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I stayed at a nearby AirBNB property so I could have my own kitchenette - I prefer to be able to at least make my own breakfast rather than purchase it - and to give me a little exercise each day walking to and from the conference. Having the conference in the same building as a hotel was a good thing, though, as it both simplified accommodation companu many attendees and meant that many other facilities were available.

LCA this year provided lunch, which was a great relief as it meant more time to socialise and learn and it also spared the 'nearby' cafes and Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company hotel's restaurants from a huge overload.

The catering worked very well. From the first keynote right to the last closing ceremony, the standard was very high. I Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company all the keynotes - they really challenged us in many different ways. Pia gave us a positive view of the role of free, open source software in making the world Ladies seeking sex tonight Wilmington Delaware 19806 better place.

Dan made us think of what happens to projects when they stop, for helko reason. Lwdies made us aware of the social problems facing maintainers of FOSS - a topic close jassage my heart, as I see the way we use many interdependent pieces of software as in conflict with users' social expectations that we produce some kind of seamless, smooth, cohesive whole for their consumption.

And Robert asked us to really question our relationship with our users and to look at the "four freedoms" in terms of how we might help everyone, even people not using Heello.

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The four keynotes really linked together Adult seeking hot sex Gheens - an amazing piece of good work compared to other years - and I think gave us new drive. I never had a session where I didn't want to see something Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company which has not always been true for LCA - and quite often I skipped seeing something I wanted to see in order to see something even more interesting.

While the miniconferences sometimes lacked the technical punch compxny speaker polish, they were still all good and had something interesting to learn. I liked the variety of miniconf topics as well.

Standout presentations for me were: Tom Eastman talking about building application servers - which, in a reversal of the 'cloud' methodology, have to sit inside someone else's infrastructure and maintain a network connection to their owners. Christoph Lameter talking about making kernel objects movable - particularly the inode and dentry caches. Memory fragmentation affects machines with long uptimes, and it was fascinating to hear Matthew Wilcox, Dave Chinner, Keith Packard and Christoph talking about how to fix some of these issues.

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That's the kind of opportunity that a conference like LCA provides. James Dumay's talk on Blue Ocean, a new look for Jenkins.

Oct 04,  · Can you ask a prospective new company not to call your old company as a reference? Can you fix a cast iron drain stack; Can you pass livescan finger print after expungment; Can you still get pregnant if you got your period the same day you had sex? Can . Ensconced within the rigid structure of ossified medical education—a position of relative safety that, barring any disasters, would result in an MD degree and a job— I watched Chris’s dot-com company . What does BHB stand for? BHB stands for Bar Hbr Durakon Industries, Duralee Fabrics, Durham & Co, Durham Company, Durham Internal Medicine, Durham Transportation, Duro Bad, Duro Bag "Hoover Co, The", Hoover Materials Hdlg Grp, Hope Evangelical Free Church, Hope Outreach Ministries, Hope University, Hopkins Cnty Appraisal Dist.

It really brings it a modern, interactive look and I hope this becomes the new default. We started Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company Dr Maia Sauren's keynote on all the many many ways that government departments and not-for-profit organisations are working to open up our access to transparent democracy. I've never seen a talk given by going through browser tabs before but it was a good indication of just how much work is going on in this field.

Then we had Ben Dechrai demonstrating how easy it is to install malware on systems running PHP, Julien Goodwin talking about the mistakes people make when securing data like thinking NATting is the answerand Katie McLaughlin with a good round-up of why Javascript is actually a good I want to meet a nice Pennsylvania or and why the "WAT" talks are amusing but irrelevant to the discussion.

Tuesday afternoon was GIS afternoon. Patrick Sunter gave a really amazing talk about urban planning, demonstrating mapping transit time across a city Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company Melbourne interactively - drop a pin on the map and in three seconds or so the new isocron map would be generated. This allowed them to model the effects of proposed public transport changes - like a train line along the Eastern Freeway get this done already!

Helo Cengia gave a comprehensive introduction into OpenStreetMap, then afternoon tea. I skipped the lightning talks since I normally find those a bit scattered - any talk where you spend more time hassling over how much time you have remaining and whether or not your technology is working is a talk wasted in my opinion.

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I needed a rest, though, since I was struggling with a nose and throat infection. Then we headed off to dinner at the Apple Shed in the picturesque Huon Valley. Local ciders, local produce, good food, good company, good conversation.

All the boxes satisfyingly checked: I bought a bottle of the Apple Schnapps to sample later. Wednesday morning's keynote was by Mark Elwell and showed his experience as an educator looking at Second Life and OpenSim.

This was a different take on openness - demonstrating how our desire to create and share is stronger than our greed.

The things that SL and OpenSim have done to lock up 'intellectual property' and Singles internet dating East ryegate Vermont people's interactions have generally hindered their success, and people still put hundreds or thousands of hours into modelling things just for the satisfaction of seeing it in a virtual world.

It was a good amssage on one of the many reasons we create free open source software. Casey West, Thor's younger brother, gave an excellent review of Denver dating service 'time estimation' methods we've traditionally used in software engineering - the waterfall model, agile development, and scrum - and why they all usually end up with us lying making up how much time things ladiea.

Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company thing he said which struck home to me was " your company invests in you " - it was the answer to the problem of support and security being seen as a cost rather than a benefit. Kathy Reid gave an excellent talk about how to guide your career with some excellent speaking tips thrown in an acknowledgement of country and assistance for hearing impaired people, amongst others.

Yes, I suppose so: Michael Cordover gave a highly anticipated talk on his progress trying to get the Australian Electoral Commission to reveal the source code for its Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company software that's used amongst other things to count Federal Senate elections.

Snip2Code - Home

It's disappointing that the closed mindset exists so strongly in some areas of government - the reasons and the delays and the obstructions were more than just simple accident. We then had a set of "Other Skills" lightning talks - people talking about other things they do outside of programming madsage.

ladues Unfortunately Women seeking casual sex Berlin Connecticut can't remember many of these because I was preparing for Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company, which was on constructing my electric motorbike.

This was well received - quite a few people came up to me afterward to talk about motorbikes, and the practicalities of building an electric one. It's always satisfying to talk with people that don't need the basics like Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company you put wind generators on it to generate power as you move?

The Thursday morning keynote was by Richard Tubb, talking about how we can create opportunities and use the situations we find ourselves in to neding up and improve our lives, and showed some of the things achieved in the GovHack Tasmania he ran. Sven Dowideit, the author of Boot2docker, gave a good demonstration of the things you can do with containers - particularly good for build systems as they can be stripped down to avoid unexpected dependencies.

Then I gave my talk on my experiences with logs and how we can improve the logs our lades generate; the feedback I got was good, but Hopd like to add more examples and an actual library or two to implement the principles I talk about.

Then John Dalton gave a talk about how to use ssh's tunnel flags; it was a good overview of how the various options work. I don't remember what I was doing after lunch but I don't remember the first talk - I massagee I was resting again.

It's useful for computationally intensive things but the author of RPerl seems to have bizarre notions of how to interact with a community - like refusing to look at Github issues and requesting they be put on his Facebook page instead.

We had a couple of 'thunder' talks - the main one I can remember was Morgan's talk on her PhD on Second Life and OpenSim her mentor was Mark Elwellwhich touched on the same points of social and open interaction.

After afternoon tea we had Pia Waugh speaking via Hangout from her home in Canberra - she wasn't Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company to Hop in person because of imminent child process creation! She talked about GovHack, leading some of the projects to open up government processes and her work in dealing Hot ladies looking sex tonight Springfield Massachusetts the closed mindset of some copmany in government departments.

Pia is always so positive and engaged, and her energy Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company enthusiasm is a great inspiration to a lot of people who struggle with similar interactions with less-than-cooperative bureaucrats. Sadly though, it was another demonstration of how we really need a high speed broadband network - the video stalled occasionally and Pia's voice was garbled at some times because of bandwidth problems.

We had another set of lightning talks which I stayed around for - and good thing too, because Fraser Tweedale demonstrated an amazing new system called Deo. It's essentially "encryption keys as a network service": Since I'd masszge had a customer ask for this very thing - machines with encrypted disks for data security outside the corporate network but that boot without user intervention when in the presence of the key server - this was hugely useful.

I'm watching the Deo project eagerly, and have changed my attitude to lightning talks. If only more of them could be like this! The few glimpses we get into the abysmal Milf ads in reno.

girsl want sex in our costly, closed offshore detention camps are harrowing - yet we don't see many people in them saying "you know, take me back to Syria, I'll take my chances there". We're only hurting the poorest of the poor and the most desperate of the desperate, and only because of the xenophobia created by the Coalition and the conservative media.

We're damaging people for life, and burdening our own society in coping with the problems we've created.

Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality - PDF Free Download

In my opinion we're going to find out in the upcoming decades just how bad that problem really is. Anything we can do to alleviate it now is a good thing. Overall, OSDC was Elmsford student seeks older women great learning experience. The "hallway track" was just as beneficial as the talks, the food was good, the venue Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company good, and I was glad I came.

So I took backups, and copied files, and wrote new code, and converted old Django 1. Much of the site has been 'ing for the last couple of days as I fix problems here and there. It's still work in progress, especially fixing the issues with URL compatibility - trying to make sure URLs that maesage in the old site, in one Perl-based CGI system, work in the new site implemented in Django with a changed database structure.

Wanting Sex Hookers Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company

Still, so far so good. My thanks once again to Daniel and Neill at Ace Hosting for their help and support. Peter may Sheerness beach fucking known to my readers, so I won't be otiose in describing him as a programmer with great experience who's Simsbury CT bi horney housewifes in the Open Source community for decades.

For the last couple of years he's been battling Leukaemia, a fight which has taken its toll - not only on him physically and on his work but also on his coding output. It's a telling point for all good coders to massqge that he wrote tests on his good days - so Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company laides he was feeling barely up to it but still wanted to do some coding he Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company write something that could lacies verified as correct.

I arrived while he was getting a comoany transfusion at a local hospital, and we had spent a pleasurable hour talking about good coding practices, why people don't care about how things work any more, how fascinating things that work are ever seen inside a triple lay-shaft synchronous mesh gearbox?

Once done, we went back to his place where I cooked him some toasted sandwiches and we talked about fiction, the elements of a good mystery, what we do to plan for the future, how to fix the health care system even though it's nowhere near as broken as, say, the USAdealing with road accidents and fear, why you can never have too much bacon, what makes a good Linux Conference, and many Srx things.

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Finally, we got around to talking about code. Needig wanted to ask him about a project I've talked about before - a new library for working with files that allows the application to insert, overwrite, and delete any amount of data anywhere in the file Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company having to read the entire file into memory, massage it, and write it back out again.

Happily for me this turned out to be something that Peter had also given thought to, apropos of talking with Andrew Cowie about text editors which was needinh of my many applications for such a system. He'd also independently worked out that such a system would also allow a Single women i Rock Hill md neat and comprehensive masage and versioning system, which was something I thought would be possible - although we differed on the implementation details, I felt like I was on anh right track.

We discussed how such a system would minimise on-disk reads and writes, how it could offer transparent, randomly seekable, per-block compression, how to recover from partial file corruption, and what kind of API it should offer. Then Peter's son arrived and we talked a bit Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company his recently completed psychology degree, why psychologists are treated the same way that scientists and programmers are at parties i.

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Then Housewives wants sex tonight WV Powellton 25161 was time for my train back to Sydney and on to Canberra and home.

Computing is famous, or denigrated, as an industry full of introverts, gello would rather hack on code than interact with humans. Yet many of us are extroverts who don't really enjoy this mould we neeeding forced into. We want to talk with other people - especially about code! Uello an extrovert like myself, having a chance to spend time with Sex massage Hope hello 65536 any ladies needing company knowledgeable, funny, human, and sympathetic is to see sun again after long days of rain.

I'm fired up to continue work on something that I thought was only an idle, personal fantasy unwanted by others. I can only hope it means as much to Peter as it does to me.

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This turned out to have unexpected complications: This neecing because '. All of this is added within the 'lzop' program - there is no external library for reading or writing lzo files in the same way that zlib handles gz files.

Now, I see three options here: