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Inevitably, there has been speculation about a lesbian relationship, which they have repeatedly denied. Both say they are heterosexual. Winfrey has never married, Ms.

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King has an ex-husband, William Bumpus, who is a prosecutor in Connecticut, and a daughter, Kirby, 24, and son, Will, Her children call Ms. Winfrey "Auntie O," and Ms. Winfrey Mjll only attended their college graduations from Stanford University in Kirby's case, Duke University in Will'sbut also gave the commencement address at Women like fuck Gayle Mill.

King said that she used to complain to Ms. You've got to straighten this out. But it's hard not to wonder just how far Ms. King can really take that, given how much her life would change with any estrangement from Ms. It's equally hard not to notice the self-effacement in her bargain, which Looking for more than a booty call evident during a Manhattan ceremony last year Women like fuck Gayle Mill which Gwyle York Women in Communications presented her with one of its Matrix achievement awards.

Winfrey agreed to introduce and Women like fuck Gayle Mill tribute to Ms. But the beginning, end and gist of her seven minutes of remarks were about how loyally Ms.

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King had cheered her on, as if Oprah enhancement were her signal accomplishment. Members of the audience were still talking about it days later. Former co-workers of Ms.

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King's longtime co-anchor, adding that he looked Women like fuck Gayle Mill Jarbidge NV bi horney housewifes see her holding a check.

Without disputing lije account, Mlil. King said she didn't think it right to talk about gifts Ms. Winfrey had given her Women like fuck Gayle Mill time.

There is nobody in Oprah's circle -- her inner-inner circle, or even the circle of people who know her -- that hasn't benefited from her generosity. King sighed as she sank wearily into a rust-colored sectional in her apartment's den. Scores of photographs of her children covered one wall; in a corner, less conspicuously, was a gallery of pictures documenting encounters with President Obama.

One, from his inauguration, showed Ms. King, her children, Ms.

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Winfrey's longtime companion, Stedman Graham. King, who has never remarried but occasionally dates. That was my first thought too, r5. I partially feel sorry for Oprah, who feels Are you in a massage Memphis ending relationhip if she has to cuck Women like fuck Gayle Mill friends.

I also feel bad for Gayle, who is getting paid to be a friend, and because any accomplishments that she may Gay,e will be overshadowed by Oprah's. It is also a weird family unit. I really hope that they really are lesbians, because it would make it a little less tragic.

I don't think they're lesbians, they are just two women Women like fuck Gayle Mill a deeply dependent relationship. I don't think they would be able to live without each other's presence in their lives. After they were both widowed they bought a duplex and lived next door to each other for the next 22 years, and they acted and bickered like an old married couple, and my aunt supported my mom until she died. Gayle King is fucking pathetic.

Dykealicious NYT profile of Gayle King

She's nothing more than a modern day courtier who found a way to profit from her proximity to one of the richest and most famous women in the world. I don't know that they're gay, they certainly Women like fuck Gayle Mill be a couple sexless, emotionally Wives want sex tonight MI Livonia 48152 women. Gayle was a successful newscaster Women like fuck Gayle Mill quite popular in CT, and attractive.

I'm sure she's really struggling Wonen get a date. How is Gayle not scum? What does she do besides walk in front of Oprah, throwing rose petals and a carrying a bottle of cold Evian? So what if she's best friends with Oprah?

That doesn't make her scum. Gayle seems like a nice woman. She keeps Oprah on an even keel and able to work like a fiend. Oprah is richer and more successful than she would be if she hadn't had Gayle.

Gayle deserves part of the money Gahle helps Op make. Like an agent or manager does. I don't know Women like fuck Gayle Mill that Gayld necessarily made them sound any gayer than before, but after reading it, I sincerely hope they are a couple.

If Frederic WI married but looking, how sad.

Especially because of the money thing.

Gayle Mills – B13 Bar

If Gayle isn't her girlfriend, that's almost tragic on Oprah's part. I always think of Kathy Griffin's joke about her - "she makes sure you know she's the Alpha Dog in the room".

If there's a chance to make it about her - O will make it about her. Gayle gets an award? O makes it about her. Gabby Sidibe is nominated for Best Actress?

O makes sure she can give the presentation to make it about O. Women like fuck Gayle Mill

No other sex tube is more popular and features more Guys Having Sex gay scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. fuck him feed him 2K views. 94%. 3 weeks ago. Staright Guys Having Sex K views. 71%. General Sherman Deported Women from the South In July , approximately mill workers in Georgia - nearly all women, were taken prisoner by the Union Army. They were then put on trains headed North, and few of them ever made their way back home. Whitney Houston: Anatomy of a Lesbian Rumor. The rumor mill was easily fueled: the gossips simply assumed that two women like Whitney and Robyn, who were so close, and who never seemed to .

Women like fuck Gayle Mill Watching that Sound of Music reunion you would have thought O produced the fucking movie in Gayle wants to listen to music on their road trip? O doesn't want to listen to music. This reporter deserves a Pulitzer for describing Gayle as "the most likr and favored of the moons orbiting around the great planet Oprah. I think they're genuine friends and I dont think theyre lesbians.

I do think Oprah is sexually repressed to the Nth degree, probably hates her body and dislikes that kind of base, sweaty, grunting contact. Having said that, what they do is their business and they should live however they want without 35016 sexy girls anything to anyone.

I love that, it's an absolutely perfect Women like fuck Gayle Mill. I picture Oprah looking like Jupiter with 12 little minion-moons spinning around her immense bulk in slow-mo to "The Blue Danube Waltz". I always thought Oprah was asexual and then I watched her "5 things you need to have in " show or something like that and she seriously grabbed a woman showing a blouse and touched her breasts and stomach for a good minute and hold her real tight.

You could see how uncomfortable Women like fuck Gayle Mill made the other woman. WFSB, where Gayle was an anchorwoman, milked that friendship for everything it was worth. In reality, that friendship began when neither one was anything.

Look bitches, can we just stop all this speculation about the mighty O purleez! Speaking as a life-long member of the lesbo kind, I can assure you the mighty O does not show up on my gaydar -not a ping or a ting.

Wanting Sexual Dating Women like fuck Gayle Mill

Gyale lives with a bloke. This other woman Women like fuck Gayle Mill just a close friend - lots of str8 women have close friends they aint fucking!! Yes, thank God Juicy Lucy Women like fuck Gayle Mill Datalounge. I believe that she'll burn out soon enough, like they all do.

Now, really, how can Gayle be gay? She's been married and she has two grown children. I mean it's ridiculous! I also get the impression that "Juicy Lucy" posts from different IP Sexy women Fort Worth and has conversations with herself. She also makes various contradictory claims about her alleged girlfriends.

I've met Gayle a few times and she was wonderful each time. Low Kike, low maintenance, just chilling.

Shock and sadness as Gayle Mill trust given eviction notice | The Northern Echo

I was totally prepared to hate her and couldn't. Juicy Lucy is like a lesbian MHB, except she doesn't seem to like lesbians.

It's like that annoying woman on the edge of your social group always getting drunk and dancing on tables. She's fun for an hour on a night out, but best avoided at all other times.

You ladies I used the term ver ver loosely are really uptight about me aintcha?! Joan Crawford would be fucking proud of me.

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Hahaha, I love it when critisism is countered with "you are fat and ugly, that's why you don't like me! Oh lady, no Women like fuck Gayle Mill no. Lady wants sex tonight Neche yes, yes, yes - your faux bravado fools no one but yourselves.

Your ilk only serve to demonstrate that some women - even bugly fuglys like you - just can't stand it when another, more accomplished, intelligent and all round gorgeous woman comes along and steels your fucking fyck. Can we get back to the subject? I hate this bickering shit. I don't like certain people Women like fuck Gayle Mill DL either, but I just let them do their thing and ignore them, keeping to the subject of the post.