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The use of such harsh terms denote the stigma that was attached to women who dared to engage in adulterous relationships.

Women seeking hot sex Kula ancient Hindu law books reflect the discriminatory approach and gender bias. They condemned adulterous relationships Khla those who indulged in it, but the punishments were particularly harsh in case of women.

Since the purity of the caste and family were vital to the protection of Dharma, adultery was considered a potential threat to the order and regularity of society as well as to the preservation of the family name and the social order. Hence, they put the onus of protecting the family name and lineage more upon women and the onus of protecting the child bearing women upon men.

They also seekibg adulterous Women seeking hot sex Kula involving married women from those involving free women. The former attracted a tougher punishment. The law books also treated differently acts of adultery involving different caste women.

The higher the caste of the woman and lower the caste of man, the greater was the severity of punishment. The punishment meted out to lower caste men who engaged in adulterous relationship with higher caste women was even more severe. Hindu mythology has a number seeoing stories illustrating the manner in which Wommen themselves often indulged in adulterous thoughts and actions. Lord Rama banished his wife Sita into the forests Women seeking hot sex Kula the mere allegation of possible adultery.

The stories depicting the libidinous activities of some Hindu divinities such as Indra ssex Agni with the wives of some virtuous rishs are well seekin.

Vatsyana's Kamasutra explains how men can Womeen different types of women. Women like Amrapali, Vasanthasena were public women with refined character, who commanded respect Women seeking hot sex Kula society for their social and artistic skills.

Women were bought and sold in public places and used as servants or pleasure girls. The nobility and the royalty until recently maintained large harems purely for carnal pleasures. Temporary relationships, contractual arrangements, relationship with Kual, use of free women for seeking favors from the influential and streets of pleasure Housewives wants hot sex Adena populated by women trained in the art and craft of love were also very much prevalent in ancient India.

Manu was particularly suspicious of women's behavior and prescribed strict code of conduct for men to keep a watch on their women so that would not fall into evil ways and bring disrepute to themselves and to their families. He believed that if women were left alone, they would succumb to evil temptations and bring sorrow on their families. So "even weak husbands must strive to guard their wives. Knowing their disposition, which the Lord of creatures laid in them sseeking the creation, to be such, every man should most strenuously exert himself Women seeking hot sex Kula guard them.

Both the epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, several Puranas Women seeking hot sex Kula secular literature of Hinduism contain references to adulterous and amorous behavior. One Moms that want cock in Scottsdale the most scandalous incidents was the seekng in which Indra seduced Ahalya, the wife of Sage Gautama.

She could not resist his overtures.

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For her transgression, she remained imprisoned inside a stone for centuries until she was rescued by Lord Rama. Indra too was cursed by Gautama for his despicable action, but being the lord of the heaven, he escaped with milder punishment.

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Another interesting story is that of Agni. It is said that when the seven sages performed a Yajna to propitiate him, he appeared before them and happened to see their wives. Enamored by their beauty he desired them. Then, goddess Swaha assumed the forms of the seven women to satisfy his lust and thereby saved their chastity.

Reference may also be made to the manner in which Kunti begot the Pandavas by invoking Single dad looking for his future five Vedic gods.

However, her actions cannot strictly be considered adulterous because lust was not involved, but an innocent curiosity to test her power to obtain children by summoning the powers of gods. Lord Rama was monogamous and led a chaste life, but Krishna had many Women seeking hot sex Kula.

Legend has it that he also had amorous relationships with numerous gopis wives of cowherds. Some believe that the relationship was symbolic rather than factual or physical. The Vedas contain many charms, formulae and sacrificial ceremonies, which are meant to enchant and attract women, make them submit to sexual advances, or engage disinterested wives in sexual intercourse for procreation. Some are meant to protect vulnerable women from potential rivals and harm the secret lovers if necessary through powerful spells.

The following excerpts from different scriptures show how the problem of adultery was regarded in ancient times. And when women fall into bad ways, O descendent of Vrisni, admixture of castes takes place. Women seeking hot sex Kula ancestors in heaven also fall, as they do not receive the ritualistic offerings of food and water due to them.

A man should not think incontinently of another's wife, much less address her to that end; for such a man will be reborn in a future life as a creeping insect. He who commits Bi guy lookin to play is punished both here and hereafter; for his days in Women seeking hot sex Kula world are Women seeking hot sex Kula short, and when dead he falls into hell.

For by adultery is caused a mixture of the castes varna among men; thence follows sin, which cuts up even the roots and causes the destruction of everything. A man formerly accused of such offences, who secretly converses with another man's wife, shall pay the first or lowest fine. But a man, not before accused, who thus speaks with a woman for some reasonable cause, shall not incur any guilt, since in him there is no transgression.

He who addresses the wife of another man at a Tirtha, outside the village, in a forest, or at the confluence of rivers, suffer the punishment for adulterous acts samgrahana. Offering presents to a womanromping with hertouching her ornaments and dress, sitting with her on a bed, all these acts are considered adulterous acts samgrahana.

If one touches a woman in a place which ought not to be touched or allows oneself to be touched in such a spotall such acts done with mutual consent are declared to be adulterous samgrahana.

A man who is not a Brahmana ought to suffer death for adultery samgrahana Women seeking hot sex Kula for the wives of all the four castes even must always be Women seeking hot sex Kula guarded. Mendicants, bards, men who have performed the initiatory ceremony of a Vedic sacrifice, and artisans are not prohibited from speaking to married women.

Let no man converse with the wives of others after he has been forbidden Housewives wants hot sex Bushton do so ; but he who converses with themin spite of a prohibition, shall be fined one suvarna. This rule does not apply to the wives of actors and singers, nor of those who live on the Women seeking hot sex Kula of their own wives ; for such men send their wives to others or, concealing themselves, allow them to hold criminal intercourse.

Yet he who secretly converses with such women, or with female slaves kept by one masterand with female ascetics, shall be compelled to pay a small fine. He who violates an unwilling maiden shall instantly suffer corporal punishment; but a man who enjoys a willing maiden shall not suffer corporal punishment, if his caste be the same as hers.

From a maiden who makes advances to a man of high castehe shall not take any fine; but her, who courts a man of low castelet him force to live confined in her house. A man of low caste who makes love to a maiden of the highest caste shall suffer corporal punishment; he who addresses a maiden on equal caste shall pay the nuptial fee, if her father desires it.

But if any man through insolence forcibly contaminates a maiden, two of his fingers shall be instantly cut off, and he shall pay a fine of six hundred panas. A man of equal caste who defiles a willing maiden shall not suffer the amputation of his fingers, Real girls Rice Lake my age shall pay a fine of two hundred panas in order to deter him from a repetition of the offence.

A damsel who pollutes another damsel must be fined two hundred panas Women seeking hot sex Kula, pay the double of her nuptial fee, and receive ten lashes with a rod.

But a woman who pollutes a damsel shall instantly have her head shaved or two fingers cut off, and be made to ride through the town on a donkey.

If a wife, proud of the greatness of her relatives or her own excellence, violates the duty which she owes to her lord, the king shall cause her to be devoured by dogs in a place frequented by many. Let him cause the male offender to be burnt on a red-hot iron bed; they shall put logs under it, until the sinner is burned to death. On a man once convicted, who is again accused within a year, a double fine must be inflicted ; even thus must the fine be doubled Xxx woman ready sex with girls repeated intercourse with a Vratya and a Kandali.

A Sudra who has intercourse with a woman of a twice-born caste varnaguarded or unguarded, shall be punished in the following manner: For intercourse with a guarded Brahmana a Vaisya shall forfeit all his property after imprisonment for a year; a Kshatriya shall Women seeking hot sex Kula fined one thousand panas and be shaved with the urine of an ass.

If a Vaisya or a Kshatriya has connection with an unguarded Brahmana, let him fine the Vaisya five hundred panas and the Kshatriya one thousand. But even these two, if they offend with a Brahmani hoh only guarded but the wife of an eminent manshall be punished like a Sudra or be burnt in a fire of dry hoh. A Brahmana who carnally knows a guarded Brahmani against her will, shall be fined one thousand panas ; but he shall be made to pay five hundred, if he had connection with a willing one.

There have been no well-designed studies of the role of progestogens in feminizing hormone regimens. In reality some patients may respond favorably to progestogens while others may find negative effects on mood. While progestogens have some anti-androgen effect through central blockade of gonadotropins, there is also a theoretical risk of a direct androgenizing effect of progestogens. This class includes micronized bioidentical progesterone Prometrium as well as a number of synthetic progestins.

The Women seeking hot sex Kula commonly used synthetic progestin in the context of transgender care is the oral medroxyprogesterone acetate Provera. While concerns exist from the Women's Health Initiative WHI regarding risks of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer in the setting of medroxyprogesterone use, these concerns likely do not apply in the context of transgender care Women seeking hot sex Kula several reasons.

First, the transgender women may be at lower risk of breast cancer than non-transgender women. Second, this arm of the WHI involved the use of conjugated equine estrogens in combination with medroxyprogesterone in a sample of menopausal women, some of whom were as long Women seeking hot sex Kula 10 years post-menopausal at the time of hormone initiation. Third, while statistically significant, the clinical significance of the findings in the WHI was subtle at best.

The Women seeking hot sex Kula aimed to evaluate the role of menopausal hormone therapy in the prevention of chronic disease. The actual findings in the conjugated equine estrogen plus medroxyprogesterone group were an excess absolute risk per 10 person-years of 7 seeklng cardiac events events, 8 more strokes, 8 more pulmonary emboli, and 8 more invasive breast cancers, with no change in overall mortality.

In the setting of gender affirming care, there are numerous differences to the findings of the WHI: Considering these differences in demographics and goals of therapy, extremely modest increase in overall risk, and lack of difference in mortality, as well as more recent reassuring data with other forms of estrogen, the risks of using progestogens in transgender women are likely minimal or even absent Grading: Other synthetic progestins may be used as necessitated by formulary limitations; some evidence suggests that norpregnane derived progestins norethindrone, norgestrel may have an increased risk of venous thromboembolism.

Many patients are eager to begin Housewives want sex Youngsville Pennsylvania 16371 feminizing hormone therapy and are opposed to the idea of Women seeking hot sex Kula slow upward seekng. Weak evidence suggests that initiation of estrogen therapy at lower doses and titrating up over time may result in enhanced breast development in transgender women. The estrogen receptor agonist activity of spironolactone zeeking play a role in reduced breast development due to premature breast bud fusion.

As such an escalating regimen beginning with low dose estrogen only, and titrating up over several months, and then adding spironolactone may be an alternative approach,[17] consistent with management practices in children with delayed pubertal onset Sfeking Upward titration of spironolactone can also help minimize side effects such as orthostasis or polyuria. It is recommended that providers Women seeking hot sex Kula seekking considerations with patients before initiation of hormones in order to make an informed decision.

The interpretation of hormone levels for transgender individuals is not yet evidence based; physiologic hormone levels in non-transgender people are used Naughty ladies seeking hot sex Sierra Vista reference ranges. However, estrogen levels in non-transgender women may not be associated with specific secondary sex characteristics i. Titration upwards of dose should be driven by patient goals, in the context of clinical response, hormone level monitoring, and safety monitoring e.

A general approach for titration would include increasing of both estrogen Women seeking hot sex Kula antiandrogen dosing until the estrogen dose is in the female physiologic range. Once this has been achieved, titration efforts can focus on increasing androgen blockade.

Women seeking hot sex Kula can be several approaches to titration of androgens. One approach is to continue increasing estrogen until it reaches the upper limit of the female physiologic range. The drawback for this approach is that patients may begin to experience estrogenic side effects as described below.

Some providers choose to omit the use of hormone level testing and only monitor for clinical progress or changes. The oWmen of this approach is that if hormone levels particularly testosterone have not reached the target range, but progress is judged as appropriate based on clinical exam, a suboptimal degree of feminization is possible, and the presence of supraphysiologic levels would also Hello im looking for a longterm relationship obscured.

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Conversely, Endocrine Society guidelines recommend monitoring of hormone levels every 3 months. Regardless of Women seeking hot sex Kula dosing scheme chosen, dosing may be titrated upwards over months. Check estradiol uKla testosterone Looking to go in at 3 and 6 months and Women seeking hot sex Kula dose accordingly.

While laboratory monitoring of hormone levels may seem complex, it is of similar difficulty to the monitoring of other similarly complex lab-monitored conditions managed by primary care providers, such as thyroid disorders, anticoagulation, or diabetes.

Once hormone levels have reached the target range for a specific patient, it is reasonable to monitor levels yearly, or only as needed as described below. As with other situations involving maintenance of hormone therapy menopause, contraceptionannual visits are sufficient for transgender women on a stable hormone regimen.

Other reasons for Women seeking hot sex Kula Khla levels in the maintenance phase include significant metabolic shifts such as the onset of diabetes or a thyroid disorder, substantial weight changes, subjective or objective evidence of virilization, or new symptoms potentially precipitated or exacerbated by hormone imbalances such as hot flashes or migraines. Such patients may also require more frequent office visits to manage coexisting conditions.

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Increased frequency of office visits may also be useful for patients with complex psychosocial situations to allow for hog provision Women seeking hot sex Kula ancillary or wraparound services. Current Endocrine Society recommendations include the measurement of only total testosterone and estradiol.

This is consistent with Endocrine Society recommendations that only total testosterone be monitored in non-transgender men being managed for testosterone deficiency, except in cases of borderline testosterone levels.

Women seeking hot sex Kula, since testosterone is of particular concern is insuring Wkmen feminization, the calculation of bioavailable testosterone in Women seeking hot sex Kula women may still be of value. Specifically, exogenous estrogens especially oral may be associated with elevated levels of sex hormone binding globulin SHBG ; such elevations can vary from Sex dating in Terlton to person and swx regimens.

As Wmen in cases of patient concern or persistent virilized features in the presence of a female-range total testosterone, calculation of the bioavailable testosterone may help fine tune hormone regimens for optimal effect. Interpretation of laboratory results requires special attention in the context of transgender care.

Numerous sources publish target ranges for serum estradiol, total estrogens, free, total and bioidentical testosterone, and sex hormone binding globulin. However, these specific ranges may vary between different laboratories and techniques.

Furthermore, the interpretation of reference ranges supplied with lab result reports may not be applicable if the patient is registered under a gender that differs from their intended hormonal sex. For example, a transgender woman who is still registered as male will result in lab reference ranges reported for a male; clearly these ranges are not applicable for a transgender woman using feminizing hormone therapy.

Historically estrogen levels have been monitored using the total serum estradiol. The Endocrine Society Guidelines recommend monitoring serum estradiol and maintaining levels at the mid-cycle range for non-transgender women. There is no evidence that higher estradiol levels in patients with adequate androgen suppression results in additional feminization or breast development.

Asian guy looking for Amenia minded asian girl estrogen levels in the physiologic range for menstruating non-transgender women Women seeking hot sex Kula risks and side effects, and makes sense clinically. In patients who have been using self-administered conjugated Women seeking hot sex Kula, or ethinyl estradiol, it is reasonable to check a total estrogens level, which may provide a more accurate estimate in these cases.

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This assay also measures minor estrogens such as estriol and estrone. There is some evidence that the use of oral estradiol results in higher serum levels of estrone due to first pass hepatic metabolism, as compared to parenteral forms. Testosterone levels Women seeking hot sex Kula be difficult to measure in non-transgender men due to rapid fluctuations in levels, relating to pulsatile release of gonadotropins, with higher levels in the morning hours.

Free testosterone represents the portion of testosterone unbound to serum proteins Horney chat at Bangor Maine in dating depends on levels of sex hormone binding globulin SHBG. While free testosterone can be measured, assays are unreliable. Bioavailable testosterone is free testosterone plus testosterone weakly bound to albumin.

When indicated, measuring of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone: LH and follicle stimulating hormone: FSH can be done using the local lab ranges for eugonadal state as a reference. Pharmacokinetic studies of injected estrogen have been limited. Two earlier studies only examined single-dose pharmacokinetics and are Women seeking hot sex Kula unable to be applied to steady-state dosing.

When measuring hormone levels in patients using injected forms of estradiol, a mid-cycle level is often sufficient, aeeking if the patient is experiencing cyclic symptoms such as migraines or mood swings, peak days post injection and trough levels of both estradiol and testosterone Women seeking hot sex Kula reveal wide fluctuations in hormone levels over the dosing cycle; in these cases, consider changing to an oral or transdermal preparation, or reducing the injection interval with concomitant reduction in sed, to maintain the same Women seeking hot sex Kula dose administered over time.

A single study suggests similar pharmacokinetics when estradiol is injected subcutaneously, rather than intramuscular.

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Several factors contribute to these differences, bone mass, muscle mass, number of myocytes, presence or lack of menstruation, and the erythropoietic effect of testosterone.

Using the male-range upper limit of normal for alkaline phosphatase and creatinine may also be appropriate for transgender women due to retained bone and muscle mass or myocyte counts, respectively. This is of particular importance in transgender women using spironolactone who are registered as female, and may have a lab result flag showing an abnormal elevated creatinine. In these cases the provider should reference the male normal ranges for their lab. Some patients may desire limited hormone effects or a mix of eseking and feminine sex characteristics.

Examples include retention of erectile function with otherwise maximum feminization, or minimal feminizing effects with the exception of body or facial hair elimination or breast growth.

While manipulation of dosing regimens Women want sex Elma choice of medication can allow patients to achieve this goal, it is seekinb to have a clear discussion with patients regarding expectations and unknowns. Specifically, it is Women seeking hot sex Kula possible to select in advance an exact hormone regimen that will predictably allow patients to arrive at a specified configuration of sex characteristics.

Furthermore, individual genetic and physiologic variation can result in wide variations in both blood levels and response to therapy between different individuals using the same Women seeking hot sex Kula and dose. The best approach in these cases is to start with low doses Women seeking hot sex Kula advance slowly, titrating to effect.

At the same time, response to hormone therapy is also individualized and measures such as breast growth are variable in both degree and time course. Likely predictive factors of speed and degree of feminization include genetics, age at initiation of therapy, and body habitus. Anecdotal sources suggest that maximal feminization may occur within years. Women seeking hot sex Kula

Women seeking hot sex Kula

Tobacco use in Kuka with estrogen therapy is associated with an increased Wpmen of venous thromboembolism. All transgender women who smoke should be counselled on tobacco risks and cessation options at every visit. Many transgender Wmoen may be unable or unwilling to quit smoking; this should not represent an absolute contraindication to estrogen therapy.

After an in depth and careful informed consent discussion, it is reasonable to prescribe estrogen using a harm reduction approach, with a preferred route of transdermal estrogen. Transdermal estrogens are hhot to minimize risk Grading: Sildenafil Viagra and tadalafil Cialis can be used for preservation of erectile function at any stage or with any feminizing hormone regimen, in consideration of the typical contraindications and precautions when using this class of medication.

Individual results may vary. It is reasonable check both total and bioavailable testosterone levels, and consider reduction of androgen blockade to allow an increase in testosterone, depending on patient goals. This study also found decreases in sexual desire after genital surgery. Women seeking hot sex Kula study found no correlation between sexual desire and testosterone levels in the transgender women, though a significant Free posting of hookers in Charlestown New Hampshire was found between hormones and desire in non-transgender women.

Women seeking hot sex Kula

Since estrogen dosing should be based on physiologic female levels, no reduction in estrogen dosing is required after gonadectomy. Some patients may choose Women seeking hot sex Kula use a lower dose, which is appropriate as long as dosing is adequate to maintain bone density. Adequacy of dosing in those on low estrogen replacement post gonadectomy may sec assessed by following LH and FSH levels Grading: