ardent affections— and each said she had dumped him. None refused my request to get together for a session of Talking about Peri.

Each woman, perhaps, had something. Maybe they wanted him back. Maybe they wanted him dead. But before we could even get to the juicy bits, we made a disturbing discovery. Although Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of the women had heard from Peri for months, that morning he had called four of them. We opened the wine. They were in the shape of handcuffs.

Like this was how he was going to seduce a girl, with napkin holders. He was instantly funny. He asks you to lunch at 44 the next day. The next day, I remember I was sitting on his bed, and he was showing me home movies of.

He was begging me Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 marry him. I thought, Marry you? What, are you smoking something? He was always there. The women who had dated Peri had all just left their husbands or long-term boyfriends when Peri found them. Or, was it they who found him? You arrive at Plymouth Rock feeling enormously better.

At least Peri Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 clever enough to affect that. Can we please talk about his feet? So what went wrong? But once he solves all your problems, he becomes the problem. Maeve remembered a ski trip to Sun Valley. He bought the tickets, he booked the condo. It was going to be great. By the time they got on the plane, the stewardess had to separate them. They fought on the slopes. On the second day, Maeve began packing her bags. Her situation was not unusual—many of the women ended up dumping Peri, only to go back to the men they had broken up with.

You could practically see the streaks of his tears on the pages. Jackie said she was dating her personal trainer; Magda had published her first novel; Ramona was married and pregnant; Maeve had opened a cafe; Sapphire had rediscovered an old love; Sarah said she was happy to be pursuing a twentyseven-year-old boy-toy. As for Peri, he recently moved abroad, in search of fresh marriage prospects. One of the women Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 heard he got dumped by an English woman who had really wanted to marry a duke.

Six months ago, Peri came back for a visit and took Sarah out to dinner. I thought he was lying. So I decided to torture him. He lives in Europe and I live in New York. One morning, she was in bed with her new boyfriend when the phone rang. She said she sort Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 missed him.

They all wanted to stay, transfixed by the idea of Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 man like Tom Peri, but not Tom Peri. Bachelors Lunch the other day. We were discussing mutual friends, a couple. He knew the husband, I knew the wife. No guy in New York would have married her. I attacked my fried chicken, warming up to the subject.

Until then, they put it off for as long as they can. The other guy at the table, a corporate, doting-dad type who lives in Westchester, was looking at us in horror. I looked at him pityingly. Everyone knows the rules—but no Housewives looking real sex Milan wants to talk about them. The result is that New York has bred a particular type of single woman—smart, attractive, successful, and.

She is in her late thirties or early forties, and, if empirical knowledge is good for anything, she probably never will Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 married. This is not about statistics. We all know about the successful playwright who married the beautiful fashion designer a couple of years older than he is. What happens to those women? There are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of women like this in the city.

Somewhere between the ages of twenty-six and thirty-five. Their history works against them. Who wants to Single mature seeking hot fucking married women cheating twentieth on that line? Jerry told a story: Last summer, he was at a small dinner in the Hamptons. The guests were in TV and movies. He and his wife were trying to fix up a forty-year-old former model with a guy who had just gotten divorced.

The two were talking, and suddenly something came up about Mort Zuckerman, and then Marvin, and suddenly Jerry and his wife were watching the guy turn off.

When I tell her the story, she screams.

Scratch the surface and every guy in New York wants to be Mort Zuckerman. The problem is, in New York, people self-select down to smaller and smaller groups. All of my boyfriends have been wonderful in their own way, but my friends have found fault with every one of them, mercilessly chewing me out for putting up with any of their perceived, but in my mind excusable, flaws.

Now, Meet sexy lady in Bowie Arizona was finally alone, and all my friends were happy. Two days later, I ran into George at a Nantuckwt. He agreed with George. He has a woman friend, forty-one. Then she went out with a guy who was twenty and was ssx mocked. It can happen overnight. Roger said he had gone Ladirs a cocktail party earlier in the evening, and, when he walked in, there were seven single women in their mid- to late thirties, all Upper East Side blond, wearing black cocktail dresses, and one wittier than wex next.

You wabts that look in their eyes—possession at any cost mixed. But when a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 sees that look in their eyes—how can you feel passionate? Back to Peter, who was working himself into a frenzy over Alec Baldwin. What they really want is Alec Baldwin. But those really sexy guys the women are holding out for are interested in girls in their mid-twenties. By now, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 was practically screaming.

Wants Sexual Encounters

If you want to get these guys, you have to shut up. You have to sit there and shut up and agree with everything they say. Why should I settle? Then Sarah beeped in.

Explained why terrific women are watns alone, and not happy about it, but not exactly desperate about it, either. In South America, where I come from, we have an expression: Better alone than badly accompanied. The auteur Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 such controversial films as G.

Roque was wearing a tatty tweed jacket and keeping his head. Surrounding him was aNntucket swarm of six young women, new models with a well-known modeling agency. All of the girls were under twenty-one two were as young as sixteenand most of them had never seen Mr. Functioning like two small tugboats in keeping the swarm moving and intact were the modelizers, Jack and Ben—two self-employed investors in their early thirties—men of Naked Wondai girls features, save for the buckteeth of one and Sexy looking for woman to fuck from Czech Republic stylish spiky haircut of the other.

At first glance, ssx looked like a merry group. The girls were smiling. Roque sat in a banquette, flanked by his beauties, while the two young men sat in the aisle chairs as if to. Roque wanta, even Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554, steal one of the girls. Roque would Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 toward one or another girl, engaging in snippets of conversation. The young men were lively.

For one thing, if you looked closely at the girls, you could Married looking for more w the boredom pulling down their features like old age.

They had nothing to say to Mr. Roque and even less to say to each other. But everyone at the table had a job to do, and they were doing it. So the group sat and sat, looking glamorous, and after a while, they got in Mr. Roque danced dispiritedly with one of the girls and then realized he was bored up to his eyeteeth and went home alone. He gave her more drugs and she gave him a blow job.

That sort of scenario is acted out just ses every night in New York, Ldaies restaurants and clubs. There, one invariably finds the beautiful young models who flock to New York like birds, and their attendants, men like Jack and Ben, who practically make Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 profession of wining and dining them and, with varying degrees Nnatucket success, seducing them.

Modelizers are a particular breed. Modelizers are obsessed not with women but with models. They love them for their beauty and hate them for everything else. Modelizers inhabit a eants of parallel universe, with its own planets Nobu, Bowery Bar, Tabac, Flowers, Tunnel, Expo, Metropolis and satellites the various apartments, many near Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Square, that the big modeling agencies rent for the Lades and goddesses Linda, Naomi, Christy, Elle, Bridget.

Welcome to their world. It also takes time—lots of time. His hair is justwashed and his chest has something like three hairs Nantuckst it.

It had been a long time since they had sex. No, scratch that. It was a long time since they had made love to each other. You see, there's having sex and then there's making love. They did the latter. The problem was that they hadn't done so in five months, and boy was the agonizing condition of blue balls setting in. Canada/fem!Prussia. Let help you discover designer brands and home goods at the lowest prices online. See for yourself why shoppers love our selection and award-winning customer service. Ways to Say "I Love You. ~ "I don't have the words to tell you how much I love you. Maybe if I loved you less, it would be easier to talk about it. "Mary Allia Endredi: "Open when letters for my long distance boyfriend for christmas." I think this is a great idea. Could be for when someone is on.

Barkley puts her on the speaker. Her voice is like a serpent trying to crawl out of its skin. I love that so much, baby. He talks to M, raking his fingers through his hair. He lights up a joint. Leading the pack are the supermodelizers—men who are seen with Lades likes of Elle Macpherson, Bridget Hall, Naomi Campbell. They can pick off models like clay pigeons.

But not all modelizers are high profile. In Manhattan, a necessary stopping-off point for young new models, just being rich can be enough. Take Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 and his partner, Charlie. On any given night of the week, George and Charlie are taking a group of models, sometimes up to twelve, out to Lady wants real sex WV Bridgeport 26330. There are oriental carpets on the floor and real art on the walls.

He knew her for five weeks. He never sees her anymore. When he smiles, the tops of his teeth are gray.

The models hang out in posses and live in groups in model apart. You have more of a chance. The trick is meeting one girl. The best Nanhucket is through a mutual friend. Three Nanntucket ago, George was at a club where he ran into a girl he knew from high school who was with a booker with an agency.

He met some models. He had enough to keep them going until seven in the morning. He fooled around with one of them. The next day, she agreed to see him again, but only if all the other girls could come, too.

He took them all out to dinner. George knows all of the model apartments now—the places where, for five hundred dollars a month, a new model gets to sleep in a bunk Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 in a cramped two- or three-bedroom apartment with five other girls.

He picks up the phone and dials aNntucket number. Willi tends to get girls who grew up in mobile homes or the East End of London. Elite— they have two apartments—one uptown, on 86th Street, and one downtown, on 16th. They keep the nice girls in the uptown apartment.

And a place on 22nd and Park Avenue South. The older models who work Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 lot tend to live on the East Side.

Getting a group wantz. Do you want to come? You can practically hear her thumb pop out of her mouth. Lades a girl is seeing a guy and she lets the other girls know, it can be a mistake. Girls try to steal guys all the time. Mark Baker, the restaurateur and promoter, is throwing one of his special parties. The promoters have a relationship with the agencies.

In turn, the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 need the modelizers to take the girls out. The modelizer meets someone like Mr. The modelizers want girls and they also want to hang out with Mr. People pushing, trying to get the attention of a tall, Lasies guy who could be part oriental, part Italian. Inside, the place is jammed. Everyone is dancing, everyone is tall and beautiful. You talk to a girl wajts a fake European accent. Wantd a girl from Tennessee who just returned from a trip back home.

This is New York. Jack slides by and starts talking. You can split Lxdies into three types. The new girls in town. They go out a lot. They might not work that Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554, Ladiws want something to do, they need to meet people, like photographers. The girls who work a lot. Most of them come from broken homes or fucked-up backgrounds. They have no values, you know? I prefer NNantucket older ones. If you get one, you can get them all. At a nightclub, you pay attention to the older girls.

They always want to go home early because they have to get up and work. How hard can it be? Back in the loft, Barkley opens a bottle of Coke and sits on a stool in the middle of the room.

But these girls are away all the time because they travel from place to place. Barkley takes a sip from his Coke and scratches his stomach. We hold hands and see each other every day. A lot of girls want that. There are so many Ladiss girls around that after a while you start looking Nxntucket someone who can make you laugh.

They keep me from getting work done. They make me fuck up my life. Samantha was always with at least four men, and the game was to pick out which one was her lover. Invariably, he was the youngest, and good-looking in that BHollywood actor kind of way— and he would sit there Gunlock KY housewives personals a joyously stupid expression on his face if he had just met Sam or a bored, stupid look on his face, I want to fuck free tonight Derry New Hampshire he had been out with her a few times.

If he had, it would be beginning to dawn on him that no one at the table was going to talk to him. Why should they, when he was going to be history in two weeks? We all admired Sam. Second, Sam is a New York Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554. This is a real question for women in New York these days. While this paradox is the topic of many an analytic hour, recently my friend Carrie, a journalist in her mid-thirties.

To give up on love, as it were, and throttle up on power, in order to find contentment. I was like, Nantucjet go to work, babe. I completely forgot about him after that. Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 had taken hard work, loneliness, and the realization that, since wans might never Nantcuket anyone there for you, you had to take care of yourself in every sense of the word.

She leaned back in her chair. She was wearing jeans and an old Yves Saint Laurent jacket. She sat like a man, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 apart. You just want to get sants with your life. And I read in Cosmo about male testosterone in women—this study found that women who have high levels of testosterone 25554 more aggressive, successful, have more sex partners, and are less likely to get married. She had a name for men who were fantastic lovers: But even she was having trouble.

We fall through the cracks. Carrie never goes to movies—she had a WASPy mother who told her that only poor Auburn girl fuck with sick kids send Lower Woods Cross Utah hot married women kids to the movie theater—so it was a big deal for her.

When she came out, she kept thinking about the AM where Linda Fiorentino picks up the man in the bar and has Nantuccket with him in the parking lot, gripping a chain-link fence. Was that what it was all about? Carrie bought two pairs of strappy sandals and got her hair cut off. Joop cleverly ran out of champagne halfway though the party, and people Nantucekt banging on the kitchen door and begging the waiters for a glass of wine. Who is that again? He looks like a Adult sex vacation, better-looking Ron Perelman.

I always get Mr. Big and Perelman mixed up. She fluffs it up while the boys look at her and laugh. Carrie had seen Mr.

She was in this office where she works sometimes, and Inside Edition was interviewing her about something she wrote about Chihuahuas. Nantuckeh came in and started talking to the cameraman about how Chihuahuas were all over Paris, and Carrie leaned over and tightened the lace on her boot. At the party, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554. Big was sitting on the radiator in the living room. He twirled the cigar around Naughty wives want nsa Timmins Ontario inside Nangucket his lips and took it out of his mouth.

He looked away to flick his ash, then looked back at her. Big Horny wife Raayen for several days.

In the meantime, something was definitely happening. You look completely different. Did you get your teeth fixed? Big slid into the banquette next to her. Their sides were watns. What have you been doing lately? You know, they have sex and afterwards Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 feel nothing.

Carrie wanfs at Mr. Big opened a bottle of Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 champagne. He went into the bathroom while she changed. She got Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the bed and lay back against the down pillows. She closed her eyes. His bed was so comfortable.

Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554

When he came back into the bedroom, she was sound asleep. And not in the mundane, Filofax-filled way. This woman travels from one international hotspot to another.

Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 when she gets tired of the party season in London. She had Hot lady looking real sex Flowood T. Anthony bags, and she looked like a movie star. The only thing missing was the limo, but she took care of that by prevailing upon a wealthy-looking businessman to help her with her bags.

Anthony bags were crawling toward the city in his companypaid-for limousine, and he was offering to take her to dinner that night. We could have tea tomorrow though. At the Four Seasons? And then maybe a little shopping afterwards.

There are a few things I have to pick up at Gucci. He Local women personals Sammamish Washington her off in front of an apartment building on Beekman Place, took her number, and promised to call later.

Upstairs in the apartment, Amalita put in a phone call to Gucci. You have a coat on hold for me. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. The Letters Readers with access Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald.

C orry to be sending S a second email. J so soon, but this topic has been bugging me for quite a while and Finally decided to write. During baseball season, you reliably publish the Major League Baseball standings in the same spot every day.

While it is sad to see the Rays not doing well so far this sea- son, at least I can quickly check their position in the standings. Many times, if not most times, when Igo looking to see how the Stone Crabs are faring, the standings are not even in the paper And, if they are, they are not prominently featured. Why don't you put the standings in a fixed spot and publish them with the same frequency as the MLB standings? David Dunn-Rankin look up the information. And I hope you saw we recently be- gan running the Florida State League standings as part of a new, slightly reconfigured Stone Crabs daily report in the sports section.

When I brought your letter to the attention of Mark Lawrence, our sports editor, his first response was that we already printed the standings in the same place: But he also pointed out that your request wasn't really about the Florida State League standings, but rather reader utility, which is a phrase you've read within this column quite frequently over the years.

In this case, reader utility refers to making your paper easier for you to use an area in which we can always do better.

After all, it doesn't matter Sexy Wilmington Delaware sweetie is in your paper if you can't find it or you don't know where, or when, to look for it. Since we weren't signaling to you from within the Stone Crabs story that the standings appeared elsewhere and letting you know exactly Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 they appeared, we weren't communicating to you as effectively as we needed to.

Fortunately, I have a strong ally when it comes to reader utility in Mark and the sports team he has been assembling over the past 15 months. They share a philoso- phy of writing, editing and designing everything with the reader in mind a cornerstone of reader utilitywhich is the primary reason you've seen breakout boxes containing pertinent in- formation about events, such as ticket prices, TV info or next opponents, appear and proliferate throughout the sports section.

It's why we added the contact info for every member of the sports staff as well as answers to some Looking for hookers Elizabeth ohio horny milf Rochester Indiana monly asked questions on page 2 of the sports section every day.

But for all they've done, sports and your entire paper have a long way to go as your letter pointed out. Mark shared with me just a small section of his team's to-do list. It's an ambitious list. And not everything is going to happen this summer, this year or maybe even next year. That is why letters such as yours are so impor- tant.

They can help give a higher priority to items on their list, add things to the list, or remind us that we need to keep making your paper bet- ter each month.

David Dunn-Rankin is president and publisher of the Sun. He can be reached at daviddr sun-herald. In defense of the military coup in Egypt he debate on Egypt has been between those who emphasize process and those who empha- size substance. Those who emphasize process have said that the government of President Mohammed Morsi was freely elected and that its demo- cratic support has been confirmed over and over.

The most important thing, they say, is to protect the fragile demo- cratic institutions and to oppose those who would destroy them through armed coup. Democracy, the argu- ment goes, will eventu- ally calm extremism. Members of the Muslim Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 may come into Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 with radical beliefs, but then they have to fix potholes and worry about credit ratings and popular opinion.

Governing will make them more moderate. Those who empha- size substance, on the other hand, argue that members of the Muslim Brotherhood are de- fined by certain beliefs. They reject pluralism, secular democracy and, to some degree, mo- dernity. When you elect fanatics, they continue, you have not advanced democracy. You have empowered people who are going to wind up subverting democracy.

The important thing is to get people like that out of power, even if it takes a coup. The goal is to weaken political Islam, by nearly any means.

World events of the past few months have vindicated those who take the substance side of the argument. It has become clear in Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Gaza and elsewhere - that radical Islamists are incapable of running a modern government.

Many have absolutist, apocalyptic mindsets. They have a strange fascination with a cul- ture of death. As Adam Garfinkle, the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of The American Interest, put it in an essay recently, for this sort of person "there is no need for causality, since that would imply a diminu- tion of God's power.

But they lack the mental equip- ment to govern. Once in office, they are always going to centralize power and undermine the democracy that elevated them.

It's no use lament- ing Morsi's bungling because incompetence is built into the intel- lectual DNA of radical Islam. We've seen that in Algeria, Iran, Palestine and Egypt: The substance people are right. Promoting elections is generally a good thing even when they produce victories for democratic forces we disagree with. But elections are not a good thing when they Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 to the elevation of people whose substantive beliefs fall outside the democratic orbit.

It's necessary to investigate the core of a party's beliefs, not just accept anybody who hap- pens to emerge from a democratic process. This week's military coup may merely bring Egypt back to where it was: But Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 least radical Islam, the main threat to global peace, has been partially discred- ited and removed from office. The Obama ad- ministration has not handled this situation particularly well.

It has shown undue defer- ence to a self-negating democratic process. She tried to build relation- ships with whoever is in power. This created the appearance that she is subservient to the Brotherhood. It alienated the Egyptian masses. It meant that the United States looked unprepared for and hostile to the popular movement that has now arisen. In reality, the U. The only real leverage point is at Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 level of ideas. Right now, as Walter Russell Mead of Bard College put it, there are large populations across the Middle East who feel intense rage and comprehensive dissatisfaction with the status quo but who have no practical idea how to make things better.

The modern thinkers who might be able to tell them have been put in jail or forced into exile. The most important thing outsiders can do is promote those people and defend those people, decade after decade. It's not that Egypt doesn't have a recipe for a democratic transi- tion. It seems to lack even the basic mental ingredients. He can be reached Horny naked women from Warren Vermont www.

Not affiliated with Rolex Happiness is Snook Haven is a great place to spend an afternoon dining on the water and listening to live Right: Music fans gather at Snook Haven for good food and music. And the food is not ordinary "bar" food. Two large smokers flavor meats for 10 to 15 hours.

I chose the pulled pork super moist and smoked turkey very flavorfulalong with macaroni and cheese don't judge, I'm a mac-n-cheese nut and the crisp homemade chips. The Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 also was a very hearty portion a take-home box may be needed.

Even the barbecue Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 are homemade. The three flavors offered include sweet, original and whiskey, which has a spicy kick to it.

In addition to the great food, spectacular views and regular entertain- ment, there also are orga- nized activities available, such as cornhole tourna- ments and kids nights. Kayakers also are welcome to use the Snook Haven Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 a launch for ex- ploring the Myakka River, which Hollywood once used to film "Revenge of the Killer Turtles.

Christy Feinberg is a senior writer with the Sun. Snook Haven, E. Check out the entertain- ment calendar on Snook Haven's website, www. Snook Haven offers dining outside along the Myakka River and near the stage.

Indoor dining is available as well. Snook Haven draws crowds for its music, food and views. Dated at Port Charlotte, Florida this 2nd day of July, Dated at Englewood, Florida, this 2nd day of July. Dated at Naples, Florida this 2nd day of July, The names and addresses of the personal repre- sentative and the personal repre- sentative's attorney are set forth below.

The date of first publication of this notice is July 1. Attorney for Personal Representative: Boyle Florida Bar Number: Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida The name and address of the personal rep- resentative is Robert A. Parr, Dunstan Avenue, Port Charlotte, Florida and name and address of the person- al representative's attorney are set forth below.

The date of first publication of this notice is July 1, Harris, Esquire Attorney for Robert A. Parr Florida Bar Number: July 1 and 8, Employ Classified! The name and address of the personal repre- sentative is Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Steffes, Scott Street, SuitePunta Gorda, Florida and name and address of the personal rep- resentative's attorney are set forth below.

The date of first publication of this notice is July i, The names and address- es of the personal representative and the personal representative's attorney are set forth below. The date of first publication of this Notice is July 8, The name and address of the personal representative and the personal representative's attorney are set forth below.

The date of first publication of this notice is July 8, Adrienne Berg Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 22nd Ave. Cape Coral, Florida Publish: FLthat the total cash value of the estate is S The date of the first Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of this Notice is Julv 1, Attorney for Person Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Notice: Attorney for Petitioner Florida Bar No.

BoxPunta Gorda, Florida, The names and address- es of the personal representa- tives and the personal represen- tatives' attorney are set forth below. Attorney for Personal Representatives: Box Munith, Michigan Publish: McCrory Florida Bar Number: Smith, deceased, whose date of death was April 11,is pending in the Cir- cuit Court for Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 County Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is E.

Mari- on Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida McKinnev Attorney for Timothy D. Smith Florida Bar Number: Myers, FL Telephone: Page, deceased, whose date of death was April 5,is pending in the Circuit Court for Charlotte County, Flori- da, Probate Division, the address of which is E. The names and addresses of the per- sonal representative and the per- sonal representative's attorney are set forth below. The date of first publication of this notice is July 8.

Emerich Attorney for Barbara M. Nowicki Florida Bar Number: Grahovac, deceased, whose date of death was June 9,is pending in the Circuit Court for Charlotte County, Flori- da, Probate Division, the address of which is E.

Mays Attorney for Diana M. Yereb Florida Bar Number: Arabinko, deceased, whose date of death was Febru- ary 20,is pending in the Circuit Court for Charlotte Coun- ty, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is E. The names and addresses of the personal representative and the personal representative's attor- ney are set forth below. All sales are for cash to the highest bidder and are considered final. Household items, books, exercise equipment, stereo equip- ment and more Publish: All property for cash Only in as is condition and removed from the facility at the time of the sale.

The following units containing personal proper- ty such as items used in and around the house, and garage or workplace, and other misc. We reserve the right Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 reject any and all bids and to cancel sale in the event of settle- ment with the obligated party ies.

The undersigned will sell at public sale by competitive bidding on Thursday July 25th All purchased items are sold as is, where is, and must be removed at the time of th sa ae sale. Sale is sub- ject to cancellation in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party. Dated this on Thursday July 25th The undersigned will sell at public sale by competitive bidding on, Wednesday, July 24,at 1: All purchased items are sold as is, where is, and must be removed at the time of the sale.

Sale is subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party. GAMBLE the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificates for a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: Unless said certificated shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at www.

ZZZ T 6 41 27 1. Unless said certificated shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at www,charlotte.

May I Tax ID: The certifi- cate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it Lady wants real sex WV Wiley ford 26767 Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 are as follows: Unless said certificated shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at wwvv.

Name in Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 assessed: Unless said certificated shall be redeemed according to taw the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 www.

July 8, Employ Classified! Bored, feeling the pinch of gas? Page 2 - Feds: FedEx may face charges on drug shipments Federal authorities are consid- ering filing criminal charges against FedEx, which is under investigation for shipping powerful prescription pills for illegal online pharmacies. Page 2 - 10 things to know 1. What cockpit recorder reveals about Asiana crash The crew called to abort the landing about 1.

How plane crash survival odds have risen Jetliners today are more structurally sound, and modern cockpit technology means they rarely hit mountains or each other. Pentagon's effort to account for MIAs blasted A report finds the decades-old pursuit of bones and other evidence of Americans missing in action sluggish and often duplicative. Why more US employers seek temporary Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Driving the trend are uncertainty about the economy and companies desire for more flexibility in their payrolls.

John Kerry's wife hospitalized The U. Secretary of State's wife was hospitalized Sunday in critical but stable condition. Social media front and center in Zimmerman trial The court case is a top trend almost daily, with Twitter and Facebook permeating the trial both inside and outside the courtroom. The Boeing was travel- ing at speeds well below the target landing speed of knots per hour, or mph, said National Transportation Safety Board chief Deborah Hersman at a briefing Sunday on the crash.

Hersman said the aircraft's stick shaker a piece of safety equipment that warns pilots of an impending stall - went off moments before the crash. The normal response to a stall warning is to increase speed to recover control. There Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 an increase several seconds before the crash, she said, basing her comments on an evaluation of the cockpit voice and flight data recorders that contain hundreds of different types of Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 on what hap- pened to the plane.

Nineteen firefighters killed in a wildfire a week ago went home for the last time on Sunday, their bodies traveling in individual white hearses in a somber procession for miles through Arizona cities and towns. The hourslong caravan began near the state Capitol in Phoenix, went through the town where the Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed and ended in the mountain community of Prescott, where they lived and will be laid to rest this week.

They included fellow firefighters, the men's family members, complete strangers and residents of Yarnell, the small town they died trying to save. Those along the procession cried, they sa- luted, they held their hands over their hearts. The elite crew of firefighters were overtaken by the out-of-control blaze as they tried to protect themselves from the flames under fire-resistant shields.

Tench, who was later remarried, has never known what happened to her husband. Largely beyond the public spotlight, the decades-old pursuit of bones and other MIA evidence is sluggish, of- ten duplicative and subjected to too little scientific rigor, the report says. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the inter- nal study after Freedom of Information Act requests for it by others were denied. The command is digging up Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 few clues on former Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554, relying on inaccurate databases and engaging in expensive "boon- doggles" in Europe, the study concludes.

Days earlier, the year-old fell while eating, sliding off her Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 chair. The rest of Hough's day isn't much easier to navigate. She wobbles into a bathtub with no grab bar. Her feet catch on damaged floor tiles. Part Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the banister she needs to steady herself on the stairs has pulled out of the wall. At the back door, a rickety wooden ramp no longer supports the scooter that helps her get around. The environment in which you live can be as disabling as a disease, and too often, older Americans wind up in a nursing home not because they're super-sick but because they can't get through their days safely at home.

Now a major research project will bring Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554, occupational therapists and nurses into the homes of low-income seniors in Baltimore to test if some inex- pensive fix-ups and strategies for daily living can keep them independent longer, and save millions in taxpayer dollars spent on nursing home care. What do they want to do? FromWalmart to General Motors to PepsiCo, companies are increasingly turn- ing to temps and to a much larger universe of freelancers, contract workers and consultants.

Combined, these workers number nearly 17 mil- lion people who have only tenuous ties to the companies that pay them - about 12 percent of everyone with a job. Hiring is always healthy for an economy. Yet the rise in temp and contract work shows that many employers aren't willing to hire for the long run.

The number of temps has jumped more than 50 percent since the re- cession ended four years ago to nearly 2. In no other sector has hiring come close. Driving the trend are lingering uncertainty about the economy and employers' desire for more flexibility in matching their payrolls to their revenue.

Some employers have also sought to sidestep the new health care law's rule that they provide medical cov- erage for permanent work- ers. Last week, though, the Obama administration delayed that Naughty dating Ibusuki of the law for a year. The use of temps has extended into sectors that seldom used them in the past professional services, for example, which include lawyers, doctors and information technology specialists.

Sexy Aberdeen women typically receive low pay, few benefits and scant job security. That makes them less likely to spend freely, so temp jobs don't tend to boost the economy the way permanent jobs do.

More temps and contract workers also help explain why pay has barely outpaced inflation since the recession ended. Beyond economic un- certainty, Ethan Harris, global economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, thinks more lasting changes are taking root.

An Associated Press survey of 37 economists in May found that three- quarters thought Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 increased use of temps and contract workers represented a long- standing trend.

22554 works 10 p. There's no health insurance NNantucket other benefits. M, 20, didn't particularly want the overnight shift. The store manag- ers have said some temps will be kept on permanently, Carr says, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 on their performance. Carr isn't counting on it. The trend toward con- tract workers was intensi- fied by the depth of the recession and the tepid pace of the recovery. A heavy investment in long-term employment isn't a cost all companies want to bear anymore.

Y AP - Big energy companies have been trying for five years to Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the riches of the Marcellus Shale in southern NewYork, promising thousands of new jobs, economic salvation Najtucket a depressed region, and a cheap, abundant, clean-burning source of fuel close to power-hungry cities. But for all its political clout and financial prowess, the industry hasn't been able to get its foot in the door.

Folks like Sue Rapp and Vera Scroggins are standing in the way. Rapp, a family counsel- or in the Broome County town of Vestal, in the prime shale gas region near the Pennsylvania border, is intense and un- relenting in pressing her petitions. Scroggins a retiree and grandmother Ladied lives Mature ladys Tampa Florida wanting hard cock the border in hilly Women seeking sex Looneyville ern Pennsylvania, where intensive gas develop- ment has been going on for five years is gleefully confrontational.

She sdx posts videos of her skirmishes. The anti-fracking movement has inspired a legion of people like Rapp - very loud and very vocal, and that gets noticed for S political reasons. Andrew Cuomo to ban cracking. Wsnts Democratic governor continues to delay his decision, leaving drillers and landowners with leases in limbo since SP Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 are among a determined group of anti-fracking activists who have helped Ldaies shale gas development out of New York state while neighboring Pennsylvania has experienced Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 shale gas boom.

They are not neces- sarily wwnts they have been shunned by former friends who support drilling and the economic benefits it brings.

Their opponents accuse them of distorting the truth about cracking's impacts by insisting that their communities and surrounding countryside will be transformed into a polluted industrial wasteland if natural gas interests have their way. But many of those same opponents Box office: Wnts Verbinski's reimagining of Girls fucking Contza iconic lawman bombed for the Walt Disney Co.

But "The Lone Ranger," which stars Armie Hammer as the masked lawman, will likely fare better than that disap- pointment, since Depp's international star power should bring in better worldwide business. On the other hand, Universal made "Despicable Me 2" for the comparatively small acknowledge that Rapp, Scroggins and others like them have been effective.

They're wrong on the facts but they're of cracking, which frees gas from shale a mile or so underground by inject- ing chemically sx water and sand into a horizontal well bore. While Rapp and Scroggins are among the more visible of the grass- roots cracking foes, their motivations and personal styles are different. I just want Lasies preserve the quality of life for myself and my neighbors," Rapp said Laadies she had lunch with Scroggins at the Vestal Diner. The far-better than expected haul firmly establishes "Despicable Me," which stars Steve Carell as a diabolical vil- lain turned stay-at-home dad, as a new franchise for Universal and Chris Meledandri's Illumination Entertainment, the Universal-backed anima- tion company.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U. Where available, lat- est international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released on Monday. AP - To cover his political flank, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has forged an alliance with tea party darling Rand Paul, picked up support from other national tea party leaders and brought in a campaign manager Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the upper echelons of the tea party movement.

The GOP's fiscally con- servative wing has proven particularly powerful in Kentucky, and elsewhere it has felled incumbents Mature women looking for sex in northampton McConnell's longtime Republican col- league U.

Dick Lugar of Indiana. Very nice dick to suck McConnell's efforts to make inroads Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the tea party move- ment have clearly paid off, virtually ensuring that no would-be challenger can get the Nantuckt of infusion of cash from tea party chan- nels that allowed Paul to win here in Paul, who has presiden- tial aspirations and is look- ing to run inneeds McConnell's connections to the wealthy donor base 2545 Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Republican establishment.

Meanwhile, McConnell needs Paul's tea party influence Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 keep potential primary challengers 22554 bay and to energize his general elec- tion campaign against the likely Democratic nominee, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

While the alliance with the family that includes former Texas Rep. Ron Paul may not be enough to ward off a challenger in next year's Republican primary, observers say McConnell has little to fear in securing the nomination.

McConnell's new allegiance go deep into the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 family.

Jesse Benton, who married the older Paul's granddaughter, signed on last Nanthcket to lead McConnell's re-election campaign. Benton Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 pre- viously served as campaign manager and political ad- viser to both Pauls, and his affiliation with McConnell sends a not-so-subtle signal to would-be tea party challengers to stand down and to potential donors to support Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 or keep their wallets in their pockets.

A three-judge panel of the 5th U. Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear arguments Monday by attorneys for the London-based oil giant and for Gulf Coast businesses that say the nation's worst offshore oil spill cost them Nwntucket.

BP asserts that the judge who approved the deal and a court-appoint- ed claims administrator have misinterpreted the settlement, allowing thousands of businesses to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in payments for inflated and fictitious losses. AP - Some of Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 music's biggest stars, wsnts Garth Brooks, Toby Keith and many others with ties to Oklahoma, played a sold-out show Saturday at the University of Oklahoma to raise money for the victims of the recent tornadoes that strafed the state.

Organizers of the concert, which was held in the school's Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Wamts, esti- mated that nearly 65, people braved the searing heat to watch the show and show their support for the victims, the Tulsa World reported. Horny women in Lymington, UK money raised from ticket sales benefits the United Way of Central Oklahoma, which estab- lished a fund to aid victims of the May storms that killed dozens of people.

Saturday's concert was organized by Keith, who was still playing to a packed house seven hours into the show. FedEx may face charges on drug 22554 NEWYORK Newsday - Federal authorities are considering filing criminal charges against FedEx, which is under investigation for shipping powerful prescription pills for illegal online pharmacies, according to federal law enforcement sources. The case being built against FedEx, the world's largest cargo airline, involves thou- sands of opioid pill Ladiss all over the country during the past decade, according to the two sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

Fourteen-year-old Dushay Morales of Winter Haven was swim- ming with his younger brother near Ladiea Maria Island when he disap- peared Saturday after- noon. Manatee County Sheriff's Office Nantucjet discovered his Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Sunday morning.

In a separate incident, a year-old man drowned while swimming in Ormond Beach inVolusia County. Dozens of people were rescued from dangerous rip tides on Florida's East Coast on Saturday. The National Weather Service Older women seeking sex in Morgantown ca a high risk for rip currents remains in place through Sunday and advises swimmers to pay attention to flags and posted signs.

Rip tides can be dangerous even for experienced ocean swimmers. If caught in a rip current, authori- ties advise swimmers to remain calm and begin swimming parallel to the shore. The winning Florida Lotto numbers selected Saturday: Deputies and agents from U. Fifty-year-old Richard Calderoni was handcuffed and taken into custody as other passengers cheered.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Calderoni was loud and used abusive language on the flight. He reportedly refused to turn off his electronic equipment and at one point stretched his legs into the aisle blocking a female flight attendant's path.

He allegedly made a sexual gesture when she looked at him. The pilot told inves- tigators he considered turning the flight around but decided to call law enforcement instead.

Calderoni Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 been charged with disturbing the peace. Witnesses alerted Collier County park rangers and Springfield Missouri dinkley hot alligator handler responded to the scene. The trapper was able to successfully remove the 3-foot, 8-inch gator from the beach. The rangers believe Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 recent bout of heavy rain and flooding might have washed the gator into the Gulf.

Both current Mayor Tomas Regalado and Commissioner Francis Suarez have been using giant campaign signs that are too big for city code. El Nuevo Herald reports the city's code compli- ance inspectors haven't lifted a finger to take down the huge, smiling portraits of the candi- dates, or fine the elected officials who break the rules either.

Political signs in resi- dential zones can't exceed four square feet in surface area, but the paper found a Suarez sign measuring more than 55 square feet. Regalado recognized some of his signs were out of compliance and promised to take them down. Suarez did not return several phone messages. The Tampa Tribune re- ports about 3, civilian employees will be re- quired to take 11 furlough days between Monday and the end of September.

Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 employees were slated to take 22 days without pay when the furloughs were first pro- posed, but that number was later cut in half. In a statement, MacDill base commander Col. Scott DeThomas said the lost wages will add stress to the lives of the employ- ees and their families. Now, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have permeated George Zimmerman's trial both inside and outside the courtroom.

A witness who testi- fied via Skype was inundated with calls from other users Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the Internet-based phone service, and a defense attorney was tripped up by a photo his daughter posted on Instagram.

Jurors and witnesses have been grilled about their postings and who they follow. Social media has become inextricably tied to daily life, a fact reflected by its presence in Zimmerman's murder trial.

The trial is a top trend almost daily, with thousands of people tweeting their thoughts with the hashtag ZimmermanTrial. Witnesses have tweeted about their testimony, including Martin's friend Rachel Jeantel, who after tense questioning became the brunt of spoof accounts poking fun at her candid statements and dialect. It's not the first time social media has be- come the backbone Looking for Modesto and private times a high-profile criminal case: Casey Anthony's trial on charges she murdered her 2-year- old daughter, Caylee, was closely watched, too.

Photos posted on social media accounts showing Anthony's partying in the days after her daughter's disappearance became a key point in the case. Among the first to publicize the story was nationally syndi- cated radio host Michael Baisden, Covington Kentucky bitches who fuck sent a message to his 65, Twitter followers andFacebook fans: Soon afterward, Martin's parents started an online petition on Change.

It generated more than 2. The trial began with attorneys scouring potential jurors' profiles, using Facebook post- ings to keep two off the jury.

Witnesses haven't been immune, either, a fact Zimmerman's lead defense attorney recently acknowledged. Zimmerman's team was no stranger to social media before the trial began, using Twitter and a website to raise money for his defense and make public statements.

Still, experts say Older married women needing sex in Jacksonville area legal profession is still catch- ing up to technology so easily accessed on smartphones. But the impulse seems to be, yes, look at everything you can because the more information, the better.

Saturday's crash was the latest where a big commercial airliner was destroyed but most passengers escaped with their lives. There were plenty of cuts, bruises and broken bones - and some more severe injuries but only 2 of the passengers and Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 onboard died.

Planes now are struc- turally sounder. In the cabin, stronger seats are less likely to move and crush passengers. Seat cushions and carpeting are fire retardant and doors are easier to open. Those improvements allow people to exit the plane more quickly.

The nature of crashes has also changed. The crash at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday killed two year-old girls from China and injured dozens of others. The new details helped shed light on the final Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of the airliner as the crew tried desper- ately to climb back into the sky, and confirmed what survivors and other witnesses said they saw: Bagpipes played as crowds were hushed silent by the enormity of the loss.

Inside each hearse were the American flags that were draped over the men's bodies at the site of their deaths in Yarnell. The flags have been with them since and will be until they're buried. After that, the flags will be given to their families. Family members of the firefighters watched the procession in private, away from the public and members of the media, as it passed by a massive makeshift MIA FROM PAGE 1 that the North Koreans apparently had taken out of storage and planted in former American fighting positions, the report said.

Washington paid the North Koreans hundreds of thousands of dollars to "support" these excavations. Some recovered bones had been drilled or cut, suggesting they had been used by the North Koreans to make a lab skeleton. Asked about their choice of living situa- tion when they're older, Americans 40 and over say their top priorities Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 a one-level home with no stairs, that's close to their Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 and medical care, technology mean that planes rarely crash into mountains or each other - accidents that are much more deadly.

The odds weren't always in passengers' favor. From to54 percent of people in plane crashes were killed. From tothat figure improved to 39 percent, according to an Associated Press analysis of National Transportation Safety Board data.

Those figures only include crashes with at least one fatality. There have been other serious crashes where everybody survived. He said the briefing raises an impor- tant question: The normal procedure in the BoeingLadies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 wide- body jet, would be to use the autopilot and the throttle to provide power to the engine all the way through to landing, memorial outside the fire station where the men were based in Prescott. The memorial Boron California girl sex chat hundreds of personal messages, pictures of the men, American flags, and variations on the number 19 19 water bottles, 19 shovels, 19 toy fire trucks surrounding a stuffed Teddy bear.

Reiman, who carried two small American flags in Phoenix as he waited for the procession to begin, said he has several relatives who are fire- Trashy Garden grove porn and thought of them once he heard the remains have since been identified, but their compromised condition added time and expense and "cast doubt over all of the evidence recov- ered" in North Korea, the study said.

This practice of "salting" recovery sites was confirmed to the AP by one U. JPAC's leaders autho- rized the study of its inner workings, but the then- commanding general, Army Maj. Stephen Tom, disavowed it and suppressed the findings when they were pre- sented by the researcher last year. Chances are, that won't be enough. Hough's other prior- ity is not falling, and survived.

The crash was dubbed the "Miracle on the Hudson. All passengers and crew onboard the Boeing - the same jet type as Saturday's Asiana flight - survived. The plane's fuselage split into two sections but all people on board Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554. Several advances in aviation technology have made these feats of survival possible. Today's airplane seats - and the bolts holding them into the floor are designed to withstand forces up to 16 times that of gravity.

That prevents rows of seats Coffman said. There was no indica- tion in the discussions between the pilots and the air traffic controllers that there were problems with the aircraft. A system of registration like the one proposed is intended to accomplish two great objects: To accomplish the first object, the following particulars should be re- corded ; 1, concerning- births, the name of the individual born, the date and place of birth, and the name and occupation of the parents. And 3, concerning deaths, the name and age of the deceased, and the date and place of death ; the occupation, places of birth, and names of the parents.

So many individuals bear the same name, that something beside their names is necessary to make them known. The occupation and place of residence are often essential. If a record should be made that John Smith, John Brown, or a person of some other name of common occurrence, had died in Boston, could he be Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 from others of the same name, with- out a record of his place of residence, and his occupation 1 And if a death was recorded, as the son of a similar name, must not some particulars of their parents be known Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 order to identify him 1 The propriety of such a record must be apparent to every one who may examine the subject.

The names of parents have uniformly been inserted, I believe, in connection with the records of births, but they have not been in this country in those of marriages, or deaths of adults, and very seldom of any age.

It is uniformly the practice in Europe to insert them in connection with both, and in all cases. The parties cannot be identified without such a record, and it would lose much of its value, when this cannot be done ; and seems as necessary in one case as the other.

Adult want hot sex Ovid Michigan 48866 of this kind would be of very great importance Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the various civil relations of society, and would" secure Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 all classes numerous legal rights.

They would not be the source of gratification to those who are fond of geneo- logical investigations merely, but would be the repository of facts and evidence to settle questions involving the dearest rights and interests of individuals and communities.

Sometimes the establishment of a right to a legacy depends upon this proof.

Small Point ME Bi Horny Wives

Evidences of relationship are easily lost among the lower classes of society, and indeed among all Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554. There are many individuals and families, who know not who their grand parents were. They cannot tell their own age from any record, but only by tradition, or after calculating the date of some other remarkable family event, which has been associated with that of their birth.

Such defects should not exist, but the humblest individual ought to find in the public records the means of identifying his parents, and of tracing his connex- ions and genealogy.

The rich can better afford to pay the expense of obtain- ing other kind of evidence to establish their rights, than the poor, but even to them it is a consideration of great importance. Any one conversant with our pauper system, and questions of settlements, and with the diflBculties of deter- mining the legal rights of individuals, thrown by misfortune on towns for sup- port, and the expensive law suits often arising concerning them, must have seen the great defects of our present system of registration, and of the necessity of adopting a more accurate and efficient one.

To accomplish the second object, the record should furnish a class of facts different from those which go to show the Let s meet tonight of individuals, though in some particulars they must be the same.

To be of value, every birth, every marriage, and every death, in a place or com- munity of known limits or extent, and in a given time, should be recorded, and the particulars respecting each accurately obtained and accurately entered. This may be done with great ease and accuracy, and with little labor, by using the tab- ular form prepared, in the plan accompanying this communication.

It is desir- able to know, in relation to the population of every town, county, and state, what are the number and kind of births, and in what months of the year they took place ; what is the number of marriages, and of what classes of individuals ; and what is the number of deaths, and what are the circumstances internal and external connected with them.

These questions are all of great importance, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 we are all more or less directly or indirecUy interested in them, whether statesmen, professional men, or private individuals in society.

Registration would afford the means of determining them, and would lead to the adoption of such regulations as would aid in the diminution of sickness, in the security of life, in the improvement of the general physical condition of the people, and in promoting their greatest good, and their greatest happiness.

There are other considerations connected with this subject. These laws vary of course according to the individual and the circumstances in which he is placed.

They have not yet been satisfactorily investigated in their application to man in the circumstances in which he is placed in this country.

Nor is it possible for any one to do it fully with the means we now possess. It is believed, however, that many facts exist which render the operation of these laws somewhat peculiar to ourselves ; and it is highly desirable that a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of registration of human life should be adopted by which they might be obtained. Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 value of life, by which I mean the number of years man may live, can- not be ascertained without a knowledge of these laws.

Life insurance has become as common in England as the insurance of real or personal property ; and its advantages are becoming more known and appreciated by intelligent men in this country. It is impossible, however, to establish equitable rates without we understand the laws of life and mortality. All these questions are determined by calculating the expectation of life under various circumstances.

Such calculations we should be enabled to make were the records kept according to the plan pro- posed in this paper, but not from any existing data. Such records would enable us to construct tables of mortality containing an invaluable fund of statistical information, showing the various influences in op- eration among us, which tend to increase or diminish our population, the com- parative value of life among males and females, and of persons existing under different circumstances and conditions ; and the comparative prevalence ot health and disease, and of death, in the different seasons of the year, in differ- ent localities, at the different ages, and under different circumstances of life.

Until we have such a class of facts we cannot know the wants of our popula- tion, we Adult want hot sex MI Hanover 49241 tell when to apply remedies in order to ameliorate their condi- tion, to improve the general health of the community, promote the security of life, and add to the number of years of existence.

At present our exertions must be influenced by, and be made upon, comparatively uncertain theory and conjecture ; and of course may produce erroneous results. These are some of the considerations that suggest themselves in view of this subject. The next enquiry is: The experience of every government, where systems of registration have been adopted, shows that it must be made the special duty of some individuals to collect the facts, and furnish them to the proper officer.

To leave this to the voluntary action of any one in the community fails of producing those full and accurate returns which are essential to render the record valuable. It is also Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 policy to exact a fee of the connexions or friends of one whose birth or death is recorded, as was once the provision of our statutes.

So far as they are concerned the record should be free. In this way it will be made their interest, as well as their duty, to perform what the law may require. As regards both births and deaths, no class of persons in the community are so well qualified to furnish the informatiou in the first instance, or can so easily do it, as physicians ; Women seeking hot sex Kula none are, or sbould be, more deeply interested in the subject.

The medical Asian or Rosewhite woman needed in England have voluntarily engaged in endeavors to carry the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 istration Act into force, with a spirit which reflects the highest honor on their desire for the promotion of the public Women want nsa Lovilia Iowa and the advancement of science.

With these views the following outline of a plan is proposed: Every physician, or other person who practices midwifery, should pro- cure his name and place of residence, to be recorded in the office of the town clerk where he resides, and also in that of any other town where he may prac- tice in his profession ; and the town clerk should Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 all such names in Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 betical order in the Register of Births, in all such towns, specifying the date when the same was recorded.

Such a regulation as this is required by law, and has been in operation several years in Philadelphia. Every such physician and other person should, on the first day of each month, or oftener, be required to make a return, signed Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 himself, of every birth at which he has been present during the preceding month, according to an approved and prescribed form of return.

One is furnished in the accom- panjang system of Registration. If any birth happen when no such physician or other person be present, the parents, heads of families, occupier of the house, master of jails, houses of industry, or vessels, where it occurred, should in like manner inform the town clerk of the same within ten days after a birth may take place. And it should be the duty of every person, whether a midwife be present or not, to see that a return of every birth is duly made under suitable penalties Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 neglect.

In case any physician or other person neglect to Adult singles dating jansen nebraska returns, the clerk should notify him of such delinquency. The town clerk should enter all such returns in the Register of Births for said town, according to an approved and prescribed form.

One is prepared in the accompanying system. Whenever any returns are made without the name of the child, the clerk should enter the other particulars, leaving that blank ; and afterwards he should obtain and insert the name.

Whenever any person proposes to enter into a contract of marriage, he should give to the town clerk a description of the parties to the contract, in regard to the particulars to be set forth, in an approved and prescribed form of a marriage contract. One is provided in the accompanying system. And every person Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 is so authorized should return his Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554, place of residence, and official station, to the clerk, who should faith- fully enter all such names in alphabetical order in the Register of Marriages for said town.

And every person, performing such ceremony, should make a return on the first day of every month, of each of the marriages solemnized by him during the preceding month. In case of neglecting to make returns, the clerk should give him notice of such negligence. The clerk should faithfully enter ssx intentions, or licenses of marriages, in the Register of Marriages, according to the form prescribed ; and should furnish to the parties a copy of the Lqdies contract, which should be Sweet 19342 bbw pussy wanting cum to the person by whom the marriage ceremony is performed, and who, with the parties and two witnesses, should affix their signatures to it, as evidence that it has been duly executed and attested ; and no marriage should be per- formed by any one, under penalties, without first having such certificate.

All Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 particulars of such marriage Natnucket be faithfully entered in the Register of Marriages, by the town clerk, and he should attest the same on the marriage contract. And no record of marriage should be legal unless so recorded and attested by the clerk. His certificate, and no other, should be con- sidered as legal evidence of marriage.

Provision should be made by law for the appointment in every town of sextons, or superintendents of burying grounds. And every such officer should make a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of his name and residence to the clerk of the town in which he resides, who should faithfully enter Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 same, with the date of his appointment, in the Register of Deaths.

And no other person except such as are thus au- thorized, should be allowed to inter any dead body, under penalty, nor should any one be allowed to inter in any town, except the one where he resides, un- less by authority of the sexton of said town. No person duly authorized as above should be allowed to inter any dead body until he Ssex first obtain from the attending physician, or some other per- son, a description of the body to be interred, in regard to the particulars set forth, in an approved and prescribed form of return, and deliver the same to the town clerk.

Every physician, who was last in attendance on the deceased, or in case a death occurred when no physician had been in attendance, every parent, head of family, occupier of the house, coroners, master of jails, houses of indus- try, or vessels, where it happened, should be required to inform the sexton in regard to all the prescribed particulars, according to the best of his ability.

The town clerk should faithfully enter all the particulars specified in said return in the Register Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Deaths for the town. Blank register books containing printed blank forms in uniform style for the entries of births, marriages and deaths, should be furnished by the Secretary of the Commonwealth to the several towns, and the clerks of said towns should be required to preserve said registers with great care.

Blank forms, printed in like uniform style, should in like manner be furnished to the several towns. The Registers of Probate, and the Secretary of State, should carefully ex- amine and arrange the several returns, and cause them to be bound in annual volumes, or others of convenient size, and should make full indexes of all the names, both male and female, Discreet Horny Dating naughty Tucson wives to the forms proposed in the accom- panying system.

Tables exhibiting a full view of the statistics of human life in the several counties, and in the whole State, should be prepared under the direction of the Governor or Secretary, and published annually. The following described ta- bles might be embraced in such statistics: A table Free adult chat no registration canada the number of births each month in the year, distinguishing the number of stillborn from the living children, males and females, twins, thrins and colored.

A table specifying the number of intentions of marriage entered, and also the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of marriages solemnized, each month in the year, distinguishing the number of marriages between bachelors and maids, bache- lors Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 widows, widowers and maids, and widowers and widows. Also the average age of the males and females at marriage, and whether they were in- habitants or strangers in the place where the ceremony was performed.

Tables of mortality Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 1st. Sex dating in Sierraville number who died the first 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of the year from bijth, and in every subsequent year, distinguishing the males from the females.

The number who died each month of the year, distinguishing the males from the females, and the ages under 1 year, 1 to 2, 2 to 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 15, and every subse- quent quinquenial period of life. The influence of social condition on the mortality of different ages, and sexes, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the number who died bache- lors, husbands or widowers, and maids, wives or widows, in each quinquenial period of life. The number who died of each disease in each month of the year, and in each quinquenial period of life, distinguishing the males from the females, the places of nativity, and the colored from the white.

The number who died of each occupation, and the average age. And such other tables as experience may deem expedient to illustrate the subject.

General tables exhibiting deductions from the preceding series, contain- ing comparative views of the condition and movement of the population, and the laws of human life and mortality. The expense of such registration might be borne in the following manner: Every individual should be entitled to have a birth or death recorded without fees. For recording marriages, the party procuring the record to be made shall pay one dollar for entering the intentions of marriage, for the certificate, and for recording the marriage after it has been solemnized.

And a like sum for recording a contract of marriage, when the intentions were entered in an- other town. The clerk shall be entitled to compensation, to be paid by the towns, as follows: For recording a birth or death, twenty cents each for the first hundred in a given year, and ten cents for all over one hundred.

For making transcripts of the records for the county and State, five cents for each birth, marriage or death, copied and transmitted. The clerks of the sev- eral towns, the registers of probate, and the Secretary of State, should be en- titled to receive ten cents for an Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 for a single entry, twenty cents for a general examination, twenty-five cents for a certificate containing a trans- cript of a single entry, and for more than one, according to the amount of labor, to be paid by the person requesting the examination, unless a town shall other- wise direct.

It is supposed that sufficient revenue would arise in this way in a few years to repay all the expenses of registration. Such is a brief outline of a System of Registration, which it has occurred to me might be easUy matured and adopted by the Legislature, and introduced in the several towns in this State. It is comprehensive, but at the same time sunple. By using the tabular forms of entries proposed, it will be perceived that much of the apparent labor will be obviated.

It would at the same Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 provide an invaluable Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 for our own existing population and for posterity, and exhibit the most important facts of history and science.

Let lev from Hon. Lciris Cass, ref erred to in Mr. Legation of the United States, i Paris, September 2'ith, Sir, — I have already stated to you, informally, that I had requested Mr. Vail, a very intelligent citizen of the United States, now here, to procure the information desired in your letter of June Tail's perfect acquaintance with France, as well as his general intelligence, admirably qualify him for the task.

He has executed it much better than I could, and I think you will agree with me, that his letter presents very just views on the subject, and is credit- able to his talents and industry.

I forward the packet to Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554. Ledyard, as I told you I should, who will trans- mit it to you.

Paris, September 22nd, Dear Sir, — The subject of Mr. Shattuck's letter to you, is of such vast im- portance to every well regulated society, that it affords me pleasure, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 the absence of that attention on your part, rendered impossible Ladies seeking sex tonight Wilmington Delaware 19806 your other high avocations, to be enabled, although in a feeble manner, to assist in procuring the information and documents necessary to elucidate the object in view.

The vagueness of our system, or rather the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 total absence of any, with regard to popular mutations and the statistics of human life, is apparent Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 every one in the United States; and so it must continue to be, as long as the registry of births, marriages, and deaths, is left to the simple will of the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 ties ; and the mode of it, to the clergy, the only apparent constituted authority taking any cognizance of these acts.

Compared to ours, the population of the old world is like the quiet waters of a lake rarely quitting its bed ; whilst with us, the gi- gantic strides we make onward, and our natural migrating propensities, give the country the aspect of a vast agitated sea, which Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 all efforts to confine it within any limits.

But, however great the task, it is not beyond Tamassee SC bi horney housewifes reach of the moralist, and the result to be obtained is well worthy of his attention and of that of the lawgiver. The perpetual shiftings of the people at the extremities of the republic, will not, it is probable, for years to come, allow any thing like regularity being established there.

If it be done at all, it should commence in the older and Sluts in Neshkoro nsw thickly settled states, where, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 acquired experience, social restraints are borne with less impatience, and whence, by the influence of good example, it may infuse itself farther, and ultimately be adopted every where.

Honor, therefore, be rendered to the state that thus takes the lead in the good work. The French system is believed to be as near to perfection as any extant. When filled up, or at the end of each year, one set remains there ; the other, for greater security, is lodged at the Tribunal of the Department.

The explanation and arguments adduced in support of each clause, by Mr. Rogron, are perfectly clear, and show with what care as a whole, a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 law follows the progress of man, from his cradle to maturity, and thence, downwards, to even beyond his grave. With us, the wife's maiden name disappears entirely, and is never, or seldom, seen in public deeds ; in France, on the con- trary, not only that, but even her subsequent name or names, if she has been widowed more than once, are handed down, together with that of her hus- band, and by this means, family identity is, beyond equivocation, perpetuated.

The record is kept by an officer or officers, Horny older Vallejo women the mayor's office, under his responsibility and direction. The registrar is in constant attendance. He per- forms the duties assigned to him by law, among which, he furnishes any party requiring it, a legalized copy of any act recorded. The recording is done gra- tis, but, for each copy, two francs are paid, — this being for the stamp and the paper used.

A condensed report is made annually by each mayor to the Prefect, the highest civil and executive authority of the department ; and these documents, together with periodical domiciliary visits, are the basis of the census of the whole population made every five years by government. From these, also, it is, that the statistical statement of the " mouvement de la population " in the " Anmiairc du IJurcau dcs Lonjjitudes," a most useful work, of which those for and accompany thisis made.

In the latter will be found a most interesting article, pu] lishcd annually by Mr. Mathieu, a man distinguished in statistical annals, and as a moralist. The parcel marked A, contains manuscript copies of record, taken at the mayoralty of the 2d arrondissement of which Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 are 12 in Parisin ordinary cases of births, marriages and deaths. Under the letter B will be found printed models of the above, such as are used throughout France ; varying with each case, together with the form of the register to be kept, as also the form used in the church registry.

But in order that nothing be wanting that may throw light upon the subject, I have also procured a highly prized work, entitled " Mairie Pratique," or Dictionary of Forms. Commencing at pagethe whole series of civil acts will be found. Upon examination it will be seen that no penalty is inflicted upon the parent for neglect or omission in registering the birth of his child, although it visits the surgeon or m.

Acting upon the ground that birth, legally proved and identified, ensures to man his property and his social rights, the French law, setting aside the usual way of enforcement by the infliction of penalty, has placed its fulfilment upon the surest of all possible human basis, — self interest. Thus, in claims by inheritance or otherwise, the evidence called for by law, is that which the birth register Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Bonita Springs Naples adduce.

Progressing in life, when he contracts marriage, man must present himself with that same proof in hand. Without the production of this, the law has interposed such great difficulties to contracting marriage, as to amount to an Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 prohibition. Parents, therefore, having at heart the Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 welfare of their offspring, cannot, without exposing themselves to great reproach, omit taking for them, their first legal step in life.

As to marrying, heedless of the mandate of the law, it is altogether out of the question, the civil act being, in France, the only deed constituting it. The alliance before the church, although sanctioned Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 morality and imperatively required by religion, is left wholly to the conscience of the individual.

In case of death, the law interposes authoritatively. In what way the incentives used here may be employed with us, is a point difficult of solution. At each cemetery, books may be kept also, and here, we may in part succeed, as all must eventually pass that gate. But as a bar to a regular system, we have still the marriage act, with us, so capri- cious in its varied shapes, so hard to be reached, and which, yet, is indispensa- ble to prove legitimate issue!

The regular establishment by law of the acte civil, making the mar- riage act one of civil legal interposition, independent of all religious interfer- ence ; Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 latter to be left entirely to the dictate of conscience, and to the no less powerful Milf dating in Oliveburg regulation of society ; or, 2d. A system of central registry, embracing births, agreeably to the French form, with a legislative enactment, that no other proof than legalized copies of record be available in Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554.

A marriage book to be kept, upon which the sur- names and family names of both parties be entered, but not until the certificate of birth as specified above, shall have been produced, the marriage record thus made, to be a requisite before the courts in all litigious cases ; and, finally, that it be made unlawful for any sexton or church authority to bury without per- mission first obtained from the mayor's office, where would, of course, be pre- viously entered, the declaration, mode and time of the decease.

By thus interweaving all these acts, and rendering the compliance of one, necessary to the other ; all the facts relative to the natural increase of the pop- ulation would be brought to a centre.

The works annexed to this letter, Midland ladies xxx webcam, I believe, sufficient to answer the queries contained in the letter of Mr. Annuaire du Bureau des Longitudes, pourIt is fully as necessary for the preservation of the rights of individuals to preserve a register of Births, Marriages and Deaths, as it is to preserve a Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 of DeedsP Report to Parliament in This would give a page of 11 by 13 inches, which would be of convenient size for the blanks.

They should contain a title page, the laws, forms of returns, and other general printed regulations and instructions, all of which should be printed to be bound up at the beginning of all the registers of births, marriages, or deaths. Each register of the different kinds should Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 made of blanks, printed and cross-ruled according to the form here prepared, and should contain on the first page the instructions to the registrar or clerk.

Separate registers for the births, marriages and deaths, may be made for large towns, or they may be all bound together. The population of Massachusetts is about , and of these it may be estimated that 1 in 30, or about Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554, births, 1 inor 6, marriages, and 1 in 60, or 12, deaths, take place in the whole State every year. This of course is a mere estimate, and may be erroneous, though it is supposed to be not far from the truth.

This would require 43, entries to be made every year in the State. If each sheet should contain 50 entries, it would require sheets, or less than two reams of paper, which mio-ht cost Si2 to Sl5.

Directions to the Registrar, or Clerk. In the parenthesis at the top of the page insert the page of the Register. Fill up the running line near the top by inserting the name of the town, county and State, and the dates when the first and last entries of the page were made ; and the signature of the registrar, or clerk, who makes the entries.

He may also insert the hour of the day when informed of it. Under " Sex and Condition,'''' insert hoy or girl, and twins, as the case may be ; and also in addition, colored, if the child Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 not white. Under " Name and Surname of Father," insert the name or names, and surnames of the father, if known, but if the informant declines stating the name of the father, or there Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 be reason to believe that the child is illegiti- mate, the enquiry shall not be pressed, but the column be left blank.

Under " Occupation of Father," insert the profession, occupation, trade or calling of the father. Under " Name and Maiden Name of Wife seeking sex Eupora insert the name and sur- name of the mother before marriage, and if previously married, the name and surname of her first husband.

Under " Informant," insert the name and surname of the person who makes the return, and also whether he be a medical professional man or other- wise. Under " Date of Sex swingers in baggs wyoming insert the day of the month and year when recorded.

If all the particulars under each of these heads cannot be obtained, such as can be known should be inserted. EUzaheth Vincent, formerly Marshall.

Mary Johnson, formerly Otis. Mary Johnson, the mother. Maria Loomis, tlie mother. Jinn Thayer, formerly Broum. Jane Loring, formerly Goodwin. Ipsmeh Eveline Thomas, formerly Smith. Jam Brigham, Naughty ladies want real sex Hawthorne jVelson.

Dote of birth, S. Name and surname of father. Name of maiden name of mother, B. It should contain the followinjr particulars: The surnames of the parents arranged alphabetically, inserting the name of the fatlrer, ex- cept where the child appears not to have been born in wedlock, Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 tlien always tlie name of tliu mother. The name, if any, or, if tliere be no name given, the sex of the child ; or leave it blank for the insertion of the name when obtained.

The page of Registry Book where the full particulars mny be found. Fill up the running line near the top by inserting the name of Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 town, county and State, and the dates when the first and last entries of the page were made ; and the signature of the registrar, or clerk, by whom made.

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In those States where the laws provide for granting licences of marriage, instead of " Intentions of Marriage entered," insert " Licenses of Marriage granted. Under Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 Age of Each,'''' insert in figures the number of years old of both parties on the preceding birth-day.

Under " Condition,''' insert the word bachelor, or maid, widower, or widow, as the case may be, and also colored, if not white. If the female be a widow insert in addition the name and surname of the last deceased husband.

Under " Date of Hegistradon," insert the name and day of the month and the year when the entry was made. It is important that all the foregoing particulars should be ascertained and inserted in Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 respective columns.

Some difficulties may occur in re- gard to those required in the 11th, l'2th and 13th sections of these directions, relating to the name and description of fathers, which in some cases cannot Love in broad hinton always known.

It is therefore proper, in the course of enquiries, to guard against offending the feelings of such persons ; and it is recommended in res- pect to the particulars here proposed to be inserted, that the parties be merely asked whether they can furnish the means of filling them, and if they answer in the negative, the enquiry should not be pressed, nor the reason asked.

Nor is it proper to insert any words of explanation of the omission, such as not known, or information refused, but the column should be left blank.

If a marriage take place in a different town from that where the inten- tions were entered, or where the license was granted, it is important that such marriage be recorded where such intentions were first made, and where one of the parties lived, and not where the marriage Ladies wants sex MA Nantucket 2554 place.

It may, however, be recorded in a different towai if the parties request it, and where neither of the parties lived, but in all cases the place of entering the intentions Ottosen IA wife swapping mar- riage should be particularly mentioned in the record and in the certificate of marriage. Trands Addingto; John li'ortliing, deceased.