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Want to get throat fucked

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It's a long shot but i would love to go out with you. Please leave your name and number and a little description of yourself when responding. Like the title says, not interested in anything short-term. Can conceal your face too.

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When I was 16 and of legal age in the country I was inI decided I wanted to learn how to suck cock well. I chose a very handsome twenty-three year old man to be my teacher.

He did not argue. I loved the texture of his skin, the feel of his cock fuckee my mouth, the scent of him, and the taste of his cum.

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I was addicted Wxnt the start. Over the next year and a half, I worked on my skills with him instead of the high school boys.

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And he gave me valuable feedback. I learned a lot from him.

It was around the same time that I started to work on learning to deep-throat. My ability to swallow an entire bratwurst and pull it back out was a trick I was asked to demonstrate often, mostly by the high school boys.


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I could slip a cock down my throat if I was in a comfortable position, but only for a few seconds at a time. It did not feel comfortable to Want to get throat fucked, and I did not do it too often. I had enough talents to keep most men throaf enough without it, and none complained. Most men are so easily pleased.

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Then I met Sir. Our first sexual contact was him shoving his cock down my throat a few minutes after we had met. He does enjoy me worshiping his cock with my lips, tongue, and Sex dating in Poseyville, but only to a point.

When he wants more, he takes it. I soon became used to him grabbing my head and fucking my throat. Want to get throat fucked

I did not gag too much and rarely had to pull away, but I did not enjoy it physically. My subby side thoroughly enjoyed being totally used, but Want to get throat fucked is still a long way from tp.

During the same time, in other forms of play, he introduced me to breath-play. I think perhaps it was just to shut me up.

I do get loud. The first time he slipped his hand over my mouth and pinched my nose shut, I tensed Want to get throat fucked first, but fuckes whole idea of his now complete power over me, over my very existence, overwhelmed me, and I surrendered to him.

My body went limp, and I did not struggle at all. After a few experiences with this, I noticed the same conditioned response when it was his cock, not his hand, keeping me from breathing.

Previously, although I Ladies seeking casual sex Varney been relaxing my throat, my mind and body were still prepared to endure his assault when he was fucking my face. I was submitting to him, but not surrendering. Now I had learned to relax my entire body and mind with his cock down my throat, and it became so much easier.

The urge to gag or pull back lessened greatly. I started to notice just how sensitive the nerves in my throat were, but while I was enjoying this much more on a submissive mental level, it was not orgasmic.

It was during Want to get throat fucked season the first time I Want to get throat fucked while being face fucked.

Sir has as evil chair designed to hold his Hitachi, and I was crucified on this chair cuming Want to get throat fucked hours on end during his games. During commercials he would come over and shove Married women Corsicana seeking sex on the side cock down my throat. Now I was cuming uncontrollably, and surrendering to his cock. Just the added stimulation of him fucking my throat would send me over the edge each time.

The connections were starting to be formed in my mind. Other times he would throw some pain in to the combination. The first time I remember was being chained to his bed with a huge dildo in my cunt moving with the gyrations of my hips, the Hitachi firmly pressed on my clit, and his crop on my ass.

While in the midst of all of those orgasms, he had me swallow his cock and proceeded to beat me harder. At the time, I believe that was the hardest I had ever cum in my Want to get throat fucked.

Now pain and pleasure could each help me to cum this way. Now I started to cum without the pleasure, and just with pain added in.

Well, no genital pleasure.

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I craved for him to beat me while fucking my face. The sensation in my throat began to feel amazing, and now with no stimulation Want to get throat fucked my clit, or in my pussy or ass, I noticed that it felt as if whatever he was doing to my face, he was doing to my cunt as well.

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When I came, I came all over. Finally I started to cum without the pain. Simply having a cock slide down my throat was still not enough to make me cum, but it felt awesome. Just the added sensation of Sir taking control, fucking my face, was Want to get throat fucked now to send me over the edge.

I am still not able to cum without that surrender, that being taken, but I am working on it.

Now when I get a cock in my mouth, I want it deep in my throat. I use it to do breath-play on myself, and crave the feeling of him buried balls Want to get throat fucked. I have learned to Wsnt his cock with my throat muscles, and the muscles in my cunt automatically respond.

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August 9, at Want to get throat fucked Thank you for sharing that! I hope you'll post a video of you worshipping Sir's cock and then deepthroating him cumming from it. That would be beautiful egt watch! Hi I'm sooo happy to have read your post. I've been wondering if there is anyone else like me out there!

I always liked to be spanked a little and rough sex, but with my bf we slipped into another realm. It started off with him trying to shut me up from all the shouting during sex when he would shove his cock I'm my mouth to muffle me. thrroat

It excited me so much and when he pushed further and accessed my throat the feeling of being totally dominated by his Want to get throat fucked made me cum hard.

It seems that the orgasms tie in with gagging, i start to gag and my body turns it into orgasmic convulsions. Now I actually cum more from getting throat fucked than fucked in my pussy!

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The other day he filmed us and it looks like im suffering but then i cum and cum and cum. My bf and I are a little worried about our behaviour.

We are not part of any bdsm community or into calling him sir or wearing leather, but when he tied me to the bed that also turned me on a lot. Is it ok between consenting adults or is this a disorder?

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Can getting regularly throat-fucked long term cause any physical damage? I would love to hear back from you!

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I have always loved sucking cock, but lately it has become so much more for me than simply giving a blow job. Just over the past few months I have started cuming from it.

It makes me cum, and I love it, so why Want to get throat fucked it? But I have been thinking about it a lot in the past few days.

I think I see a progression leading up to having mind-blowing orgasms with a cock shoved down my throat and no other stimulation Older womens for sex East Syracuse all.

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