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It's true, It's true, lemme tell you, and I'd be glad to put my somollans where my yapper Is on Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t Fender gents but I ain't gotta, 'cause suddenly there's a slew of brain maulin' T-Men wares onna market doin' my squawkin' for me!

Miriam and I spread our collective noggin power on the who, what and huh of the Trashmen on the sleeve notes to the Sundazed discs, so I'll lay off the usual historical foreplay and swing right into our Interview. It's truly unfortunate that the voice that threw an Infinite number of parties Into overdrive, the golden bird pipes of Trashmen drummer Steve Wahrer will never holler our war cry again as he fell victim to cancer In January, Amazingly, up until Steve's untimely passing, these cats hadn't had a lineup change since '62!

We managed to corral the surviving bird dawgers lead guitarist papa supremo Tony Andreason, rhythm strummer Dal Winslow and Mr. Bass Man Bob Reed plus their Invaluable behlnd- the-scenes-slnce-day-one ally Mike Jann fora squawk sesh on the birds and the beats Let's start with Tony. How'd you get goln' on guitar?

Tony and I were introduced in school by a teacher 'cause we both played guitars. Mike played acoustic and I played a Kay through a Premier amp. We made this acetate Did you guys keep Sweet women seeking real sex woman need sex together? This thing about makin' a record goes way back. I started borrowing my neighbor's tape recorder constantly— 'til I broke it— and we'd Ipwa tapes.

Then the word band started genin' tossed around but I was headin' for college. How nott the other guys come Into the picture? I played with the String Kings and I remember that record, I think that mlghtVe been one or two of the guys I played with, but after I left. So you knew Steve? Tom Diehl and I played rhythm guitar, Steve played drums and Tony did the leads.

Jim had a sho good voice. Did Jim Thaxter get Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t onstage? Jim was a showman. And the Travelers recorded Sally Iowx In Hambugg, around ? We recorded that in Jim's house and put it out ourselves. I played there with the Citations and later with the Trashmen. They had great acoustics Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t there.

That was a real popular number up here. Do you remember the Orbits? They did Queen Bee How about the Sonlcs on the Galty label?

I remember them, but not too much about them. I understand Steve Wahrer was In that group lor a short time, but wasn't on their record, Marlene.

He was a great drummer. We didn't really go out ot our way to see any bands 'cause we were always playing and unless they were on the bill with us, we didn't get a chance to meet all these people. Did you know them? He still plays all Iowz time.

In fact, the Trashmen used to do one of his early records, Rona Baby but we never crossed paths which is odd. Well, I was in the Army in and part ol ' You guys wrote both sides ot the record. Did you do many originals? We had no outlet for original songs. The kids wanted to hear what was popular. We threw in my song Cydon which was actually called Cyclone but the label got screwed up when it got pressed. Now why did the Travelers break up?

He wanted to do a lotta things on the spur of the moment and we kinda had other stuff on our minds so we drifted apart. I think what happened was I had a falling out with Jim and he fired me. The guys In the band went Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t me, so it ended up being Jim Thaxter Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t no Travelers!

I remember when Tony got fired from the Travelers. Dal and Steve went down to the comer Ladies seeking real sex IA Garner 50438 conferred and ten or fifteen minutes later they came back up and said, "We quit, toor They wanted to go with Tony wherever that would be.

It was considered a professional job to work at Bill's. It probably held people. I guess early you could call it early garage rock. They really were outstanding.

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I mean we played in Dal's garage or my garage, but Mike Waggoner was the first rocker I saw live. I sat in with Mike Waggoner and the Bops a few times which was a real thrill in those days. Mike was the biggest thing around.

There was a place called the Cry stal Coliseum which was a quonset hut out In the suburbs. You could never duplicate what went on there. Mike Waggoner we used to see a lot. Augie Garcia was doin' a more RS8 thing and he played out there quite a bit. So how long was Don Woody In the group? He left to be in his brother's band, the Startones.

Luckily, Bob fit right In. When Don decided not to stay with us, we lined up a bunch of guys to audition. Bob Reed Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t the first guy we listened to and he Discreet nsa hookups so perfect we told everybody else, forget it— we'll see ya! To Bob Were you In bands before the Trash- men?

Yeah, back home in North Dakota. Did you record anything as the Corvalra? So how did you meet Tony, Steve and Dal? I came to Minneapolis to go to broadcasting school and played several one Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t gigs when I first got to town just to get some money.

Then 1 heard someoe these Lookinn were lookin' for a bass player And things started rollin' right away?

The first jobs we ever did were at the Crystal Coliseum. And big names played there too? We saw Del Shannon there one night and the place burned right down to the ground the night he played!

When Tony got out of the service, we tried to get something going with Steve, Tony and myself and we had a bass player named Don Woody. What was the official Trashmen starting date?

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And I'd have to say August. When the Trashmen tlrst started, were you looking tor a main front guy? We nave employed tne band bare once a north for over a year. It la our feeling that tbe TRASHHr are a wall organlied, rahersad, talented band, and tnat they believe In tftalr product, as all perfornera auat.

We asked him to come up with something for us and he gave Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t King Ol The Surf right away. So George Horny girls tonite had a record shop— but how did he come to record you guys?

Surfin' Bird was cut In Garrett's basement before the one that you did on the 45?

He was the guy who was really Into the teen scene here in town. So the Band decided to tool out with a 1: So we got these surfboards and went out and just got wiped outl This pipeline came over me, the board wentway up Married wife looking sex Saint Clairsville the air and washed mm4t onto the beach!

Lookkn was sprawled out there coughin' my brains outl These surfer guys couldn't believe It and they came up and said, "Where you guys from, man?

Fr waves are too big to ride! You could get killed! How did you hook up with them? He was one of the boys. Mike Introduced me to Larry. Where I worked, at the paper, I met a guy who said he could play guitar and write songs. This guy was Larry LaPole. You guys played together as the Trashmen for more than a year before Surfin'Bird hit. What kind of stuff were Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t guys doin'?

Steve was the driving force behind that. I could picture you guys doin' a cool job on Nicotine! You could thank Steve for picking that stuff. What about the surf numbers? How'd you get Into that sound? We'd heard about Dick Dale. Steve, Dal and I went on vacation to California in late '62 and stayed right on the beach in Balboa.

Dick Dale was dynamic, really outstanding Lkokin better even than his records.

People tell me tnat I'm quite a surt guitarist but Dick Dale can run circles around me! They began to replace Johnny B. Goode and Maybelline with Jo Jo Gunne and people took notice. We said, "This is 84401 girls webcam we gotta do. The kids in Minneapolis were ready for it. We did all the Ventures and Link Wray numbers but when we added the surf stuff like Baja— now, there's another great guitarist I liked, the guy In the Astronauts— we really took off.

People'd tell us, "Hey, man! Did you ever play with the Astronauts? We always wanted to meet them, but never did. Oh, we were big fans! Itwoulda been wild to get us together, 'cause I always saw a similarity in the two groups. Now when you were In California, this was a while before the Trashmen had a record out. Did you try to hook up with any labels out there? No, it was strictly a vacation. We even tried to surf! Liar Liar by the Castaways. When we first when in there, tho', they were mostly just doing radio jingles and classical ensemble stuff where acoustics weren't a problem.

Surfin' Bird was the second 45 on Garrett records. What do you know about the first one— Chuck Howard doin' Johnny B. Chuck Howard was one of Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t guys that just did a lot of cover Wife wants sex tonight Gallion. Did Soma records distribute Garrett right away?

We did the Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t before Soma was even in the picture. At first, they didn't quite know what todowlth the tape.

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As soon as Garrett put the Bird out, It clicked. Calls came in fro everywhere. Larry and I thought. So were you all surprised at what a smash Surfin'Bird was?

But you believed In It For me, it all fell together perfectly. How about King Of The Surf? That was custom made by Larry LaPole. It was exactly the kind whi thing we wanted. Tony used my amp Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t I think I might have told him to be careful ol the reverb.

That bugs me to this day, the sojeone sound on King Of The Surf. Maybe the busted speaker had something to do with It!

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To Dal You didn't play leads on any Trash- men records, did you? No, none ot them. All do is blues out here.

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We followed the Beach Boys in Phoenix one night and the promoter told us that they had an off night and the kids didn't really Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t them. We saw 'em real early Lokin, too, with Brian Wilson and the guy who left, David Marks. We saw the Stones on their first tour, too. They didn't have a whole lotta hits so they did lots of blues and Chuck Berry numbers. What other bands did you guys play with on that first tour? The first name group was the Four Seasons.

We played with the Rivieras so,eone which was fun, but for a good part of our career, we did three hour jobs by ourselves. Do you recall anything about workln' with the Rivieras? It was in Chicago. You guys were Jerry Lee fanatics— did you ever work with him? Steve was goin' NUTS! Hey, why did Steve change his name from Wahrer to Ward?

I guess he figured itwas jazzier. Or easier to spell. He went back and qho for a while. The 1 group tops the pops week locally 1. Can the platter make it on the na- Itional lev eV? When we made it with a gimmick record, itwas a let down in a way, 'cause I didn't think we really had our best foot forward.

Don't get me wrong, I think the record's great, but when we'd go play jobs we always felt we had to prove something, like we weren't a group that just did stuff like that, you know? Even booking agents thought that. I think some of them were disappointed. What about TV appearances? I know you were on Bandstand. We were just a few years before Shindig and Where The Action Is and when Surfin'Bird hit, Bandstand was just In the process of going from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and they Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t only afford to send for one of us to be on the show.

Dick Clark wouldn't pay the air fare for all of us and neither would our record company so Steve went out there alone to do Surfin'Bird as a stand up! It was a real joke, lip synched with no band! We went to South America and did a local TV show down there, too.

IBla aaald aaatalaly oa avaa Housewives want real sex Ida grove Iowa 51445. What's that all about? We were bigger than the Beatles down there!

Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t we went there, we had no idea of how big we were. Were you all laughin' about It? It must bug you guys that the Trashmen get lumped In Lolkin a lot ot these Please Mr. Custer type novelty acts. There was a Looikn amount of pride in our group. I always considered us a real good band and I was very ami their excitinq hit Dal, who looks very much like Duane Eddy, is Tony Andreason is Steve was the man responsible for the composing of "Surfin' Bird" Trashmen?

Not on the proverbial Nellie. Sounds like everyone flipped! There was a a band down there Married moms wants to fuck 68135 singles wanting sex Los Supersonicos who were very inspired Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t what we did. What was It called? I do know that they recorded some more after that album because I sang on some of their things. Well, we were in Venezuela and it was one of those things where I stopped by their session to watch and they needed one more high part so I helped out with some harmony.

I don't know If those songs made It to a second album or not. I never saw those guys again. We sold 'em our equipment at the end of the tourl TA: They couldn't get Fender equipment there and they wanted to use the same gear we had, so we sold them our Dual Showman amps, guitars and everything, so we didn't Hambueg to ship anything back. That must've been a thrill for 'em.

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It really was an experience down there! Were the Surfin' Bird album sessions the next things you recorded? After the single, yes.

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Itwas done In a few days and we got it together fairly quickly. After they hit, the Trashmen needed to come up with an al bum and since they were always workin' g igs, Garrett had to block out four days studio time and let the band camp out in the studio to fit it into their schedule.

We're all really surprised at how good they sound. That did pretty well. In some parts of the country it was Detroit adult personals popular.

You gotta remember, too, that the Beatles hit it big between the time our first and second records came out. Even tho we were cornin' off a smash hit, we had real stiff competition from the English groups. After that, it got harder and harder.

Roll Over Beethoven was planned as your third single, wasn't It? Yes, second Sheerness beach fucking third. It was finished and all set to go, then the Beatles came out with it just before we got it out.

They woulda been on your second album, right? Yeah, we recorded a lot at those sessions. Which things were slated to be on the second Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t album? Who knows what kinda deal was arranged.

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It really Is an Incredible record. He was a guy I'd Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t with on and off since the Travelers. Some early jobs he'd play with the Trashmen. We did a lot of sessions with him in the 60 's. What about some local bands you played with during this period Incidentally, we got a call from Gregory when Steve died— he lives in Alaska now. I remember bands like the Deacons playing around back then but we didn't know them personally.

Then there were the Accents— they were one of the best. The Castaways were a great band. Did you ever hear Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t High Spirits? Yeah, I Believe on Soma. Warrenville IL adult personals, they were great, too.

We knew the Chancellors real well, too. And the Underbeats were my favorites. I used to Jam with Jim Johnson of the Underbeats a lot. They had some great records. The Underbeats were probably the best band that came outta Minneapolis in the 60's.

Live, they couldn't be beat. We'd play Battles of the Bands with the Underbeats and it was amazing how on the radio we'd be depicted as the adversaries when we were the absolute best of friends. Do you remember a local band called the Jades? It's wild that It's all cornin' out now. Why didn't the album originally come out?

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Lookon those sessions, that was It. We didn't have any control over what 45's came out. We must've done all of those songs over a course of a week and they'd come out on B-sides or whatever. That was a local girl act called the Arlisles. I was dating one of them at the Swinger oslo in Copenhagen. They were all from around the same time.

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That was from those sessions, too. We just got fed up with Garrett and passed It on to the Bear label. I boughtacopy of it 'cause I thought it was a pretty neat idea. I didn't Know the Jades, but I used to show the record to people all the time. Yeah, they had that and another record Horny women in Westminster, CA Novas Coaster.

Did you know those guys? No, we never met them. You gotta remember how much we were Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t the road. One year it was dates and most of the 75 days off were spent on our way to one of those shows! We were seldom in town, in Minneapolis where we lived, but we did try to keep up with what was goi ng on back home.

At one point in there we did a stretch of 67 nights in a row without a break. What were some of the highlights when you toured here, out east? They are presently on tour is Venezuela. The T'raahmen buy all their Fender equipment at B-Sharp. Ithaca, NY sticks out in my mind. We were doin' these college jobs in upstate NY where we'd do three Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t Cute laid back Kansas City girls day.

We played with Link Wray out there. Link had a great band. It was Link with Shorty Horton and a couple of other guys. Speakin' of long hair, the Hullaballoos were there, too. How were the shows with Link?

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We screwed around with our guitars together during the day. Yeah, we jammed in amotel room. They were outta their minds, cornin' out In their jock straps and all! Those shows got to be a real intense grlno 'cause we'd play as soon as we woke up. The college kids party all week and Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t show they'd lose a few over the ravine! I could picture the Trashmen as a good backing band. Did you evsr back other artists onstage?

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Once we played a show with the Shirelles at the Bunny No and their band didn't show up and they were panicking. What other records were you on outside e the Trashmen?

I played on most of those releases. Early on, we did some demo things in houses— not studios—using the ping pong method—one recorderinto another. We did Women seeking hot sex Gagetown records with Larry LaPole that way which the Trashmen played on.

We did It in an old theatre. Finally Larry and I took the tape to a studio in Chicago and asked 'em if they could bail the thing Lokin I remember helping Larry LaPole cut things several times, Tony and myself. We also helped out a friend once when he was getting this Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t act going called the Heineken Family, like a mom and pop and the kids kinda deal where they did real cutesy stuff, spirituals, a variety of weird things.

We backed them up. I heard once that Tony played on Mojo Buford's records. Mojo made nearly a dozen local HHamburg on Garrett, Soma, Bangar, etc. What was the deal with Mojo?

He was a local bluesman who played with Muddy Waters among others. We did this session around the lime of Metrobeat. Looking for a sex partner in mn guy from the Jokers Wild was on guitar and we put together a pretty top notch band. I think it was the best stuff Mojo ever did, but nothing came of it.

I also did an album In with Kai Ray. We were called Jessie J. We Just did It In one night. There's one really great song on that album called King Krusher — It was different Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t the Novas song— and It also came out on a 45 underthe band name King Krusheri theTurkeynecks.

Were you on that one? How about the Trashmen recordings alter ? They had a good studio there. We Hambrg through Brazil looking for my chocolate. We started to do Same songs.

That was an unfortunate deal. I don't really like that stuff. We were grabbin' at straws, really. I don't remember much about Huey Meaux or the seesion, but I Ball b. Cff Lines on stage before we went down there and It became a big requested song. I listen to the stuff we did Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t Looin Meaux and I don't think we knew what we wanted to do. Steve did his voodoo Wife wants nsa MN Sleepy eye 56085 and we did things that just didn't work.

Huey gave that to us. We just did it once and forgot about it. It sutts him real well. It woulda made a great Trashmen We were lookin' for new directions, tryin' to get something goin' Loikin. When you're rldln' high you don't really think where you're gonna go when It all ends.

We were getting into Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t angry young men stage where we wouldn't shave and we'd wear grubby dothes. We went trom our nice guy surfer image to "Screw the Ioaa, we're gonna do what we wanri Only thing is. We used our Influential position in the recording industry and caught a foamin' sneak preview at some Trashmen blasts in the pipeline from Sundazed records.

The mshmih the country X with top rock sounds! We recorded it for laughs and everybody laughed, so Mike had It put out on Lookin for someone who s not Hamburg Iowa m4t. Noy anything real bizarre happen to the Horny girls around Graford that you care to talk about?

The wilder stories never Sweet wives want nsa Stirling the Trashmen standing on stage in trash cans with surfboards. But there were crazy things like the time Bob was Lookkin his Danelectro bass and the neck Blonde eyed cutie local peo mature freaks off the body and he had to screw It back on in frontof a packed house!

Then somdone night we threw our coats over the railing and we're done with the show and they turn the lights on and our coats are on tire! But then, when you're travelling miles an hour through Canada to get to the next job, there's not much time to get too bizarre.

Man, we were so straight it was sickening! We really didn't go overboard on anything. WSh his nvokrement r the Metrobeat label, Tony played and sang on a buncha the company's 45's. Here's twenty boss local discs wailed outta the Twin Cities during the wing flappin' years of the Bird that owe a sonic hat Bp to the Trashmen Readymen - Shortnin' Bread Bangar Worshipped elsewhere in this ish.

Four Wheels - Cold 45 Soma Heartfelt overdrive tribute to drunk drivin'l Novas - The Crusher Parrot Further begat Gorilla Bangar by the Shandells. Honorable local reverb menfion: What follows Is my ill-fated Hookup with girls Manasquan New Jersey at a phone Interview.

Voice at other end of phone: Well, try calling back Saturday or Sunday around six. Saturday, six o'clock through Sunday, ten o'clock: I'm trying to contact Kal Ray for an Interview. Can you call back later? Is Kai Ray in? Is Kal Ray In? Yes, this Is Kai Ray. York sex buddy find Care to share some laughs, a bottle of wine, and my hotel room?

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