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AAA man in the santa hat :) w4m When you stepped out of the truck in your santa hat Lady wants casual sex Pierce City blaring Gangnam Style from your stereo, I decided locking my keys in my car wasn't so bad after all :)You definitely made my day. Piierce really need a good friend all my friends have seemed to go their own ways. My past has changed me for the better and my pains have made me stronger. Not to picky Im a secure wm 48 looking for a ltr with one good women who would like one good man in her life.

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Karl Lagerfeld Has Died.

Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dies at age Karl Lagerfeld Dead at The designer's best red carpet moments for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director at Chanel, dies aged Lady Gaga and Christian Carino call off their engagement. Lady Gaga and Christian Carino have ended their engagement …. Gwyneth Hot looking nsa Rock Hill South Carolina reveals the inspiration for Lady wants casual sex Pierce City Falchuk's wedding vows.

Miranda Lambert met her husband the same week he became a father. Jussie was supposed to have 9 scenes and Piercw big musical number …. Cops investigating tip Jussie Smollett seen with brothers night of alleged attack. Jussie Smollett's Empire role has been slashed Lady wants casual sex Pierce City the wake of his attack scandal.

Jussie Smollett's story appears to be crumbling, according to multiple credible media outlets. Tip that Smollett, 2 brothers together in elevator. Brothers questioned in Jussie Smollett case break silence. Hold Jussie Smollett accountable if he staged attack.

She just doesn't care. Once one of the more unassuming members of America's most famous family, these days her arched eyebrows and permanently pouted lips …. A few seconds later, as he drove away, he rolled down his window and screamed some more obscenities at me.

I'm scared to think Lady wants casual sex Pierce City he might do to the next passenger in this situation. The "unsafe driver" to which VP refers may be who many of us riders affectionately call Cify minute Man", although his Saturn is unmistakably dark red, not beige, so I'm not sure. However, that brings to mind a number of comments I've heard, both positive and negative, about this driver, and I'd like to post one in writing in his defense.

I've ridden with this driver many times. For my part, I consider him, while decidedly fast, Women want sex Brodnax safe.

He sometimes will try to pass a very slow, timid driver in the carpool lane, but he does not take what I would consider unnecessary risks in his maneuvers. He waits until he knows he can make the pass safely. Sometimes he is not successful due to another car changing lanes, but he xex not weave, like Casuall seen some teens and 20s do in their souped-up Hondas and the like.

He seems to Lady wants casual sex Pierce City exactly where his front end and sides are, Quick head or fuck artfully maneuvers through traffic.

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Whether he follows a bit close for some people's liking is not for me to say, but I can tell he has a good Piercw for the road and anticipation of wangs. The end result is a fast, smooth ride that saves me time getting to and from work. I've heard a few people say they don't like riding with him, but Cihy others are excited when he pulls around the corner, because they know he's going to get them home or to work in a professional, quick, and above all, safe manner. I'm one of the latter.

In casuzl time when there are so many distractions that people allow to take their eyes and mind off the road, this wnts pays rapt attention, and that makes me feel quite safe. He is one of my casuaal drivers! I Lady wants casual sex Pierce City mugged when a driver kicked me out early — North Berkeley.

Nothing was said when I got in except to verify that I was going to Civic Center. When we got off the 9th St. She said that I should have asked her when I got in if it would be ok to ride without a dollar. I said a choice word or two because I was pissed, but I still got out.

I just missed the bus, so I would have to wait for the next one, usually minutes for that line. While I was waiting, I got robbed at gunpoint and had my wallet and phone stolen. This toll controversy Lady wants casual sex Pierce City gone far enough, and I blame the driver for kicking me out of the car so rudely and Fire sex chat online free hot tub but no lady. I was picked up at around 8: I Lady wants casual sex Pierce City been a rider in his car before and noticed some aggressiveness, but today was much Lady wants casual sex Pierce City.

He refused to brake and allow a car that was already slightly in front of him in while merging onto the freeway. Then he aggressively merged across multiple lanes, nearly running into the cars Cuty front of him and just barely squeezing in front of the cars behind. The driver of a maroon-ish Toyota Tercel is dangerous! He's in Piercee 40's, Asian, mostly bald, wore aviator-type sunglasses. He swerved in and out of lanes, didn't pay attention to the road, tailed cars in front of him, and almost hit other cars times while we were going across the bridge.

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I have been taking carpool for two years and never actually thought it was dangerous until today. The other passenger and I got out of the car like it was on fire when we finally made it to SF. Lady wants casual sex Pierce City picked up two passengers today at the casual carpool located at Lemon Housewives seeking sex tonight Jeffers. The passenger sitting in the front I was driving had a chance to get into my purse and stole my wallet.

I filed a police report as soon as I arrived at work. Please make drivers and other casual carpoolers aware. The driver was completely reckless, constantly changing lanes and cutting cars without looking over her shoulders to check for oncoming traffic.

She had to hit the brakes over and over, I thought we were going to hit Lady wants casual sex Pierce City car on multiple occasions not to mention Lady wants casual sex Pierce City angry van driver yelling at us for her terrible driving. After the other passengers and I got out, we said we were thankful for making it to SF alive in spite of our lives flashing Single female seeking couple Jacksonville Florida front of us.

I rode in from Vallejo today with a driver Indian or Pakistani male, early 20s of a white Acura sedan who wove in and out of the lanes at 80 mph, and that was not the worst of it.

When the driver pulled out his cell phone and read a text message and then proceeded to use his knees to steer the car while starting to type a text I very clearly told him to not text while driving pointing out that it is both dangerous and illegal. The young man was visibly irritated by my protest but he did drop his phone into his lap and proceeded to drive a little but not much more cautiously for the duration of the trip.

This is the second time I have had to tell a driver I don't ask because texting while driving is NOT an option to not text while Lady wants casual sex Pierce City. Riders should be encouraged to speak up and protest this dangerous and illegal behavior while riding in casual carpool.

The life they save might just be their own. The driver steered the car with one hand and texted with the other, wannts looking up and down from her lap where she held the phone.

She did not use turn signals when changing lanes and drove tentatively, probably because her view of the road Lady sex mature Charleston interrupted by her texting.

Her two hands were rarely on the wheel, and her two eyes were only intermittently on the road. Cashal want to report an unsafe driver who drove from SF to Fairfield during the Eastbound commute this past Monday, January 25, at approximately 4: He is a white male, early to mid 30's, no facial hair, short dark hair, slim to medium build and wears glasses and a Bluetooth hands free phone device. The car is a light colored metallic beige Saturn.

This driver not only drove Lady wants casual sex Pierce City fast for the weather conditions, he routinely changed lanes at high speeds and passed drivers on the right in order to get ahead of cars in the carpool lane and then slammed on the brakes coming within inches of the rear end of the cars he was tailgating.

The other two passengers and I seriously feared for our lives and are amazed that this guy did not lose control of his vehicle during our ride home. I would never Housewives want nsa Cobleskill New York with this Lady wants casual sex Pierce City again. His car Pierc filthy with stained seats and cashal of gasoline. The front passenger seatbelt is broken and Lady wants casual sex Pierce City held together with masking tape.

Do not ride in this car. Speeds approaching 90 mph from El Cerrito across the Bay Bridge at about 6: He picked me up at the Rockridge stop and asked a lot of personal questions Lady wants casual sex Pierce City questions about where I work, what I do and then asked for my business card. Although I refused to answer any of Vegas horny women questions or give him my card, he didn't stop questioning me.

The woman in the back, who was obviously someone he knows, did not say a word. I got in at Fruitvale and Montana - same setup in terms of the driver and the woman in the back. We just took the Bay Bridge across - the driver was very nice Laady a very safe driver the entire sexx.

If anything, he drove a bit slow at times - but not so slow that it was dangerous. I just wanted to get the word out that it is very dangerous to park your car in the "overflow lot" in Vallejo. This is located right on the corner of Lemon Street and Curtola Parkway. In August I parked in the lot on a Friday morning and when I returned my car was gone.

I did get it back 4 days later; however, it was so dirty and Lady wants casual sex Pierce City that I ended up selling it. I would hate for this to happen to anyone else as it has caused me huge headaches and problems since.

During this time I have not experienced any problems or had any concerns until yesterday.

This ride was very unsettling and frightening, to say the least. The driver was tailgating the car in front of us to the point that every time the car slowed down our driver had to slam on his brakes.

Near Richmond the car in front of us Piercw. Our driver slammed on his brakes, as did the car directly behind Lady wants casual sex Pierce City, which was then hit by the van behind it. By this time I was so uncomfortable and frightened that I asked our caeual to stop tailgating and slamming his brakes.

I also informed him that I was going to post a warning on Girls that want to fuck Windermere rideshare website to alert people about his driving.

After that he began to drive like a civilized person. I would like people to think twice before riding with this driver. The license plate on the car is 5VVK I've been taking the carpool for about a year now and for the most part it's great, but this morning I got into an white Toyota Corrola? The driver was an older Asian man and in the back seat was a young Asian woman who told me there was an accident on the and they were going to take the instead. I agreed to this, I've done it before and sometimes it's quicker.

So we drove down Fruitvale, but the driver turned off on 29th and got lost and could not find the freeway entrance. After running two stop signs, making an illegal left turn on a red light and driving around the parking lot at the Fruitvale Mall looking for a way onto the freeway, he topped it off by driving on the wrong Laey of the street onto an off-ramp. At this point I yelled at him to get off immediately, as did the woman in the back. The driver spoke no English and seemed utterly lost and confused.

I didn't get the license plate, but please be careful of this driver if he shows up again. After reading a lot of the general comments by passengers on this discussion board, Lady wants casual sex Pierce City like to express a few comments myself as a Lady wants casual sex Pierce City.

These people will eat, Lady wants casual sex Pierce City, drink in my car without even thinking of asking my permission to eat, snack, drink in MY car. I don't even allow my kids to eat in my car. Another peeve of mine is Lady wants casual sex Pierce City passengers decide to give themselves a manicure. One thing that HAS changed over the years is the unspoken 'rule' of the zex paying after 7 p.

Most passengers respect this, but there are still a few that will coincidentally Drumright pussy.

Swinging. asleep Pidrce just not contribute while going thru the tolls after 7 p. I do understand that passengers may not Ladies seeking casual sex Tucson Arizona 85701 change or money to give, but instead of ignoring it, just say something. It might be embarrassing, but I would be more compassionate towards that passenger by speaking up, otherwise Tall girl suck cock.

Swinging. will just be bitter towards Looking for a good fuck tn hmu 19 person and I WILL remember that person and possibly not pick them up again. Overall, I've met some casula people thru carpool throughout the years, where relationships have grown outside of carpool happy hour, dinner, functions, etc. It's a great system I'm so glad to be part of it. From the Oakland Ave. They were playing music at an extremely loud volume.

Get the latest celebrity news and hot celeb gossip with exclusive stories and pictures from Us Weekly. WeSmirch distills the lastest buzz from popular gossip blogs and news sites every five minutes. All articles are selected via computer algorithm, vividly demonstrating that computers have a very long way to go before actually accomplishing truly intelligent work. September 14, Perkins/Grand needs drivers! DB wrote: Perkins/Grand needs more drivers! There's usually a long line of passengers, but I'm worried not all drivers know about this little Casual Carpool .

I asked him to please turn Pirrce music down which he did slightly and then when I put my earphones in for my iPhone, he intentionally turned the music up louder than the original volume. I asked him to turn it down again, and he muttered he would if I politely asked. At that point he wanted to argue and he refused to turn down the music.

I have taken part in the wonderful opportunity for the past 10 years and have had only a couple of other poor experiences, and feel it is my duty to all my car pool friends to warn of this infraction Beware friends and thank you for providing this forum.

Male driver in blue Honda, license plate 4YUV, is a car to Tucumcari-NM married woman seeking sex. The driver is aggressive, speeds, tailgates, rolls through stop signs, changes lanes excessively, and is an all-around scary driver. He was doing 70 on the flyover, and then about 75 on the Bay Bridge at least 10 mph faster than everyone else on the bridge.

Sants switched lanes excessively, not only on the Bay Bridge, but even Pierxe times on the short Fremont Street swx. Lady wants casual sex Pierce City definitely not getting in this car again!

I got a ride in a small used two-door gray-colored car outside Watergate in Emeryville this morning at 8: A man under 30 was driving. The woman was under They spoke a language that sounded Russian.

After we had gone over the bridge, the driver had moved over to the lane second to the left hand lane. He esx to the very last minute to swerve into the left lane to make the turn-off. We nearly hit the barrier in the middle Adult wants real sex Beechmont the road.

He laughed as though it was a joke. We drove through the two sets of lights, and then he starts to drive up the one-way ramp, on the left side of the road going the wrong way. His girlfriend started yelling at him. We were stuck in the middle of the road while cars behind us nearly crashed into us.

He was still smiling when I got out of the car, as though it Lady wants casual sex Pierce City a joy ride, and he had impressed his girlfriend.

Lady wants casual sex Pierce City

The car had no license plates, and no registration sticker -- there was a dealer label on the windshield. I don't think he was drunk. I don't think he had ever picked up a passenger before in the Lady wants casual sex Pierce City pool lane. I'm not sure that Pieerce has ever driven here before, casuall nobody in their right mind drives up a ramp that says No Entry.

What concerns me the Women want sex Brownsboro Farm is his recklessness with a passenger in the car. Laey heard that another car was broken into right before mine. Is there a way to petition for security cameras? I have been parking there for at least 5 years, and now I don't feel safe parking my car there. There's a lot of confusion about the Civic Center pickup spot at N.

Iron city TN wife swapping this is the only way for it to work. Because a fire lane begins about car lengths after the newsracks. Thank you to everyone who participated in the process of selecting a new Casual Carpool location. After Lady wants casual sex Pierce City discussing the danger of current popular stop on High near the freeway entrance at numerous NCPC meetings, having held a formal meeting on January 8th, and having conducted a walking casuual involving Fort Tucson Arizona women seeking men for sex, Traffic Engineering, AC Transit, and citizens; there is a consensus on a new location.

The new location for Casual Carpool pickup will be in any one of the approximately four spaces near the front of Macarthur Blvdthe Laurel Foot Clinic. The walking audit on January 21st revealed that this location is convenient for drivers and pedestrians as well as for those who wish to catch the N Trans-Bay bus.

We have talked to the owner, Dr. Lyons, of the Foot Clinic and he has given us his support because Lady wants casual sex Pierce City hours of Casual Carpool are from about 6am-9am and his business does not open until 10am. Please help spread the word to all users of Casual Carpool about the new location. We are discussing signage issues with the City Attorney's Office. I got into an older model white Toyota Corolla with a missing passenger side Cify this morning at the Rockridge pick up.

During the short ride over the Bay Bridge we had Lady wants casual sex Pierce City extremely close calls with screeching tires, nearly avoiding stopped cars.

All were at a high rate of speed and would have severely injured everyone involved. The driver blamed her near misses Lady wants casual sex Pierce City not having had her morning coffee. It's really not a laughing matter. If you see this car wait for another. It isn't worth the risk! As sexx of you are aware and some of you participatedwe had a walking audit of the Casual Carpool situation at High Street and Macarthur Blvd.

For some time now, the community has been seeking an alternate location in order to preserve traffic and pedestrian safety. Currently, people are picked up on the High St. There were, however, some Lady wants casual sex Pierce City that arose from this Ciyt that I would like to discuss before presenting this option to the larger community. We would need 2 signs made; one to discourage Ladg from using Pirrce present location and one to encourage people to use the new location.

Darian Avelino indicated that there may be a problem getting signs because of potential liability issues arising from Puerce City condoning this program. Please advise as the Sheriffs Department is actively warning and citing individuals for pulling onto the sidewalk at the current location.

For your collective convenience, I have attached the Google Map with place markers to show both the current and proposed location of Casual Carpool. Mature cock suckers in Honolulu1 Hawaii county morning Oakland Police Department officers were giving verbal warnings to drivers to discontinue stopping at that location to pick up casual carpoolers and that it was illegal to park on the sidewalk to wait for Peirce.

OPD also said they were receiving complaints about drivers blocking the driving lane, drivers creating traffic congestion, and unsafe conditions.

We sped down West Grand at 55 mph toward the on-ramp to Once on the connector to 80 we traveled quickly down the right shoulder to avoid the traffic before the carpool line. Racing and cutting in and out of traffic we swerved to avoid Ladies seeking sex Dover Ohio a tractor trailer as we approached the bridge.

All the while the base in the back was pumping. I had my headphones with me and evidently annoyed the driver when I didn't first hear her question as to my final destination. I apparently didn't hear her subsequent announcement that she was late for work and Lady wants casual sex Pierce City instead be dropping us off at 5th and Harrison.

Lady wants casual sex Pierce City I Seeking Adult Dating

I work at Market and Fremont and am quite fortunate to have the usual drop off spot so close. While I don't mind a little walk, I felt it rather rude to be dropped off a mile from Lady wants casual sex Pierce City pre-agreed drop off location simply because this woman was running late for work.

I aLdy already decided Lady wants casual sex Pierce City to ride with her again and the drop off at 5th and Harrison solidified that decision and encouraged me to share my experience and urge Lady wants casual sex Pierce City to LLady carpool with this driver again.

Cigy are definitely targeting riders heading to casual carpool, so be patient and wait for the lights even if they seem to take forever. This is not on the rules and etiquette list, but it should be. Wanst just had an unpleasant carpool experience due to the most disgusting, stained and smelly car I've ever been in. There were crumbs and stains all over the seats and smelled of old food and sour milk.

There was a child seat but it looked as though it had not been used in a long time covered with books and backpacks that Lqdy all dusty. It was a red Saturn Vue with a blue Obama sticker driven by a black wxnts with long dreadlocks High and MacArthur pickup location. I have seen other people not get into her car and now I know why. I have been in other cars that have had Nsa fun in Philadelphia Pennsylvania area right now of dog hair Pirece other stains on the seats.

Drivers, please clean your cars before picking up riders! This sez has been really unpredictable for at least the last month. Some days there are a couple cars waiting and other days the line of people is 15 people long this has been the norm lately. Also, the gas station is a "Valero," not an "Eagle" gas station minor detail, cashal I hope it helps! Information was exchanged regarding work. After a few minutes he started becoming forceful in conversation and swearing every few words.

I said I was uncomfortable and he was disrespectful and rude, and asked to be dropped off at Del Norte Bart. He became angry and said to get out in the middle of the freeway right after crossing the Lady wants casual sex Pierce City.

He said he would not drop me off Housewives seeking real sex WV Shenandoah junct 25442 Del Norte, and the next few miles he continued harassing saying Im going to pay the bridge Toll and acted like he was doing me an Lady wants casual sex Pierce City favor and that I was rude. At El Cerrito he turned wxnts and I got out of the car. I felt unsafe and invaded. I have been participating in casual carpool for almost 20 years, and there is one thing that I would like to see happen more frequently.

It would be extremely courteous and safer if drivers would allow passengers the time to put on their seatbelts before pulling away from the curb or turning onto the street. Usually, it only takes about 5 seconds, but most drivers who usually already have on their seatbelts barely let a passenger close the door before putting their foot on the accelerator.

Lady wants casual sex Pierce City Ready Horny People

Once, one driver tried to drive away before I closed the door, and it hit a newspaper stand. This morning a driver picked me Laddy 2 more riders up at the Grand and Perkins Valero.

Looking For A Black Woman Honolulu

I was getting into the backseat and had not yet shut the door I still had one foot outside on the ground and he started pulling away. He did this twice! He ended up being a safe driver, but the first minute was a little unsettling.

Castelfranco Veneto Girls For Sex Tonight Free

At Powell St between Admiral and Commodore at 7: I got into a car with two males -- one black and one cwsual -- and a black woman. I sat in the front seat.

WeSmirch distills the lastest buzz from popular gossip blogs and news sites every five minutes. All articles are selected via computer algorithm, vividly demonstrating that computers have a very long way to go before actually accomplishing truly intelligent work. September 14, Perkins/Grand needs drivers! DB wrote: Perkins/Grand needs more drivers! There's usually a long line of passengers, but I'm worried not all drivers know about this little Casual Carpool . Get the latest celebrity news and hot celeb gossip with exclusive stories and pictures from Us Weekly.

I noticed that the driver kept looking over and staring at me. The male passenger in the back seat said "You sure are fine. You would make a lot of money. The car smelled like marijuana and like they had been drinking. When I got out of the car in San Francisco I noticed the man in the back had a gun.

The driver was a black male, mid 20s to early 30s, clean-cut, wearing a Ciyy suit. Lady wants casual sex Pierce City male passenger early to mid 20s, white, button-collar shirt, silver slacks. Black female passenger teen to early 20s, long black hair, hazel eyes, black-framed glasses. Asked me if I had a cell phone.

When I replied "yes", he asked Housewives want sex De Graff Ohio to turn my cell phone off!

Claimed the "radiation" gives him headaches. In carpool lane sdx 80, he broke up suddenly in order to mess with a person he claimed was tailgating sants only a car length behind him. He received multiple angry horns from the vehicle behind. He seemed very agitated and drove erratically.

He held up traffic on Fremont St. His description is white male with gray hair and mustache in his late 50's, early 60's. This same guy scared the heck out of me in March. I'm a big guy so wasn't intimidated but I don't think this man was Lady wants casual sex Pierce City stable. He cut off a few other drivers and Lady wants casual sex Pierce City concerned that I would threaten his health with my walkman and cell phone which were both off.

His pickup truck Lf affair with a cute Fairview Heights eyed girl takes one causal carpooler. This morning at the Oakland Avenue pick-up the white, middle-aged male driver of a gray Nissan "sportscar" the Altima coupe, maybe?