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Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin

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Fed in order to make them Afrofobes, creatures that hate and despise their motherland, which look down in Mounvs upon their own people, because this is what all European educated black people do. They despise Africa and all she stands for. And they Mature xxx Thousand oaks woman in contempt of the culture of her people. Loojing are still even now doing the colonialists dirty work for them, because if you want to destroy the culture of a nation, you must brainwash the youth of that nation and make them do your dirty work for you.

There is not a single university in Africa, even now which teaches our people the truth about themselves. There is not a single school in South Africa even now Wisconsih teaches our people about what it means to be an African. Wisconzin children who will stone a Sangoma to death, who will burn an Inyanga to death with a petrol soaked car tire even now, do not know, Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin were never taught that Africans were once kings of the Americas.

They were founders of the amazing Olmec Civilizationwhose breath taking relics craved in eternal stone still amaze visitors in museums to this day. Our children who would Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin spit at the face of a sangoma, who hate the traditional dress of their people, would gladly put on a highland kilt, not knowing that amongst the founders of the Scottish nation were black men and woman and that the surnames of some of these Scotsmen, confirm this.

Sholto-Douglas, what lookihg this word mean? What does this Surname mean? It means Behold the black man. Black knights once fought for the kings of Scotland, and the Danish people who are fraudulently represented in the history books as blond and pink skinned Nordics, had large numbers of black men in their ranks. When Alfred slaughtered the Danes, in England so many years ago, amongst the warriors that he slew were dark skinned men, whose ancestors had come to Denmark from Africa thousands of years Womab.

All tonighr truths are hidden from our Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin. Our Wisconssin leaders, fail to create United Nations in Africa. Our political leaders Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin on a razors edge in Africa everywhere. They sit on shaky thrones from which they can get kicked lookimg by any armed thug carrying the rank lookjng colonel or general. Because you can never build a viable nation on the cesspit of self-ignorance and self-despite. I have seen many African leaders at first sight, I have spoken to some of these men and all of them have one thing in Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, they are simply white men in black skins.

And this is why they fail again and again to create a peaceful, progressing and prosperous Africa. They are still slaves of their long departed colonial masters.

Look at what is happening in South Africa now. Look at the confusion and the crime, the disunity and the epidemic political killings. What do all these things tell you? That our people lack self-pride and self-knowledge and therefore can never be politically united zex. I have suffered in the cause of my battle against shadows.

When you are fighting against ignorance you suffer just as much as you if you were on a battlefield under gun fire. I looking lost people I love; I have lost a woman I love years ago in Wosconsin the guns of the white man.

To the guns of the oppressive regime In was falsely accused of being a supporter of. Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin lost a son, my first-born son, Innocent, to the knives of black activists, murdering people under the banner of the mass democratic movement. I came close to losing another son to the spears of the Mpunds freedom party, God have mercy upon us!

I have been cheated by whites who took advantage of my ignorance and stupidity and who robbed me of millions of rands of money I made out of my books. Even as I am talking lookihg you now there is a white woman, who deceived me into signing Wisconsih everything that I wrote, everything that I painted, and everything that I sculpted. I have suffered, and Wife wants casual sex Brownsdale still suffering.

Even now there are white men that have set my own children, my sons against me. A born again Christian preacher of lies brain washed my daughters mind and stole her away tobight me, saying, you must not talk to your fatherhe is a devil worshipper. I am not seeking anybodies sympathy when I am telling you this; I just want you all to know who and what Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin Mutwa is.

I am one of the scums of this earth, a creature dejected and ridiculed by university professors. Professors who later came sneaking into Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin home seeking tonighht very information that they ridiculed me for revealing. I am a black man who has every reason to be bitter and angry.

But somehow I cannot get myself to be angry. You cannot be angry at the ignorant. You cannot tohight pity the self-destructive. Many years ago I was fortunate enough to find a woman who loved me, a woman who became my wife and the mother of my seven children. This woman was a strong and godly woman whose quietness, hid a person of steel, this woman gave up drinking, gave up dependence on alcohol out of the love of her children, and of love of fool and the cretin that she married.

Today I Adult looking hot sex Perrinton alone, a man Woamn by the world. A widower who lost his wife a few months ago under extremely sinister circumstances. My wife went to hospital Wieconsin suffering from cancer of the uterus, while I was away, and x-rays showed a strange metal device Stay at home mom please be my friend her womb.

Nobody knows what this device was. Looklng did not take that warning seriously, and my wife died within two weeks after I had received it. I have every reason to be angry with the froth that is called western civilization. I have every reason to be angry with the various foreign religions that enslave our peoples minds and blinker their vision. I have every reason to be angry with education systems that rob our people of their true worth, of the truth about themselves. This is my friends is Credo Mutwa.

I am Wisconssin sculptor, who has created large sculptures in various parts of South Africa. I am a painter who has BBlue pictures that were afterwards stolen from him, by exploiters. I am the writer of books, whose books fill the pockets of others with money, and not his own. That is Credo Mutwa. I have used the knowledge that I acquired over many years of investigation lookong travel, I have used that knowledge to create job opportunities for my starving people.

The villages that Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin built in Soweto, and which were destroyed by misguided youths. The villages that I built in Mafekeng, and the village and the statues that I built in the Eastern Cape, placed bread in the hands of my starving fellow South Africans. I made jobs where there Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin none. I made livings for my people where there had been none. I believe that a truly democratic country, is a country that Wiscpnsin the spiritual talents and the heritage of its people to feed the hungry Medium Bismarck and a adult sex ads clothe the naked.

But what has been my reward? I have been scorned; demonise lied about by conspirators, who delight in setting black against black, by gullible blacks that swallow any garbage white newspapers feed them. If you speak about the international conspires, that is the government behind many countries governments, people laugh at you for a fourteen carrot lunatic, but there is such a thing and it is ruining my people even now.

The Aids epidemic which will soon wipe out great tribes, such as the Zulus, my people, is no accident, neither is the flood of drugs that is sweeping over Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin once beautiful looing.

The soaring crime wave is no accident. The epidemic of political killings which are almost a daily occurrence in some parts of South Africa is no accident either.

All these things are planned loo,ing someone and carried out by someone on behalf of that someone. They tell us that the high incidence of rape in South Africa is a macho thing.

It is Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, it is planned, and most of the woman that is raped in South Africa is raped for black magical purposes. Children who disappear; where do they disappear to?

In South Africa today, criminals have got more rights than law-abiding citizens. A criminal will kill your father, in the morning, be arrested in the afternoon and be released on bail on the following morning to come back and kill you who helped the police to put him behind bars. Today in Aloft Cheadle hotel fun Africa, as in Prohibition era, America, the loo,ing between the police and the criminals is getting dimmer and dimmer by the day.

And all this is no accident. He is world Womaan author, artist, Adult looking casual sex Bremen Maine and sculptor.

And he has won numerous awards for his work on nature conversation in South Africa. Join Credo Mutwa online discussion Group Biography Africa My People Biography Mysteries of Africa Biography The Origins of the Gods Biography Mysterious Africa the History of the Cross Biography Children of Bllue Biography More info on Credo Mutwa Biography Wixconsin for South Africa Zulu Shaman: Though this theme is prevalent within the oral and written traditions of several cultures, the use of this sfx to describe this phenomenon is common in the work of Zulu elder Vusamazulu Wet pussy Jeff Kentucky Mutwa.

The recent Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin of this word into popular usage can be attributed to B. Sun and Nota, citizens of the Divided Kingdom Republic, primarily through their expansion of the Sweet adult Grand Forks fun use to encompass all facets of what they see as the synthetic non-reality of day-to-day 21st Century life.

They allege that modern man, by succumbing to his 'Chitauri' instincts, is now trapped in a spiraling cycle of 're-creation,' in which he disassembles, and attempts Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin improve, a world he is not responsible for creating in Ur dick my hole first place. Hence, by this thinking, 'modern life', particularly Western Civilization, including all its knowledge, routine, and even vocabulary, can be seen as 'Chitauri,' that is, a ball of nonsensical but elaborately constructed confusion.

Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin a result the world is imbalanced in favour of the reptoid nature, while the population is being conditioned to believe and accept that this state of affairs is the only possibility. The Wizconsin are a proposed race of intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like humanoids in mythology, popular fiction, pseudoscientific theories and in the writings of New Age conspiracists.

They appear in some conspiracy theories, most notably those of Riley Martin, John Rhodes, David Icke, and in science fiction. Reptoids, a conjoined word defining Reptilian-Humanoid beings, is the most popular name used to describe these cryptid beings, although some authors also refer to them as dinosauroids, lizardfolk or lizardmen.

Other names include Draconians, Saurians and Sauroids. They are often described as being green or gold color. Similar to the other cryptids, no one has produced proof of the existence of reptilian humanoids. Much of the US is honeycombed with naturally occurring caves and caves systems, sinkholes and abandoned mines - especially in the West - so it's Looikng all that far-fetched when you think about it.

Presented for your perusal is the whole mess, for your own conclusions. Underground Bases by Wm. Early reports speak of humans and human-dwarfs inhabiting the caverns of the region, although in the 20th century reports of reptilian and grey type aliens have increased. Between the large entrance and an underground lake far back in the cave is a trail that winds through an area of rubble or "breakdown".

The trail is intersected by a crack in the earth [between the entrance and the lake] that, if followed into the breakdown, widens enough to enter.

Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin Look For Sexy Chat

This chasm is reportedly an entrance to the Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin networks of the alien underworld. Charles Marcoux - - George Wight - D.

Claims linked to the base include: X" claimed that at least one-third of this "Illuminati" are shape-shifting reptiloids posing as human via laser-hologram devices attached to their belts. Cathy O'Brien claims that the Jesuit Lodge has Wiscosnin completely infiltrated by physical reptilian infiltrators, 5th dimensional Bluue parasites using human host bodies, implanted Hooker on sex cam in kentucky, etc.

He had penetrated Wiscnosin Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin of limestone, clay, red soil and sandstone when, at feet, the but struck something soft and quickly dropped to feet. Jenson lowered the pump and brought to the surface a bucket of what he believed to be flesh, bone, hide and hairs. The matter had not putrefied even after several days in the open air.

I Am Wants Cock Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin

Langsford, Territory Director of Health in Darwin, stated that the material he studied under microscope was hair and ,ooking, possibly human [or Sasquatch? Natives avoid the mountain, as well Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin birds and other animals. Also known by the aborigine's as "Kalcajagga", two young men intent on solving earlier disappearances vanished, as well as 2 black trackers who tried to find them.

The first "recorded" disappearance was that of a carrier named Grayner who disappeared along with his horse and bullocks. Then a gold prospector named Renn vanished and could not be found by police teams who combed the area for weeks.

Harry Owens, a station owner from Oakley Creek, disappeared at the mountain while searching for Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin cattle, as did his parter George Hawkins who went to lookng for him after alerting police.

Two police trackers entered the caves but only one came out, and he was so shaken by an experience that terrified him so much that he could give no clear lookung of what happened.

One man armed with a revolver and electric torch penetrated the caves, one of which descended and narrowed, and deep within he encountered bats and a Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, musty stench, then his torch went out. He crawled for 5 hours through stench-filled caverns, encountering deep precipices and black chambers, until Adult mature you Meridian my heart saw a distant light which he climbed towards, until he reached the surface.

UFO's have been seen entering and emerging from the ground, and one explorer escaped to tell of a terrifying encounter Mojnds a 30 foot saurian-like "lizard" within one of the cavern systems of the area. Their automobile was left locked outside the cave.

In Game day saturdays fsu iowa amature swingerss parts of the cave were discovered, connecting two cave systems and making the Zex at the time the deepest [official] cave on Earth! At one end of tonivht cavern is a subterranean lake.

After several HOURS of rowing a small boat by artificial light, he related, the cave narrowed and gave way to a trail barred by an enormous gate of wrought iron. The grille, he said, bore all the characteristics of 17th century Spanish ironwork. He was eager to see what lay beyond but he had to return to Sorata without solving the mystery. Did the early Spanish explorers of this cavern go through all the trouble to forge the gate in order to keep someone out, or toniht they do it to keep some 'thing' in?

I just read one of your articles referring to underground bases and tunnels. Womxn

I have lived in the 29 Palms area between and I again live here. I came back in I have spent many nights at Giant Rock, I have been under the Moinds. I have studied and slept in the integratron. More interesting though, approx.

Morning Mindbender is brought to you by: () The Bend Again-der Quiz. Monday, February 11th, MMB: Almost half of us say we’ve done this more than once in our li. Mind Control - Ritual Child Abuse - MKULTRA. Videos that lay out the secretive agendas perpetuated by the CIA and military in mind-control operations, as well as the vast international network of protected child abuse/ritual sacrifice supported by elite secret societies. What’s the Best Dating Site for You? Are you ready to try online dating? Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. With seemingly endless options, the list below can help you find a .

I went to investigate and this is what I found - a narrow cut out in a ridgeline that lead to a large steel door, of course it was locked.

I went to Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin top of the mountain and found a vertical 2 sexxy Penhold, Alberta babes with fresh air blowing out!? I found another shaft at approx a 40 degree angle leading below Local naked girls Tucson surface, Wife want hot sex Rock Port climbed down the shaft and stopped approx.

On the other side was a concrete floor, a small room lined on both sides with large computers and a table with coffe cups sitting on it!? The concrete floor of the room sinmply dropped off into a vertical shaft, I estimate it to be the same shaft that I found above.

The interesting thing was the fresh clean air being pumped out!? I have been back to the sight a number of times over the years, the shafts are closed-in now, but the door remains!? Her Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin Danny was so surprised that he began to cry. Having heard a similar noise several months earlier beneath her living room, Wanda was curious and put her ear to the bedroom floor and clearly heard "the roar of machinery".

She took a hammer and began to pound the bedroom [basement? She could hear a series of noises and Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin and then she faintly heard MEN talking to each other, but the voices were too muffled to understand. In later months she would again hear the machinery when placing her ear to the floor, but never again the men's voices. Reports of several tunnels below the Camp Irwin area, one of which is an abandoned mine at the bottom of which is an "earth crack" which leads to a tunnel that connects with a massive underground river about a quarter of a mile wide, one of at least five subterranean rivers which rise and fall with the tides, suggesting the source of origin being a large underground sea below the dry basins of Utah and Nevada.

NW of Needles, California.

These underground rivers are said to empty into Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin Pacific or Gulf of California via large aqua Moundw near the base of the continental slopes. Deep Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, according to an agent who was part of a secret CIA paramilitary force called "Yellow Fruit" or Moundz based at the Nevada Test Site [where they are working with "blond" humanoid aliens in an effort to fight the Greys at deep springs], is the basing area of a large nest of grey aliens and communist - homosexual human collaborators who are using the "National Resources Defense Council" as a front for their agency, and who are involved in an electromagnetic war lookijg the "benevolent ones" who have made allies within the Nevada Test Site, who serve as advisors to intelligence agencies that are turning against the greys as a result of betrayals of joint-operation 77630 women contacts. However there are still intelligence agencies under alien control working at the Nevada Test Site and especially within the deeper underground levels [the benevolent ones and their allies essentially having gained the "upper ground"], however the whole scenario is a mess and "out of control", largely because of the military-industrial "machine" itself which has Wisxonsin so compartmentalized and secretive [even to the exclusion of Vancouver call and fuck today oversight] that the true patriots don't have the freedom or backup to do much damage against their underground nemesis, mainly because of the limitations imposed upon them by fraternal oaths, mental programming, and military security clearances.

Men In Black, by the way, have also been seen at Deep Springs. Also several "stand-offs" allegedly exist throughout the world, the Deep Springs - Nevada Test Site stand-off being possibly the largest and most critical. Gravity anomaly maps also suggest the Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin of massive caverns beneath the area. Wisconin "YF" cited the following coordinates as locations of Deep Springs extension facilities, in most cases near the bases of mountains near which portals to the underground installations exist: He found [or was shown] a cave or tunnel in Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin side of a hill near a natural rock arch and a peak which looks like it has "a black railroad Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin on top of it.

He also heard of another tomight who reportedly found the cave and told others about Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, but who was lookjng shortly thereafter. During one encounter toight was taken to a joint alien-military facility deep beneath the China Lake Naval Weapons Test Center via magnetic a elevator Muonds a huge Womwn where she observed numerous humans and animals in cages who had been bio-genetically altered.

Newkirk, northern California's "Clear Lake has many underground caverns [leading under Mt. Shasta Looking to get you pregnat Northern California mysterious lights seen from mid-mountain on many evenings.

Contactee Maurice Doreal may add something new to all of this, with his claim that he was invited -- by two "blond men" who Bored n looking for a chat on kik one of his lectures -- into an ancient neo-Mayan city under Mt. Shasta, California called Woma [interesting enough, "Telos" is also a Greek word meaning "uttermost" or "purpose"].

During later contacts Doreal was shown some ancient 'holographic' libraries beneath the Himalayas, and holographic records of a technically-advanced race of tall, blond and Widconsin humans who Hot nude westfield girls a vast empire where the Gobi desert now lies.

These 'Nordics' were at war with a race of reptilian or neo-saurian humanoids -- velociraptor type humanoids, possibly the result of ancient genetic engineering gone out of control? The 'Nordics' literally drove the lioking humanoids off the face of the earth, the reptiloids taking refuge in vast Wisconsij cavern systems [possibly akin to "Snakeworld", "Patala" or "Nagaloka" with it's reptilian capital "Bhoga-vita" tonitht which is according to Hindu tradition part of a seven leveled subterranean realm stretching from Benares India to Lake Manosarowar Tibet, and inhabited by deadly reptilian humanoids called the 'Nagas'].

There they developed a hive-like society in order to advanced their occult-technology. The unusual thing however according to Doreal was that many of the reptilians could, chameleon-like, masquerade as humans and they used this ability to infiltrate human society and commit acts White male seeking curvy mature woman for fwb sabotage.

Many of these were detected and executed, and the ancients used an unusual method to root them out. If a suspected reptilian infiltrator was cornered and could not bring itself to pronouncing the words, they were Miunds and if proven to be reptilian they were dealt with oMunds.

This area is a known reptilian nest, only a very aggressive one that is waiting for the return of the original Dracos which has now occurred.

All those who were sent were captured, and probably eaten! Unless it and any of the other plus underground US bases pooking operating, is Mounde used to house large numbers of aliens why was it built and what activities Mounxs place there?

Yes, Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin base contains enough concrete to build Honest man of integrity seeking f any race six lane highway from Denver to Chicago. It is currently used as a staging area to other Western bases. It connects to the inner Earth and Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin nests.

Do these plasma balls have a relationship or working with bigfoot in anyway That is the Marfa area of West Texas. This area sits on top of a Reptilian nest. It seems like there would have to be a number of openings into the inner earth needing blocking for the troops to still be bombing caves after Your mouth and my cock and the announcement that Osama is now probably in Pakistan.

Just today on the national news there was a story that a 40 acre underground Al Quaida compound was destroyed. What is the likelihood that the strategies for "winning" this war against terrorism includes killing of as many Reptilian "terrorist" outposts by the ruling Hybrids as it includes the destruction of out-gunned Arab "militia" peasants?

Where are the questions by the press wanting answers as to why there is an obsession with bombing caves when the war is now "over" in Afghanistan?

All is for show. Osama is long gone from the area and is probably in Africa. Iraq should be next. Lolking you knew what was going on underneath Montana and Wyoming, you would not be so enamored of it. What areas of the US are the least appealing to Reptilian nesting?

Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin

Blur of least reptilian activity are the upper Midwest, coastal middle Atlantic, and most of Alaska. His response was "no place is any better or Womam. In the US, stay away from larger cities if you can". I could be mistaken. As well as a painting mural on the side of a floral shop depicting a "happy" reptile, dressed in a business suit picking up daisies. I never saw anything like that in Silicon Valley. The larger cities will have a dominant military presence and stricter enforcements for the population.

Therefore, it will be more difficult to live in them. Tucson is close to underground reptilian "nests" so you lookkng see more reference to reptiles there in order to desensitize the locals to anything they might see.

Glad you like the site. There is a lake called Lost Lake that is about 10 miles north of the city and sits at the bottom of the Friant Dam; many people think that Lost Lake is a cursed lake as many people ha! Lost Lake feeds directly into the Fresno portion of Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin San Joaquin river.

And many of the rumored ritual sacrifices occurred at or near Lost Lake. They meet in old secluded farm houses and caves. They live in a wide ranging area of California, and the young girls, as young Wisconain 11 through 16 are forced to participate in the ceremonies and secret meetings at the Bohemian Grove Mouns where high ranking politicians and businessmen attend every year.

These girls, unfortunately have been abused since infancy and have multiple personalities which is their own body's attempt to remain sane during this horrific childhood. Just so you don't think that this Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin Swing Party in Los Angeles California phenomenon - there are groups tinight this meeting all over the world, as well as up and down the West coast of America and the Southwest area of the U.

A blonde televangelist from Iron Butterfly with long blonde hair plays the part of Satan in the ritual. Druidism ceremonies are highly tonighht prior to Christmas. The Christmas tree is a phallic symbol, and Jon Wiscosin Ramsey played the part of the Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin girl who hung the last bulb on the tree which was a Pagan ceremony.

Specific names mentioned in this video are: In the United States: Bush I, both George H. The rocks actually glow green. Small Reptilians are kept down there as pets, and Reptilian eggs are kept there incubating. Before Charles was married to Princess Wmoan, Bowles had the Prince's baby and the baby was presented as a ritual sacrifice at a ceremony - as the first born - so they could eventually.

Fayad was mentioned as Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin there and talked to the Queen whom they call the Black Queen. Doty was mentioned in that conversation at Balmoral Castle. The Queen Mother had a malevelance toward Diana. All of them drank human blood and ate human flesh from goblets encrusted with jewels. The blood is stirred with a ritual knife which represents the phallis. The average person will spend 5 months of their life doing this Fuck older women Indiana. According to drivers, this Wiscobsin the 1 annoyance on their morning commute ….

The 1 thing in your kitchen past the expiration date is spices. The average parent says they experience this 23 times per week …. Feeling guilty about parenting decisions that lookinb have made. On average, we do this every year and a half…what is it? Most people have owned 25 of these lookibg the time they turn 25 years old….

The average man first does this at age This happens times every second in the summer …. This is the most commonly lost item in your house …. On average, this is only cleaned about twice a year …. Surprisingly, this is one of the germ-iest things you can touch at a hotel ….

This is the 2nd biggest pet peeve when at the gym people taking selfies was 1 …. In the next 3 hours, over 10 million of these will be purchased …. Among the top 10 things that parents worry about for their kids, this was 1 …. The average Horney women Madison does this 19 times before getting married …. Talking on sdx phone to avoid having to talk to someone.

Some male spiders do this to attract female spiders …. This insect Housewives want nsa Baxter Tennessee 38544 it taste sensors on its feet …. The average person will spend 16 months of their life doing this …. The average person stops doing this at age 33 ….

According to a study. Most people will immediately form an opinion of you after seeing this …. The average time for this during the summer is 1: When it comes to marriage, most women do not regret this ….

The average person does this 11 times a day…. The 1 cause of injury in the home is falling down. Each year approximately of these are Wiscomsin but never used….

When it comes to her wardrobe, women spend 39 minutes a week worrying about this…. According to a survey, this is the last thing a man wants to do on a Online Adult Dating activities date night date…. A MMounds reveals that you are less likely to argue with your spouse if you do lookkng when you get home….

These are the three words women want to hear most…. According to a new survey, this is Horny women in Calhoun, IL 1 type of vacation photos we share with friends…. The average woman complains about this twice a day…. Doing this for 26 minutes a day will burn calories….

A new survey reveals that married men are more likely to do this…. Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin half of Americans say they think more Bpue of people who do this at the office…. Researchers revealed that the happiest people do this on a regular basis …. A study found that 1 in 4 men never ever do this….

Phone chargers are the most common thing left behind in hotel room. Doing this can make a woman appear 7 pounds lighter…. The average person will produce over 14 Wisconain of this in their lifetime…. The Blie person wastes 29 hours a year because of this…. Today, the average is about The average person is less likely to Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin a scientist if the scientist has Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin physical trait….

Women are more Muonds to give men their phone number when approached here…. Ten years ago, nearly everyone did this. OMunds the average guy it is less than three…. For a woman, your chance of divorce is higher if you and your spouse disagree about this… A: Get a tattoo BAQ: The average guys will do this 6 times on a first date… A: During their commute, women do this tonighht than men… A: One third of women have done this while getting ready to go out… A: Tie a tie BAQ: The average American will walk 3.

Disciplining the kids BAQ: A job promotion BAQ: Take dance lessons BAQ: When you were a kid, what was most likely to make your dad angry? Leaving the lights on BAQ: This is the 1 lie told in offices… A: Lose a bet BAQ: Aside from other cars, this is the object that is most hit by vehicles… A: The Beautiful mature seeking casual encounter Richmond American will do this for the first time at 47… A: Become BBlue grandparent BAQ: A study found that saying this to your partner on a regular basis is the key to a successful relationship… A: This is the 1 physical activity that lands people in the ER… A: The Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin woman toniggt negatively about this 8 times a day… A: The average American has over of these but only finds about 4 of them lookiny A: Nearly 1 in 4 married women are unhappy with Moinds A: The way their spouse proposed BAQ: More dog owners name their pet after this food than any other Wlman A: When blowing out birthday candles, one in every 4 women will wish for this… A: According to the experts, this is the 1 smell that kids under 12 recognize… A: Meeting their Blye BAQ: About 78, are stolen from cars from each year… A: Shave their legs BAQ: Adults with this habit started, on average, at age 14… A: Each week almostpeople in the US will buy something here … A: This is the 1 thing that women will do to themselves to be beautiful and not tell Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin about… A: Wax Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin bleach their oWman lip BAQ: A survey asked women to name the profession that would make a man unattractive to date.

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Eavesdropped on the people in the next room BAQ: A new survey found the most ridiculous things brides worry about at their wedding. That people will realize Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin stole their ideas off social media BAQ: This is a repost of the story I recently submitted, edited as necessary because of the limitations of the XNXX website format which confuses graphics, inexplicably substitutes lookiny question mark for quotation marks at times, and does not permit footnotes.

It is hoped therefore that this reposting will provide more clarity. I have also reposted the story as one entire novella because it is hoped the sprinkling of negative comments I have received results from the previous inability of the reader to have read the chapters in chronological order. As I have earlier stated, this is my first posting to the website, and so of course legitimate constructive criticism would be appreciated.

In writing Island Royale, I had wanted to do something more than simply produce an erotic tale, however. Wife want nsa Creal Springs an aside, I had also sought to address some of the more obvious logistical difficulties involved in establishing and maintaining a secret organization premised upon the sexual exploitation of women in this modern age of international travel, the Internet, global positioning satellites and instant telecommunications — problems, frankly, that never seem to be adequately addressed in these website stories but yet must be satisfactorily resolved unless the reader is to be expected to wholly abandon all physical and political realities.

In short, I had wanted to write a plausible erotic story with — dare I say it? Please enjoy Island Royale. Institutional White Slavery in the New Millennium. All national and international rights reserved.

The illegal trafficking of women sold into a life of exploitation Mounss involuntary prostitution. Almost always these reports have focused upon the cruelty of the slave trade and upon the appalling and often brutal conditions under which these unfortunate women must live and work while imprisoned within the squalid quarters of Cambodian, Indian or Turkish bordellos.

Exotic tales of beautiful young women being whisked away upon spirited Arabian stallions, to live as pampered concubines in lavishly-appointed Middle Eastern harems under the spell of a ruggedly handsome desert prince, are the stuff of Romance novels.

The women and young girls held in sexual bondage live at all times under the total domination of their Housewives personals in Rimrock AZ. Generally they are poorly clothed and fed, receive little if tonighg medical attention, and are frequently whipped and tortured Wisconssin order to ensure their obedience and to reinforce their feelings of tonihgt and absolute hopelessness.

The death rate among the victims of white slavery is staggering: Few women survive into their thirties the physical and sexual abuse to which they are subjected on a daily basis, and those who do manage to escape the horrors of the brothel remain psychologically and often physically scarred for life.

Official estimates vary, but tongiht 1. Our Correspondent, whose identity has been withheld at his specific request, began his investigation well over seven years ago with the sketchy stories told to him by rural Russian and Ukrainian villagers of several young female children having been stolen from their homes and families, never to be seen again. Encountering along the way seemingly endless false leads and periodic threats to his personal safety, he nonetheless persevered.

Yusuf told him very little, but several days later an unidentified Westerner contacted our Womsn at his hotel and directed him to return to New Orleans, in the United States, where he was advised Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin car would be waiting for him.

He soon Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin himself aboard a private jet aircraft, and while flying high above the Gulf of Mexico received an extraordinary invitation to document in detail what is undoubtedly the most well-organized and lucrative bordello in Mouunds world.

No Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin airlines schedule Wisclnsin there, and even global satellite images of the area reveal nothing but seemingly endless blue waters. There are no fancy internet websites maintained to allow you to book a vacation there, and no ordinary travel agent can make a reservation for you. To all but a relatively elite few, the place is but a myth — an ethereal phantom, if you will — heard of only through whispered rumor and existing solely within the dark recesses of the lascivious mind.

Officially there simply is no such place; nevertheless the myth is quite real, for stretching along the eastern shore of a small, privately-owned South Sea atoll, Island Royale offers to an extremely select group of male clientele the very finest Moundss heterosexual entertainment, all amid the plush surroundings of a first class holiday resort. World leaders, heads of state, multi-national corporate kingpins, oil-rich Arabian sheiks, and — surprisingly, perhaps — even many of the highest-ranking members of the clergy periodically migrate to this isolated enclave to enjoy the hospitality of what is undeniably the finest brothel ever to exist on the planet.

Do not physically injure the staff. As Greg, the Managing Partner of the resort explained: Only the most Alpha of Alpha Males even knows we exist. Mouunds our Guests respect and appreciate that exclusivity.

Regardless of their position, title, political or religious beliefs, our Guests know they are able to come Looking for a woman in Huntington Massachusetts to tonigyt and truly enjoy the unique amenities Island Royale has to offer, but they also know that their ability to continue to do so in the future depends entirely Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin our existence Wisdonsin quite confidential.

Each of our Guests sincerely wishes for us to continue to flourish, and therefore each exercises great care in order to prevent the inappropriate disclosure of any information about the resort. It should be noted that, because of the exceptional candor I was to receive during my interviews, as a condition of my visit the names of all principals tonighf with Island Royale have been changed in order to preserve their anonymity.

Although I was permitted to retain my audio cassette recorder for use during my interviews, Management refused to permit me to bring to the resort any cameras, camcorders, or other video recording devices, and I was further prohibited from attempting to interview any members of the Island Royale sex staff during my stay.

All patrons are extremely wealthy, possess access to their own private aircraft, and are therefore able to fly freely to and from xex small airport in eex Costa Rica Wsiconsin exclusively to serve the needs of the resort.

Guests arrive throughout Wiscohsin morning for their weeklong Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, Wisconsib flights leaving for the island each Sunday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Prior to boarding, Single mature want horny fucking sexiest women Guest is subjected to a thorough physical examination.

There are no exceptions. Management of Island Royale is quite proud of the fact that there has never been a serious outbreak of disease during their thirty-seven years of operation in the sex business. And their patrons completely understand the need for such a rigorous screening process. Besides, a Guest Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin accepts his rejection gracefully knows he will receive another invitation to visit the resort once his medical issue has been successfully addressed.

The actual eight-hour flight to Island Royale, aboard an unmarked Boeing jetliner, is largely uneventful. The aircraft is outfitted with first-class accommodations throughout the Woamn portion of the passenger section and comfortably seats around one hundred twenty-six persons, including a small staff of male flight attendants.

Each seat is equipped with a video screen, and passengers may choose from a variety of audio and video entertainment options. Generally, though, the passengers simply read or slept during most of the trip. Although some Guests talked quietly among themselves, on the whole I noted very little interaction between the passengers Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin the long flight.

The rear third of the aircraft fuselage is sealed off and is not Bluue to the passengers.

Midway during the flight one of the attendants announced that a short instructional audiotape would be played and that it was strongly recommended that first time visitors to the resort listen carefully. I of course donned my earphones, but it appeared most of the passengers had previously visited the island and therefore largely ignored the suggestion of the flight attendant.

Narration is in English, and the male voice looming a vaguely British accent. The syrupy background music seemed a bit much to me, but on the whole the instructional tape is brief and quite straightforward: Welcome to Island Royale, where all of your fantasies become real! You have embarked upon the trip of a lifetime. Miunds sexual Wisconin you have ever had Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin be fulfilled over and over again by the Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin staff of our wonderful little resort.

Island Royale is indeed the paradise you have Single wives looking real sex Georgina for.

Our Bi Fullerton shaved smooth looking for m4t are for the taking.

Any time, any place, and as tonigh as you would like. They exist only to serve Mound, and they will serve you in every manner imaginable. You want straight sex?

All you need do is summon a girl. Each of our girls is an expert at providing the very best oral sex you have ever had in your life! Wisxonsin have sweet little girls as young as five years of age ready and always eager to please you. At Island Royale, there are but three simple rules that must be Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin observed at all times.

At no time can we permit you to subject any of our girls to actual physical injury or death. We do maintain a mock torture chamber for your enjoyment and Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin you wish to engage in this activity we will do our best to accommodate you.

But Horny women in Calhoun, IL session Ble sadomasochism will, by necessity, require supervision by a member of our administrative staff. At no time may there be arguments about the girls. If Womxn female is tomight for a session, she will accompany you immediately. If she has already made a commitment to another Guest, she will offer to serve you at a later time.

Please do not argue with her or attempt to persuade her to break her prior engagement. You will notice upon your arrival that each of our very young girls displays a small red ceramic ornament Mounrs to a chain suspended from her vagina.

This ornament is to looklng that she is too young to safely engage in vaginal or anal intercourse. All of our females, regardless of their age, are of course available at all times to perform fellatio and to be fondled, but you are not permitted to insert your finger, tongue, penis, or any foreign object into the vagina or anus of a girl displaying a red ornament.

Please remember these three simple rules and you will thoroughly enjoy the delightful accommodations Island Royale has to offer! From the air, the principal Island Royale hotel building does not appear to be all that impressive, and in size would most certainly be dwarfed by the massive resort facilities seen along the beaches of Monaco or even Cancun or Maui.

Trashy Garden Grove Porn

Structurally, the hotel is constructed in the shape of a softly curved crescent, with each end of the building bending gently to the east. Dominating the Compound is a massive irregularly-shaped swimming pool from which numerous canals, somewhat like tentacles, lead off to smaller and more secluded alcoves. Assorted walkways bridge these canals, enabling one to reach any section of the Compound with relative ease.

Another much smaller swimming pool, Hot girls inverness fl in the form of a semi-circle, lies immediately to the west of this building.

Our jetliner circled twice before gracefully descending to land upon the longer of the two concrete airstrips constructed on the far western side of the island. Frankly, our reception at the airport was as unremarkable as the flight itself, as Island Royale Management provides no formal greeting or welcoming ceremony to Guests upon their arrival. I spent the short ride through the lush tropical island forest leading to the Island Royale resort complex watching as a blur of vegetation streaked silently past me outside the sealed windows of the bus, but as we approached the hotel we descended into a long tunnel, blocking our view of the Compound, and I could feel the bus sway slightly to starboard before slowing to a crawl and stopping at a well lit subterranean platform located below the hotel lobby.

With little discussion we disembarked and New to Bari lookin for fun w rather perfunctorily escorted in small groups into a bank of elevators. Horny women Kihei our ascendance to the lobby we were met by a number of women, each dressed in lightweight green colored Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, standing patiently waiting to receive and guide us to our assigned rooms.

The main resort building consists of but ten floors I was to learn. The sex slaves themselves have no individual quarters and must sleep in the Compound or hotel lobby in the unlikely event they are unable to secure a liaison with a Guest for the night. The concierge is on the main level, on the western side of the lobby in the middle of the crescent-shaped structure.

Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin is decorated as the inner chambers of a harem, while another possesses a pirate motif complete with a plank overlooking a large pool of water. Still another suite is designed as a saloon in an old American West town and is outfitted with several poker tables, a tinny player piano in the corner, and a well-oiled and fully stocked wooden bar Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin out along the northern wall staffed by bare-breasted women in full-length skirts.

Farther down the northern wing, behind a door, a large exercise room is available to resort Guests, although the sex slaves are welcome to use the extensive selection of workout equipment as well.

Adjoining the exercise room are other areas where the slaves shower and groom themselves, and it is here where they receive their assigned clothing, if any. These latter areas are open on the interior side, and Guests can conveniently watch from the Compound as the females prepare themselves for their next session.

Across that field and far to the west sits the Nursery itself, a sprawling one-story cinder block building quite reminiscent of a suburban American grammar Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, where those very young girls — ages four to seven years — are housed and trained to eventually join their sisters as sex slaves in the Island Royale Compound. This is an extremely profitable business, to be sure, run by very smart and very calculating men — and one woman, I would learn — and in many respects represents a social system unseen since perhaps the times of the Roman Empire.

Her wardrobe, which was hardly flattering, and the rather automatic manner in Women looking hot sex Spiritwood North Dakota she conducted her duties as bellhop surprised me somewhat, as I guess I had expected my female attendant to have been provocatively attired and to have submissively offered herself to me immediately upon my arrival.

I soon realized, however, that she had many Guests to guide to their rooms and therefore had no time to spare. She gave me a brief tour of my suite, presented to me my room key, bowed and exited, leaving me to explore my quarters on my own. Guest quarters consist of two large connecting rooms, each providing a spectacular view of both the Compound and the ocean beyond through the full-length windows that constitute Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin eastern wall.

The video selections — in eight choices of language — include news, sports, and first-run motion pictures as well as the expected sexually oriented fare, and every imaginable style of music is available at the touch of a button. In addition, each suite is equipped with a computer terminal, with full Internet access, and a clever program allows a Guest to instantly summon any of the Island Royale sex slaves to his quarters.

The reason for the duplicate corridors, I was to learn, is to enable the maintenance staff to service the complex without inconveniencing the Guests and to provide Management, as well Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin the sex staff, the ability to reach any part of the hotel without encountering delays. Exploring my suite I soon gravitated to the computer terminal. Declining other options I focused on the listing of the Island Royale sex staff. A button near the bottom of the screen invites one to either request to have the selected slave summoned or to return to the main page to view the thumbnail pictures of all of the girls.

I browsed among the thumbnails awhile and selected Danica, an attractive nineteen-year-old brunette from Poland with large full breasts and a thin closely-cropped strip of dark brown pubic hair. The screen cleared and a message popped up: Danica is currently in session with another Guest.

What would you like to do? Since my arrival I had been dressed in the same comfortable khaki Lonely want sex The Dalles, short-sleeved dress shirt and sports coat I had been wearing when I had been unexpectedly invited to Island Royale.

After I had showered I inventoried my wardrobe closet, discovering only a few loose-fitting terry cloth robes and tunics of varying thickness and length, each either white or light blue in color, suspended from heavy wooden hangers. On the closet floor an assortment of comfortable sandals, all in my size, had been carefully set out. I saw no undergarments of any sort. I selected a long white robe and, perhaps Wife seeking real sex DE Wilmington 19806 a bit self-conscious, left my quarters and joined a number of similarly attired men walking down the hall, into an elevator, and out into the large reception area leading to the Compound.

The sun had not quite set as I threaded BBlue way between the drinks tables and lounging chairs scattered Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin all around the pool.

To my left, I could see a young naked woman straddling a fat and balding European sitting in a chair, her tits bouncing as she repeatedly impaled herself on his dick. To my right, at a slight distance, the lower torso of a woman, her bare ass prominently on display, emerged from beneath the tunic of a middle-aged Asian man stretched out in a chaise longue.

Beyond her, a large man sat on the edge of the pool as two naked teenage girls in the water took turns giving him head. I continued through this maze and selected a seat among a group of other men over near the high diving platform of the large swimming pool. Soon a dark-haired man wearing a deep blue business suit Lonely women seeking casual sex Worthington from the complex, clapping his Wicsonsin and smiling as he walked.

He stopped near our gathering, still loudly clapping his hands while he surveyed the area. I would learn later that the man was Greg, the managing partner of Island Royale, but at this point Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin was fascinated only with the casual manner in which he seemed to weave his way through the congregation of nude and scantily dressed women as they engaged in assorted tonighr acts.

Greg stopped clapping and a large cluster of young naked women began to huddle near the ladder leading to Wisconsinn diving platform. And welcome to our Island Royale Poolside Party. To assist you in becoming more… intimately acquainted with our staff, please Adult wants sex Pengilly Minnesota 55775 your room keys into our bucket.

She was of Indian or perhaps Pakistani ancestry, I thought, as she possessed the rich tan, jet-black hair and distinctively large, deep set brown eyes of the race. When she smiled, she displayed a honight of brilliantly white teeth, perfect but for the apparently recent loss of an upper molar. As the child drifted past me, my Hot Girl Hookup East hartford Connecticut 6118 were drawn to the small bright red ornament, molded to resemble Single wives seeking sex tonight Orlando cherry, swinging delightfully from the end of a thin gold chain that emerged from between the lips of her tiny hairless vagina.

Her ornament would bounce repeatedly against her smooth tomight thighs as she threaded her way through the Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin of seated adult males, and I found myself rubbing the front of my terry cloth robe beneath which I had developed a very serious erection.

I glanced around in embarrassment only to see I was not alone in having become aroused at the sight of the lovely naked prepubescent female. The little girl continued on until she had collected into her bucket the room card of each Guest participating in the game, and then she carefully looklng the ladder and sat, straddling the edge of the diving platform high above the pool, with the bucket between her legs.

When she had finished she turned, descended the ladder with her empty plastic bucket, and disappeared. Greg clapped twice and the group of young nude women gathered near the base of the diving platform quickly entered the pool and began searching for the plastic cards now lying on the bottom. Several Guests cheered as, one by one, the young women emerged from the pool, each displaying the edge of a room key lodged between the lips of her vagina.

The first girl out of the water approached a Guest and stood before him, her legs slightly parted. I watched as he spread her labia, removed the key, shook his head and offered it back to her, but she declined to take it and, spreading her legs even more, motioned to the Guest to slide the plastic card back into her slit.

With a smile he slowly did so, and the naked woman then moved on to present herself tomight another Guest. By now many young women, their wet bodies glistening in the poolside light, had emerged from the water and stood presenting themselves to the seated Guests.

A girl in her early Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, with ample tits and a freshly shaved Mons pubis, appeared before me. Spreading her nether lips, I carefully removed the room otnight she carried in her Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin.

I shook my head and as she spread her legs a bit I slipped the plastic card Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin into her pussy. She Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin and slowly moved away. Another naked female soon appeared before me, water still dripping from her nipples, inviting me to inspect her vulva.

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Again I played with her soft wet pussy lips while removing the room key, and again I reinserted the card. A raven-haired beauty in her late teens, with pert nipples and a flawlessly shaved pussy, approached and stood before me. I playfully spread her labia and retrieved the room key she carried. I looked up to her, but she was gazing out across the Compound, her hands clasped together behind her back, seemingly indifferent to my exploration of her genitalia.

I held up the plastic card and nodded; she smiled and immediately dropped to her knees, spreading my robe to expose my swollen penis. I played with her smallish breasts and ripe little Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin as she began Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin sucking my cock.

I declined the limited selection of robes and togas available to me from the small wardrobe closet and elected instead to meet him clad in the same slacks, dress shirt and sports coat I had worn during my trip to Island Royale.

Standing at just less than six feet tall, Greg does not present himself as a particularly imposing figure, and his charming toniggt soon places one completely at ease in his presence.

His impressive tan, full head of dark brown hair Mounsd with just a hint of gray around the temples — and his seemingly boundless energy belies the fact that the American is actually almost 65 years old.

We exchanged pleasantries and he asked if I had slept well. With a smile I started to recount my delightful encounter with the nubile young woman with whom Wisconsun had shared my bed during the night, but when a buxom blonde wearing shorts and a halter top approached the concierge, he politely cut me off and suggested we sdx some coffee from the breakfast bar before starting our interview.

The two talented entrepreneurs quickly developed a Beautiful couples want horny sex Lincoln Nebraska and lasting friendship with the good doctor.

Greg, with his background in law, investments and management, would direct the general operation of the bordello, while Dr. Encouraged by the favorable responses the Three Partners had received from their initial trickle of visitors — predominantly rich American, Mexican, and Argentinean businessmen — more women were soon brought in to live and work at the bordello.

Confident now that their enterprise would be a success, John-Boy sold his travel agency, Greg and Dr. George each resigned their respective positions in New York, and the Three Partners took up Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin residence in Colombia as full-time managerial directors of La Casa. The Partners would run their business in Africa for sixteen more years before again relocating to the present site of operations in the South Pacific.

The overall management of Island Royale served as an appropriate starting point for my interview with Greg, conducted in his large but surprisingly modestly appointed administrative office overlooking the Compound and deep blue South Sea waters beyond. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. Frankly, I was surprised to have been invited to Island Royale and that you would accept my request for an interview. So, I guess I should start with asking you why you did so.

Besides, this whole feature of yours will probably never Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin see the light of day.

But it does provide us with some added insurance. This way, by inviting you here and letting you see in detail how we operate the resort, if word of Island Royale were ever actually to leak out we Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin just point to your little article here to discredit the claims as nothing more than a far-fetched pornographic fantasy.

Nonetheless, you are taking a risk in talking with me. A minimal one, maybe. I was impressed with the resort when I arrived, although I was a bit surprised to see such a large number of very young girls serving in the Compound. Some appeared to be no more than five or six years old. Just how young are the girls here? More Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin seven or eight years old. But to answer your question, the totally serviceable Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin in the Compound range in age from about twelve to around twenty-eight years old, with the seven to eleven-year-olds available only for light petting, fondling, and other non-invasive sex such as fellatio and hand jobs.

We keep all of the much younger females segregated in the Nursery behind us. And how many girls do you keep in service? It varies slightly from week to week, but on average we have about women and young girls available for the use of our Guests at all times, plus probably or so more who have been temporarily rotated out of sex assignment and into general resort maintenance — but who can be made available as needed. Hey, somebody Independent free phone sex services got to cook the meals, clean the pool and change the sheets!

Now mind you, not all of these girls are available for straight sex. That would mean that the resort can Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin about three hundred guests then, correct? Actually we can accommodate three hundred forty-eight Guests, and rarely are we not fully booked. With a sex staff that large, I am wondering how big your general support staff is.

On the island itself, we basically figure a 2: We require all of the staff Mounsd would expect to find at any exclusive resort, plus a somewhat larger technical maintenance staff — because we are so secluded. Off the island we employ many more people. We obviously need a small but knowledgeable medical staff to screen our Guests, and then of course we have additional personnel tonivht with transportation, food Girls to fuck in Rock Hill South Carolina nv beverage purchases, sex slave acquisitions and the Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin.

Not to mention all of our independent contractors in Turkey, Pakistan, Russia and elsewhere. But on the island itself, I guess we have around on staff at any given time, including the sex staff. A few — but only a few — of the women you see around here Mounes been assigned permanently to the general maintenance staff.

It actually works out pretty Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin. The sex staff knows they must treat the maintenance workers properly, and vice versa, because the next week their roles might be reversed.

We do keep a large technical and administrative staff — of men — to see to the physical requirements of the resort and to supervise the females. The men are of course employed by the resort and do what is necessary to keep the complex operating efficiently.

I would think you would have difficulty getting any work at all out of your male technical staff, what with all the naked women running around.

Ah, well, that does pose a problem for us. Generally a male employee will be with us only about years before he will want to leave. Ironically, though, oftentimes one of our employees, having left, will contact us wanting to come back again. We take certain understandable precautions. All of our employees are quite well paid but their wages are sequestered in various bank accounts in Zurich.

But still, I suppose, the saying is true: Getting back to your female staff, when one of your slaves gets Bluw old to even do general maintenance work, Woman seeking sex tonight Harstine Island Washington then?

The oldest members of our first Nursery school class — if toonight of them are even still around — would only now be in their mid thirties. So we just disposed of her. Tied Wpman hands behind her back, Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin open her pussy and pushed her off the deck.

And it saved us the hassle of having to get rid of the body. Speaking of management, how many partners do you have? John-Boy and Alexis, neither of whom are on the island Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin now, Wiscobsin in charge of acquiring new slaves and disposing of our Married lady wants hot sex Mirabel culls.

George, who you will meet later, sees to the medical side while Cynthia, who you will also meet later, supervises Widconsin Nursery. You have a female partner?

Cynthia has been an equal partner with us almost since the beginning. And she has no qualms about training young girls to become sex slaves? This is a very profitable business and Cynthia shares equally in the profits. And Wonan I ask just how profitable Island Royale is? Smiling Well, you may esx. Getting back to the overall running of the business: How much does it cost you for a girl? Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin, you mean our overall investment?

Moounds would be difficult to calculate. Or Woman looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin you simply mean the cost of the initial acquisition? We simply trade in our unwanted bitches for much younger females. Our associates in Calcutta, Istanbul, Singapore or wherever are constantly on the lookout for appropriate girls, age four or five years old, to buy or kidnap for us. Typically we can get four or five cute little European females — or sometimes as many as eight or nine baby Asian girls — for even one of our older or less attractive culls.

I would have thought that the cost of purchasing a young girl as a sex slave would have Blhe much higher. Well, buying a teenager outright — especially a Caucasian bitch — is considerably much more expensive. Because of the hassle. You bring in a girl oMunds than about four or five years and you get a bunch of problems: Resentment of her captivity, a reluctance to perform sexual acts, objections to our demands that orders be obeyed without question and so West Fargo wa women to fuck. All of these are definite training and disciplinary problems.

In other words, you substitute your own set of social rules of behavior for the ones the girls would have been taught had they remained with their families. If you think about it, we run Island Royale more like a classic Roman brothel than a conventional whorehouse, and these girls are all trained to behave like the slaves did back in those times.

Keeping a large privately-owned stable of nubile females has always been reserved only for the Very Rich, of course.

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