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I even said I would go with her and be a 'patient' too she liked that idea I said we could talk about it all — our childhood, etc. That I could help her fill in any blanks she might have.

She was definitely worried about what people would say if they found out. I think the plan was already in motion even as far back as then. So dear — so kind, so funny. I'll miss our hr-long phone conversations between NY and NM. The article linked at R quotes her sister that KS suffered from untreated mental illness for Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska long time. And that she was obsessed with the story of Robin Williams suicide. Both her sister and husband encouraged her to seek treatment but each time, KS would back out at the last minute because she worried that if it came out it would "hurt the brand".

Not really, look at Rhianna staying with a man who beat her. Women pornifying themselves, same old same old. Scott tied the scarf around her neck and then on the doorknob. Then your body goes limp without a severe Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska drop and gravity takes over to finish choking you the rest of the way out. And with little damage to the body they can still look amazing in a coffin for viewing. Vanity til the end.

My Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska and I share a 2 story house. I could easily kill myself in a room next to his without him finding me until the next day. At the risk of being ridiculed, I will reveal I am a frau with bi-polar disorder.

One's need and responsibilitu for self-care increases exponentially with a partner, and even more so a child. Self- deluded, narcissistic bitch. There is no such thing as mid-life onset bipolar disorder.

Just unhappy people who drink too much but have enough money to act crazy. Sapphic sis had been sedated by her doctor husband when she sent that Bi guy lookin to play email to the paper.

This isn't surprising, but it's still devastating. She was a lovely human. Felt trapped by her fame, and felt like a fraud in recent years. She never intended to be what she became. Say what you will, but she was a good one.

Well, she is justifiably pissed that Kate never agreed to go into treatment because of "the brand," but yeah, it probably would have behooved her to wait a few days before talking to a reporter about the situation.

Some of the info the sister Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska is rather curious. Like, she thinks the pressure and stress of running KS pushed Kate into full-blown Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska illness, yet says Kate had been having problems for just 3 or 4 years—at which point, Kate was about 7 or 8 years into her sabbatical from the business.

I also have to wonder why Kate and Andy decided to launch a new business in the middle of Kate having all these problems. Help me to understand this: She then ran downstairs to the doorman or concierge, who came back upstairs with her to cut KS down and perform CPR. He was supposed to be at home per reports. R, you said pretty much everything I was going to. Hasty statement in the heat of the moment.

She should have slept on it. PS To the person about the "dear little person," lots of us elder siblings think of the youngers as "little people" even when we're all adults.

People who kill themselves are NOT thinking clearly, rationally, thoughtfully, etc. Why do people refuse to understand this and namecall the dead? The survival instinct is the strongest instinct. Killing oneself is not easy to do and one has to be far gone to get to that point. Go ahead and try it. So was I, [italic] only a kid. Life goes by too fast. You've got to know how to compete and WIN. I still don't get why wasn't immediately called.

Also, if she had to be cut down Wanted a cute female to talk on the phone obviously Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska wasn't sitting. The household staff and Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska staff are probably close. In fact, in our building, the wife of a longtime concierge has a housecleaning and babysitting gigs with residents.

I want to be respectful of her. She often expressed that she wanted to be "more. She'd intended to contribute more, and expect more, from those around her. She was not mentally ill. Between the sister, Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska husband, and the daughter, Kate seemed to be surrounded by grasping, cunty grifters. R, thanks for the picture. Sometimes famous people fear that they will be "found out", that they will be seen for the "frauds" that they themselves believe to be - I am not nearly very talented and I don't deserve this success, fame, money, adoration It's the inner critic, it's the self-destructive part of a person talking.

His brother is famous grotesque douchebag David Spade; how far from his roots could Andy expect to get? Dear sweet R, sometimes we on DL ask insiders, when we are lucky enough to find them amongst us, for their opinion--as friends who were close to the situation.

We want first-hand, inside info; not the common cliches, and we certainly don't need the generic DL poster and reader of Psychology Today to explain that cliche to us. The apartment while spacious couldn't be that huge. R, maybe the poster at R means that Kate felt like a fraud as a designer since she never formally trained as one.

I always knew that she wasn't a designer in the technical hands-on sense, but I always appreciated her eye, her unique style and point of view on lifestyle matters. She seemed proper and traditional, but casual and fun. She hearkened to another era, I think, where people entertained at home and sent thank Attractive black woman la fitness Czech Republic notes, but weren't show-offy i.

Triscuits and cheese at your cocktail party. She and Andy did a great job portraying their vision in the ads, packaging, and store designs. This "Visiting Tennessee" ad campaign from was very memorable for many. It doesn't date either. Like their apartment, it's traditional with Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska eccentric edge that can Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska the test of time.

I'll miss her for sure. After she and Andy sold the company the brand turned into a little bit of a caricature of itself. The new stuff they were doing with Frances Valentine was pretty interesting -- the shoes more than the bags.

But the styling Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska the models is very fresh and fun and in line with Kate and Andy's aesthetic. What I can't understand is why she'd say her daughter thinks she "never did anything" in fashion or the work world. Her mother's name is everywhere, in every nice shopping district across the world! The specifications contained in her Will should prove to be interesting and how such will be executed. As far as Life Insurance policies are concerned, there are usually stipulations addressing 'Suicide' related to the principal.

Her husband and her sister could use her form of death as verification she was mentally incompetent; hence her sister's shitty, immediate expose. Many years ago, I was friends with the daughter of an A-list entertainer.

She was unimpressed with the person who was worshipped by so many. She shrugged off all the praise. Andrew McCabe seeks immunity in exchange for testimony. Huma Abedin's "Life Insurance". R, very sorry for the loss of your friend. If Kate didn't have mental issues then why would her sister indicate that Kate struggled so much these last few years?

I wouldn't think a family member would do thatespecially on the day of their sibling;s death. Something feels so sad and odd about this tragedy. I guess in the weeks to come more info will come to light. I'm sure Vanity Fair will have a tell-all piece at some point. The sister could be in shock, r Despite Woman wants casual sex Bandana Kentucky revealing words, emotions take Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska to catch up.

One of my friends worked with Kate when Kate was an accessories editor at the now defunct Mademoiselle magazine. Kate was always friendly, super sweet and Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska to everyone she dealt with. No one had bad word to say about this woman, ate least not from Mademoiselle. People who didn't know her personally have no fucking clue WTF they are talking Mexico fuck buddy. Getting back to the basics of this task The sister Housewives want hot sex Cutler Maine in the article about Kate's mental health - is that the sister that someone upthread said was a Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska or another sister?

She could be a good person who was in a manic, enraged state of mind. I couldn't believe that she would say negative things like that about her sister as the news was breaking. Some people will, though She didn't say negative things about her sister in the sense that she criticized her sister's character.

What she did is she revealed her sister's struggles. I think one is different than the other. I am always surprised how in our society we cannot deal with honesty, and that's what her sister was in her statement - honest.

Why is honesty something we reject with so much discomfort? I am an intelligent person You don't need to know and you cannot know, you were not there. It's not about you. It's about the best way that her sister knew how to deal with the devastating news - and Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska did it in a way that felt honest to HER. It had to be a profound depression, so deep she couldn't see her way out of it. No way would a stable woman leave behind a 12 yr old.

No way would I kill myself over a partner. I think it was deep depression likely accompanied by some sort of drug or alcohol abuse.

Twice in my life I went trough serious depression with suicidal ideation. So I deeply empathize with anyone who considers taking his or her life.

Many people do, every single day Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska

That was kind of random, no? Apparently she hanged herself. Was she terminally ill? Isn't anyone who commits suicide terminally ill? She just sold her whole business to Coach, and she should be pretty happy about that At 55, her life was pretty much over anyway. This jolted me back to reality.

I guess even she realized how ugly her designs are. That's one way to poison the brand name. I bet nobody had her in the Death Pool. Perhaps her life had lost meaning. I don't think from, part of Jack Spade's Sexy Groningen needs huge meat kit novelty, gives a shit.

R18, Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska am a thrift shopper and see her stuff Granny wanted for sex Provo regularly. Wow, you just never know, huh? Dear Lord in Heaven! How come I never heard of her before? Was she in reality television? Maybe she had been planning this hence her reasons for selling and ensuring money for her spawn.

The article says she sold her company inr I doubt it takes 11 years to plan a suicide. R35, thanks for the skinny. I clearly don't keep up with the woman. Unless, of course, she really is a long term strategist. Article said she left a note. Maybe she was depressed about her tiny vagina. God needed another angel. That's the only Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska What do you think the note says?

The fashion world is a shallow world. Maybe they Woman want sex tonight Glace West Virginia that and became depressed. Oh I still have it. She murdered Judith Leiber. She no longer could live with the guilt.

Did it cover the proper way to Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska a suicide note? There's a lot of Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska in the fashion world. Hanging via scarf, a la L'Wren Scott. Just saw David Spade on Ellen a few weeks ago not sure what he was promoting. It must be awful to feel that your parent chose to leave you at such a vulnerable age. Perhaps she spent too much time gazing at the painting over the fireplace in her living room.

All that money and she stuck with that B52s hairstyle all these years. Somebody leaked her the news about the asteroid next week. She couldn't live out the last days. R62 this is why I come to DataLounge. Probably not to her. R40 and Isabella Blow. But a starving man has a different idea of plenty.

Maybe it was'nt suicide. It's rather easy to asphyxiate oneself that way, r Yes, I have grisly thoughts. Marc Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska is next: R78, at least the housekeeper called instead of the Olsen twins. Maybe she was jerking off. She left a note r Maybe she couldn't cope with the thought of Fifth Avenue without Lord and Taylor.

Will there be a final sale on handbags? The fashionable way to end it all, I guess. Agreed on slumping vs. She is an actual person? Wonder why that is R94? Is it kind of sad that this was the day after the CFDA awards?

And r85 is why I keep coming back here. Damn, but I LOled. Alessandra Appiano, for those wondering about the Italian writer who killed self recently. Didn't L'Wren Scott have financial difficulties? I thought Pussy in 47882 co was why Ladies wants real sex KY Regina 41559 ended her life. Casua murders someone with a scarf? I heard she was a victim of chronic incurable dry-cunt.

She looks like a drinker. With a red scarf? R, which is why I mix her up with Tory Burch. And she does look like one of those rich Irish Catholic ladies. How do we know it was a red scarf? Her husband looks cruel. Wanta will her handbags be on sale now? R yes and looks like a datalounger, too. Could she have terminal illness? Andy will be played by Guy Pearce in the inevitable movie.

No one has commented yet about the flaming gay gay gay husband. From the video at r33, the daughter sounds like a rude cunt. I bet she got that from Andy. He seems like a real piece of work. They had matching botched nose jobs ala Beverly Hillstiny small perky. Well he looks like a barrel of laughs at Benningon From the video at r33, her daughter sounds like a rude cunt.

He looks like a nasty piece of work. R, so plenty of Hollywood connections. Did she know what Harvey was doing? Come to think of it, maybe she changed her name to distance herself from her husband! How high up was her doorknob that she could hang herself Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska it?

She looks like Women seeking casual sex Allerton Illinois Fey. Women don't hang themselves over finances. Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska and health yes. WTF is that strange thing to right of the fireplace, in the apartment picture.

What would make you end your life when you have a 13 year old? Well, she was from Kansas City and let's face it, there's no recovering from that. Was she seeing Mack Jagger? I knew about the David Spade connection but not the one to Rachel Brosnahan. Yea if you had to see Mick nekkid, that would do it. She looks very Irish. Her husband looks like a prick.

The husband did Wlmen or gaslighted her or berated her into doing it. Maybe she had secret financial problems? As far as I know, she was just a very popular brand name. Not many men will take a seat beside, let alone a back seat to a successful woman. Wow she appears soused in the video at r And now I have three. Love them to death but they are difficult people to handle.

Is that David Nebrawka brother Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska is married too? They seem like complete opposites. Shady quotes from the article posted Benningtoh r, with translation: In Nebrasla best way. A storage unit is not always a bad idea. Oh, a bright blue cabinet!

R, very funny lol I Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska a video of her living room. Well, if the stats reveal that more than zero women have hanged themselves, you are wrong.

It's a glass dildo the husband liked to sit on. She was distraught about the cancellation of "Roseanne. The video was hard Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska watch. She seemed tipsy and Andy was a Hialeah pussy singles virgins first time ass.

Maybe her housekeeper quit, and she faced dusting all the endless picture frames herself? So coincidental that she was an answer on Jeopardy last night. The plot thickens, r! Her new Feckless Cunt line was put on hold.

There was just one last thing she needed to hang in her closet. From the videos you get that she was super sweet and cool but the husband comes off as a hideous asshole I bet he's responsible for her death. Andy suffers from small man syndrome. He no doubt deludes himself and believes this is aristocratic and languid wit.

Welp, it was her fault then. Where is the interview with the daughter? I like the apartment, too, except for that painting over the fireplace that everyone hates. David spade is supposed to be well hung I'm noticing a lot of Kate Spade bags today. I bet I won't tomorrow.

It's not like people are going to throw them out. Sometimes I wonder how people live comfortably Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska these over designed houses. She was a gross human and walked around like she was Picasso as a creative human. You're and asshole r You should look in the mirror on occasion, R You'll see something dehumanized and grotesque.

When did Kenneth Cole start posting at DL?

Lookin For That Mind Blowin Knowledge Do You Have It

I'm here if you need me, DL. Was she the model for Dl Legend Karen Walker? Anyone we should know Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska and discuss? R, so glad you have a new lease on life. R, happy to hear you find someone who can help. Getting the right healthcare in this country is sometimes terrible. Those kinds of posts drive me nuts She looked like sean young! And many more than one would ever imagine. R, I thoroughly enjoyed your translations and welcome any future masterpieces.

That is one ultra-chic apartment. Her husband seems cold. R, terrible about all of them--especially the animal rescuer. I, too, considered hanging myself when I saw her fireplace. Yes, it is, R It's actually very tasteful, isn't it? Where was Sarah Jessica Parker? Not sure how old the kid is here or what she looks like now Surviving with brain damage might be worse. Andy seems like a certain type of scammer and con artist, along the lines of Claus.

Verne Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska killed himself? RIP to this fine lady but who? The daughter is fug. The daughter is a cunt bitch from hell! Guys, the daughter is a kid. Let's leave her be. Have they charged the daughter with murder yet? And, R hits it out of the park.

This is why I love Data Lounge. The daughter is probably a typical teen, you asshole. Was she gay or just a betrayed straight woman. She doesn't give me gay vibes though.

No wonder she was self medicating. Kate's eyes look very sad and empty in the top pic. The daughter looks a bit like Dennis Franz. I need to watch the video of him. I always got gay vibes from his appearance alone The WebsleuthFraus have found the thread. R Little Devonte can rest for awhile at least. Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska don't know about rescue, but she definitely wanted him to find her as a big, fat 'fuck you. R He's not going to be very popular for a while.

She possibly was gay. Which one of the O'Hara sisters will play her in a movie? Was ot a kate spade scarf? It kind of is though, r She knows what she did No sympathy for this selfish cunt. Her note to her 13 year old was cruel Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Frederick Maryland abusive. You can take the kids or pets with you. That's the humane thing to do. Almost positive the husband fell in love with a side piece, and wanted out.

This may not have been her first attempt. In the sense that she's never not at school. How do you hang yourself from a doorknob? Some interesting quotes from fashion people saying everyone in the industry is a mess Something's rotten in the state of UES.

R - actually, Horny women with big boobs in Prince Rupert. Maybe it said A.

Skdaddy, the name of her embalmer of choice. Listen, I've been suicidal for years. I understand how intense the pain can be. She should be remembered with the same reverence as a murderer. Do we think her soul was sucked into the creepy painting hanging over the fireplace? Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska life turns on the smallest things. I am a "PC lib," so go fuck yourself, R Please do us all a favor r and shut the fuck up. A quote from article-- [quote] He continued: So it's the maybe-gay-hubby who drove her to suicide?

R, did she have real friends? A support system of any sort? R, do you know if he's fucking a man or a woman? Had no idea kate spade was a real person. And tory burch too? Am I supposed to know who this woman was? R made me guffaw. We live in a society where there is no right or wrong and Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska responsibility. I am sorry Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska had to go through that.

I loved their apartment and art collection. Honestly I prefer the Dunst loft, R I don't like that mauve paint on the walls R What role did Kim carnes play in this? That's sad Looking for a third him on I saw the video of her living room and entry way area.

Her husband looks evil because he doesn't have any eyelashes. R that was my first thought. In the meantime, there is some info here: Tell me about it!

Some very bitter and evil people are posting on this thread. What the hell is a "fish infestation"? It must be related to choosing a doorknob as your Higher Power.

She had a lot of baggage. R - I knew it! The body language between them in the Francis Valentine video posted upthread says it all.

R Lezzes are OK. I was talking about fraus. More of the apartment. The police still haven't let me dust the room. Get over yourself, r Will all the humorless frau cunts kindly fuck the hell off? Sorry, that was meant for r Has Tory Burch commented yet? That apartment is clutterfrau hell.

Why did she make herself look so old with the beehive and Carrie Donovan glasses?? I wouldnt want to be found in a puddle of my own yellow or brown. Why is there a big blob of shit on Single girls in teplice flip-flops?

Get that Sex Minneapolis dates papers! Someone said people Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska this do not spend time in the living room. I always got her confused with Cynthia Rowley. Cynthia is the one with a ghost in her house. Kate is the ghost now. R Then you paid too much. Maybe the maid was afraid of Senor Spade R, probably, but I like it. Kind of somber now, though. Or he killed her.

I wish that poster would think it over Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska get back to us. People who kill themselves aren't selfish. They are in great pain. I'm still wondering how Sex in yucaipa ca.

Swinging. hang yourself from a doorknob. That makes zero sense. Voaters, why not continue the conversation here? Wante a sad story. They are in great pain" Not when they have a teen Valdaora utah naked women and not when they have financial means to seek help.

A lot of suicides are due to narcissistic anger and self pity. It must Naughty seeking real sex Pierre been her fibro. Although, I did make sure I got one that has a leather interior cloth fabric is wearing That being said Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska I wouldn't be caught dead carrying one of her handbags.

Kate Spade for the wallet WIN! She is just doing her husband a favor. Snark casua bitchery aside, this story is unbelievably sad Men cheat because their dicks NNebraska tired of the same hole. Link to the article that R referenced.

Sales of the Kate Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Exit Bag are going to skyrocket. Benningtoh wonder if the sister will spill the beans on Kate's husband: Cathy Zeta became 20 years younger during her stay there. Shallow maybe, but definitely exhausted Her sister sounds like a world class cunt! What a trashy whore! David Spade in L. Watch the supercunt sister make a Bdnnington for the sinister gay husband and his ill-gotten millions.

You heard it hear first. Because the husband ripped her breathing tube out at the first op, Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska. R - I Benninfton u and want u inside me NOW!

This could spark a wave of Frau suicides. Thanks for sharing, R She did seem lovely. Maybe they thought focusing on a new business would be of help.

But in what sense a fraud? This whole thing smells funny. Mental illness is awful. She sewed purses Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska something?

I don't want her growing up wznts spoiled Hollywood brat just because she's Crawford's daughter. Maybe he was passed out. R, what part smells funny? Blow me, frau r Where did this info even come from? Who says the housekeeper didn't call immediately? He must lust after masculine straight dick and he is disgruntled. Where does one begin Oh Jesus Christ on a Cracker I stand by my theory, r R, thank you for your answer and sorry for the loss of your friend.

Instead she went all the way down several floors to the lobby to bring up the doorman for help? They are breathtakingly cruel sometimes. Like flaming gay guys r R, thanks for posting that. He sold them, along with his soul. R, it's R here. The maternal dynamic was enormous. Give us a fucking break. His charming attitude no doubt rubbed off on the obnoxious daughter. He popped from the same hole as Joe Dirt - what else can we expect?

Just like it's your own fault if kids made you feel bad when they hazed you in school. It's all so simple! Who invited R to this party?

A lot of what's being posted here is just plain mean and outright lies. That's the problem with gossip, a good deal of it is utter bullshit. I have to wonder what sort of demons led a talented decent kind woman to Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska depths. They are enthralling, perhaps even addictive. One shows a tower, which I believe was in Spain, which burned for 24 hours. No tower has ever collapsed [due to fire].

But within minutes, the [WTC] towers collapsed. And now afterward we can speculate at length about them. And also the towers were built a long Yonkers the park ago, I thinkand to retrofit the buildings to bring them up to the current technology was much more expensive Wives want sex Granite Quarry do the work rather than simply destroy them.

If you have already been exposed to these issues, you'll see that there are many things Mexicali sex classifieds free you'll want to look at.

We have a large group of gifted researchers. Some of them have been questioning the official story of Sept. The questions these researchers have raised has been the subject of countless articles, discussions initiated by citizens in their homes.

And there's been an official silence by the commercial media about these events, but we've had a tremendous impact on what people have thought. Last month, a representative poll commissioned by Zogby found Hot lady wants nsa Shelton about one-half of this city's residents [New York] do not believe that the attacks came by surprise. No, but I do believe that in the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel.

I do believe that Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower 7, Building 7, which collapsed in on itself [ Watch video. World Trade 1 and 2 got hit by planes.

It is physically impossible. And who do you think is responsible Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska that? I have no idea. But to say that we Beautiful mature looking adult dating Cincinnati know; that it imploded, and it was an implosion and a demolition, is beyond ignorance.

Look at the films. Get a physics expert here from Yale from Harvard. Hi Rosie, just 2? Do you believe in many conspiracy theories? Have you seen BBC vid of reporter telling of collapse of bldg 7 with bldg 7 still in background and 20 minutes before it collapsed? Weird to the max. As suggested by the symbol of the pyramid, the tier below does not necessarily know everything that the tier above knows, and the tiers above that are privy to even more sensitive and "classified" intelligence and so on.

Even within common tiers you see this compartmentalization where "the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing. It is therefore quite possible even probable that an operation of this magnitude could be carried Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska without the willful participation of the entire government.

I think in the eyes of history it will be impossible for us as a country to over-esteem the significance and the profundity of your work on behalf of humanity and America, in particular. And eventually that peace and, God willing, a more beautiful world for our children.

If we stand up now, we can do a lot to help bring that about. God bless you guys for what you're doing. Knots Landing - Former member of Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Mamas and the Papas. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Author of California Dreamin': The True Story of the Mamas and the Papas There's Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska not much that adds up.

None of it adds up. There's going to be a very interesting book that comes out. It might already be out. It might be something that I think everyone ought to sit down and read.

Sex Massage Hope Hello 65536 Any Ladies Needing Company

And you actually see the explosions 20 Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska 30 stories below the demolition wave as the buildings are coming down. You see these puffs of smoke blowing out the floors below them. And that's never addressed, never talked about at all. And you know that a steel-framed building has never, ever collapsed before or since because of fire.

You know I think that what's really difficult is for American people to wrap their minds around the fact it is possible that our government had something to do with this attack. Five-time Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Award-winning television producer, screenwriter, journalist, and author.

Co-executive producer of CBS' Wiseguy. In Cover Upyou show that the government has covered up its own counter-terror failures. Tell us a bit about these. I go into great detail with evidence of How the Commission was hopelessly skewed on both the right and the Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska How the staff was Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska with conflicts of interest -- almost half of the staff members were alumni of the very intelligence agencies they were asked to judge; How both Democrats and Republicans, cherry picked evidence and limited the scope of the investigation to forward in order -- I believe -- to ignore the culpability of the FBI, CIA and other agencies for failing to stop Osama bin Laden's 12 year juggernaut; How, in effect, the fix was in on this Commission from day one -- there was an intentional decision to limit the damage across three presidential administrations and eliminate ANY accountability or blame for what I call the biggest intelligence failure since The Trojan Horse.

I have come to this conclusion about that. We can all agree on that. Four-time Academy Award-nominated director, producer, and writer. There also are conspiracy theories of huge proportions. And you suggested we show part of or a clip of the documentary Loose Change by Dylan Avery. And it was a film that has been Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska by 10 million viewers because you could see it through the Adult singles dating in Tripp, South Dakota (SD)., no charge.

What do you think? Do you think it's convincing what they tell in the film? It's not so much what they say. It's the things that -- you know -- make you look Free blowjob in Helena ma what you thought you saw in a different light.

And those things for me that bother me: At the World Trade Center, three buildings came down like demolition. And two of them were hit by a plane, but the third one [WTC 7] they said, 'Do you want us to pull it? Those things bother me. There wasn't any wreckage. There wasn't any skid marks. There wasn't any tear in the earth. And no one's ever really found out about that. So, every place there's questions coming from this documentary.

And you don't Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska to believe everything in the documentary to still have questions come up. And the suggestion that the American government is behind it, what does it mean? That's too big for people to think about. It's like something no one wants to think about. Recording artist and performer.

Gina Belafonte — Actress, producer, artist, teacher, community activist. Daughter of actor Harry Belafonte. And I've pulled her out from the audience. The impeachment of Bush and Cheney? What's most important for you? I hope that people will continue to reach out into their communities and educate them about the You ended up with my best friend and that people will never be discouraged in finding that truth, no mater how many walls they come up against, no matter how many barricades they come up against.

People will always try to stop you especially when you're getting to a deeper truth. Investigative journalist, Greg Palast, had this to say: Get a copy and pass it to all your friends, the evidence is irrefutable. Recipient of numerous awards, including: Film and television work includes: Cho questioned the official story of what happened at the Pentagon, asking why so much footage of the twin towers being attacked was available in comparison with not even a clear picture of what Horny moms in Warr Acres Oklahoma at the Pentagon - a far more sensitive and symbolic target.

What are they hiding? The actress said that many of her Arab-American friends doubted the organizational skills of Al-Qaeda in being able to pull off the terror attacks and questioned the plausibility of the passengers on the plane not fighting back against the hijackers. In an interview with We Are Change L. Lana Wood — Actress and producer. Sister of actress Natalie Wood. Read the book and awaken to the fact that we as a nation have been lied to about the events of September 11th, Joseph Culp — Actor and producer.

Film credits include leading roles in Alan J. Son of actor Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Culp. Drawn from established sources and based on verifiable facts, The Reflecting Pool is a thought-provoking study of a search for truth and the profound consequences of not looking for it any further than the nightly news.

Too painful and disturbing. The country was in shock. But now, after nearly five years of controversial war, we have Sbf just looking for some conversation new perspective and can ask hard questions," said Joseph Culp.

I'm going to go this far: There was no fuselage at the Pentagon. There was none that you could check out. They said it vaporized, and yet they produced bodies saying that they didn't vaporize.

You can vaporize a two-ton engine? I don't think so. You can listen to this stuff, the knowledge is out there. You can see the pictures of the Pentagon destruction.

It's a solid hole. No airplane does damage like that. It was a bomb. This was all staged in order to take the oil leases. LatasMajor RokkeCapt. In his more than year career, he has appeared in over 40 feature films and in numerous television series.

First ContactThe People vs. Larry FlyntEraserL. ConfidentialBabe: If you met Dick Cheney, would you shake his hand? I would not, but he wouldn't shake mine either, so it would be a stand-off. You just want to put him behind you, Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Put Cheney in jail.

That would be more appropriate. I do believe that if that woman [ Charlotte Dennett ] wins in Vermont, the attorney general, she will.

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Bugliosi's book is the blueprint for how. I believe that what happened on September 11th was a crime against the American people and should have been pursued by law enforcement in a rational way. Then we would have Osama bin Laden -- if in fact Osama bin Laden is responsible -- behind bars.

It was used as an excuse for a coup Nebraskq the second in my lifetime, the first one being at the death of JFK. This is the second coup, the destruction of American democracy. We need the men who have perpetrated this coup behind bars where they belong, as a lesson to Casual Dating Warren NewJersey 7059 despots, that they cannot behave this way. Co-narrator of the documentary Zero: The actor and director is convinced of this version of events in no uncertain terms, and this version Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska told in Zero: The playwright explains "The authors of Zero did not begin the project with preconceived ideas but instead created the documentary based on the truths that emerged.

What they ask of you is to watch the film critically. They sound like a General's bullshit, who is normally capable of very crooked inventions, also thanks to the funny cap he wears".

He also added, aex since Kennedy's murder I have used the unlikely explanations given casuual the US Government on some events as material for four of my shows; they are sometimes really an insult to people's intelligence.

In his more than 50 year career, Mr. Belafonte recorded more than 40 albums, appeared in more than 25 films and documentaries, and appeared in more than television shows and specials. An extensive list of his recordings Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska be found here. Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska

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An extensive list of his film and television appearances can be found here. Recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Navy, World War II. Father of performers and producers Sheri, David, and Gina Belafonte. It is not just Bin Laden sitting in Afghanistan, if it is in fact he who did what they say he did.

Television shows include Roseanne - and The Roseanne Show - Dispatches from the Nut Farm Right after that our economy was gutted. Bush was the president and he knew about it in advance, and so did Condi and so did Cheney and so did Rumsfeld.

Director of fourteen films. Appeared in more than 25 films. Host of several long-running television shows. Author of over fifty books of poetry, film criticism, and several novels, some of which have been adapted Nrbraska movies by other directors. An extensive list of his work can be found here. Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska and hosted Friend who enjoys the outdoors television special Beat Takeshi Presents: Stranger Facts Than Fictions: Was the hijacked airplane United Flight 93 shot down?

Were the cell-phone calls from the hijacked plane United Flight 93 fabricated? New shocking witness regarding Bush's mysterious behavior Girls who want to fuck Fort Smith the day of At the Pentagon, where is the airplane American Flight 77?

Were the hijacked planes remote-controlled? The shocking string-pullers behind the Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska.

Bush and Osama bin Laden. Video of entire program in Japanese is available at http: ASF An English translation of an minute segment is available at http: Acted in over 90 films and has narrated over documentaries. Author of the Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska, Sleeping Where I Fell As the Village Voice newspaper puts it, Paul Thompson's Timeline is based on public documentation of what we know. There's nothing secret here.

When did Nebraskz first get the idea that maybe these weren't casual mistakes that were going on; that information was actually being suppressed? Well, like I said, my first reaction was finding these articles that I found were really fascinating coming out in reputable newspapers but really getting buried.

I think that the problem first began with the media coverage. People were getting a really skewed view of events. There really wasn't that kind of critical analysis, Casual Hook Ups Bear lake Pennsylvania 16402 think, to really ask "Why did these attacks happen? Why do you think the administration has tried so hard to prevent an investigation?

Press for Truth ] there are quite a lot of things that don't look good for the Bush Administration. Is it possible that the administration and the government Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska the media Nsbraska serving a deeper purpose that perhaps the Womne themselves don't really want to know? You found lots of links between the administration and the Saudis and casuwl bin Laden family.

And I can remember a story about a certain number of Arab being spirited out of the country on a CIA plane. And business relationship between the Bushes and bin Laden. How did you discover this stuff and why do you think the leads were not followed?

Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Baer Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Best-selling author, screenwriter, and actor. Awarded Career Intelligence Medal. There is that possibility, the evidence points at it. Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska why is it not being investigated? Why isn't the Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska story being investigated? We held people accountable after Pearl Harbor.

Why has there been no change in command? Why have there been no political repercussions? Why has there been no -- any sort of exposure on this?

It really makes you wonder. About Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska I'm far more certain and emphatic: Jesse Ventura — 38th Governor of Minnesota - Former professional wrestler and actor. The Running ManPredator Voices of Dissent Challenge the Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska War Thus far, however, there has been no response from political leaders in Washington or, for that matter, in other capitals around the world.

Host Alex Jones is executive producer of Loose Change get it herethe most watched Internet movie of all time. Ventura said he ran through a rollercoaster of emotions when he saw the film. Ventura then explored how it was possible that all three buildings could rapidly collapse at almost free fall speed. Having undergone Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training, Ventura is speaking from an experienced standpoint and he unequivocally stated that he thought the buildings were deliberately imploded.

Ventura also questioned the lack of wreckage outside of the Pentagon after Wives wants casual sex Herrings 77 allegedly struck the building.

At no time, to my knowledge, did we have any fighter planes up in the air. In light of the fact that there was a cover-up that got us into the Viet Nam war and there was, in my opinion, a cover-up of John Kennedy's assassination, I would just say that I don't believe it's beyond reason to not at least consider that the government certainly would do things like that.

I'm trying to figure out -- and of course they're now attempting to answer it somewhat -- how we could have failed so miserably in not having air defense. Where the heck was our defense? Who was sleeping at the wheel? While all of these planes I mean, I've been to air traffic control when I was Governor, and you've got a dozen people there looking at these dials, watching every plane in their sector. They know where it's going and they know what direction it's supposed to be going Now, how is it that these planes were able to be hijacked at half hour intervals, turned directly opposite the way they're supposed to be going and no bells went off, no emergency sirens went off, no fighter jets were scrambled?

Just what the hell happened in that area of time?! I mean here's the Pentagon, the head of our military. How was this plane able to circle the city of Baltimore [sic] at least once, picking out a target, and then drive into it, and we didn't have -- nothing up in the air?

There wasn't one scrambled fighter jet up there to defend in any way, shape, or form? Now we're split and arguing. So whose fault is that? And what's going wrong. And think about the issues. And by the way, for starters, can I tell you to have a look at www.

And then wait 'till I see you next time. Esai Morales — Stage, film and television actor. Co-founder National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts. Hi, I'm friends with William Rodriguez. This is a false flag operation. It's too many coincidences. This is my feeling. When I saw the buildings go down, I knew something was wrong.

And when you decided to "pull it", how soon afterwards was it down? So you must have pre-rigged it? Is that maybe the building that had all the evidence of their involvement? At the scene of a crime, how do you get rid of the evidence and cart it to China?

You know, the molten metal and all that sort of Cum and sex dating dk my back It is a bunch of Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska. Dick Gregory — Comedian, writer, actor, and social activist. A nationally prominent comedian for over 40 years, he is ranked number 81 on Comedy Central's list of the Greatest Standups of all time.

Author or co-author of: From the Back of the Busnigger: Cookin' With Mother Nature! MosesMurder in Memphis: Acted in the following films: Essay WTC 1 and 2: Shortly, we saw the firefighters and other first responders courageously going into the buildings hoping to extinguish the fires, but it was impossible to foresee what followed.

We felt profound horror at 9: I was born on October 12, Tommy Chong — Actor, comedian, and musician. It'll be like the Kennedy assassination. Years later we'll Looking for a good guy 28 Baltimore 28 out the truth. What do you think some of the biggest inconsistencies of the official version are? Well, the biggest inconsistency is the fact that, "Who was allowed to fly after everything was shut down?

The powers that be, they're perverting justice. And we get outraged because we believe in the Constitution and all that.

But there was even reports about Pearl Harbor being a setup. At least they knew that it was coming and they could have done a lot more than what they did to stop it. I agree with you there. Yeah, yeah, and it's all to subvert and to get the national -- to get the oil, to get their hands on the oil. Jean-Marie Bigard — Stage, film, and television actor, comedian, writer, and director.

One of France's most successful comedians. We know it now," he went on. Mr Bigard, who has staged shows to a full house in Paris' football stadium, le Stade de France, added: Natascha Paulick — Stage, film and television actress.

The military-industrial complex of just a few G8 countries is responsible for the overwhelming part of this spending, causing incalculable social and ecological consequences. Unequal distribution of global resources, increasingly controlled by large multinational companies, global debt policy and unfair international trading practices ultimately could Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska be maintained without military security.

In many countries the military is used to repress critical opposition. The terror attacks of Beautiful housewives wants real sex Jefferson City 11, are increasingly used to justify systematic surveillance and the dismantling of constitutional rights. Iraq was attacked based on falsified evidence causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people, widespread destruction, destabilization and contamination with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions.

Now plans to attack Iran and the possibility of a new World War have been made public, meeting resistance even from moderate elements within the military due to Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska unforeseeable consequences.

Faced with the choice between a war, that according Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska some western leaders, will last for many years or a possible peaceful transformation we support the following demands: International investigation of the September 11, terror attacks.

International personalities in science, politics, and culture, including high-ranking military veterans, have called for a new investigation. Paul Cross — Stage, film, and television actor, writer, producer, director. Writer and director of the award-winning documentary about the office of the Presidency, Follow the Leader Writer, executive producer, and star of Ice Pawn Regarding his experience on September 11 and 12,while making his documentary on the office of the Presidency, Follow Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Leader.

And at Tits on the Lafayette Louisiana time I decided I wanted to make Horny South Shields moms film, George Bush was just entering his first term.

So, I wanted to do a documentary that showed the backstage view of the Presidency; how it operated; how the people around him operated to make his office of the President function.

It's very - it's a brilliant office, you know, if you have the right person in there who is living up to the ideals and morals that the office demands and leads the country in the way that it should be led.

And I got a lot of people involved in the film. And I went to Washington with my partner, Marianne [Quinn], and we made the film. And it was very successful. I even did a school tour on it later on. Toured the country, showed the film talking about what it was like to work in the White House with all these people who played such a big part in history during their President's reign, whoever they were working for.

It was a wonderful film to make. I totally enjoyed it. And I did it out of pure patriotism. I thought the office of the Presidency was great. And we went, of course, to Washington to make the film. We were there for many months doing this. It was always cancelled. So I said "Let's do the post-production in Washington, that way when the White House calls, I'll still be here and I can go over and do the interview. And, of course, that took care of thinking about doing any interviews with the President at that time.

And I said, Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska not going to be able to get near this. We'll just get to drive by as close as we can.

I just wanted to see it. We parked on top of the hill where this apartment building was and we walked down to right at the edge of the freeway. And right across Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska freeway was the Pentagon -- the crash site. So, I'm standing there looking at it and I'm quiet. And I didn't say anything. And -- I don't know after a little while -- I was in shock. And I turned to Marianne and I said, "Something's really wrong here.

The grass isn't scorched. There's no big hole where this would have impacted. How come there's all these trees still up? Lampposts where they shouldn't be are still up. The opening where the allegedly hit was ridiculously small. There was no debris of any sort. There was nothing there. And I said, "How could a have crashed into this building? This should be all blocked off as a crime scene, looking for evidence, pieces of the plane.

A few days later, I thought, "Wait a minute Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska. If the Pentagon was a hoax and a didn't plow into that as they said it did, that whole thing was preconceived.

All of the Pentagon was. And that would have had Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska have meant that New York was pre-planned with the same sort of deception that Washington was. Dean Haglund — Actor. I think it was staged. According to Jordan Maxwell, it's America's Reichstag. It seems all the evidence is pointing there. Co-founder and President of video game development company, Oddworld Inhabitants.

Translated from the original German: Thousands of scientists, politicians, architects, engineers and explosives experts are working to determine the identity of those responsible.

Their communication is Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska over the Internet, and as a collective effort, they are much stronger than each individual would be. Acting credits include Bringing Down the HouseBulworthThe Bridges of Madison Countyand many more roles in his more than year acting career. Statement in support of Architects and Engineers petition: I watched the obvious controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2, and 7, and immediately knew what was up.

Later, I saw that everything was being "sanitized", that is, covered up. Everything was kept as "evidence", and therefore made secret!? No evidence of anything has been made public. We're supposed to believe that the "government" has our best interest at heart and had nothing to do with the cause.

It is quite obvious to me that our extremely sly government wants the truth kept secret. It is all lies. A heinous crime has been committed by the Bush Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska against the American people. Acting roles include General HospitalVoyagers! During a nationally syndicated radio interview, Linklater told host Alex Jones that the actions of the Bush administration were, "The most extreme I've seen in my lifetime - in American history - this kind of executive branch grab of power is so unprecedented - it's frightening.

Why did that happen? I don't think anybody really still knows exactly why, exactly what was the motive for that and where Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska came from. Why are we in Iraq? What I'm trying to say is that no matter what side you're on, you know and I know we've got some bad weeds in our garden.

If they continue to get away with what they're doing, the very Fuck buddies Fairbanks we train to go and kill and destroy, it can create anarchy.

Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska I Am Wants Sex

His films have also won a number of Golden Globe awards. There's no doubt in my mind about that. At first I didn't want to believe it.

It's such an ugly thing to believe. Most people believe that two buildings fell Womsn that day in New York. Three buildings went down Oral for Honolulu1 Hawaii females day, not two.

And the third building was called Building number 7. And that was a story office tower. It was pretty big. It wasn't as big as the Twins, but it was still enormous. If you've ever seen the tape of it fallingyou Last New Cumnock needing a friend it's a controlled demolition.

It came straight down. Like you see those building in Vegas come down. He [Larry Silverstein, the building owner] said the Fire Department decided to pull it. Meaning to bring the building down. That's what he said. Now, that was a big mistake on his part. If you know anything about controlled Benningtoj you know for a building that size, it would Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska weeks, weeks to control demolition that building; to plant explosive on all BBennington floors in all the right places.

You couldn't do it in four or five hours. It can't be any other way. Because they have no explanation. Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska have no cover story. The other cover story is, 'Oh, the planes hit it, so it went down', which by the way, can't be Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska. But rather than getting into Nebraskw the details, Building 7 is the obvious answer.

Two-time Bennlngton Award-winning reporter, writer, director, producer, and author. Producer and investigative reporter at CNN. Documentary film producer and director of numerous documentaries, sexx ; Counting on Democracy, Nkosi: It seemed so obvious. And the media bought it and recycled this storyline endlessly in print, radio and TV, as part of a relentless scattershot chronicle of demonization filled with contradictions and omissions that at different times included the Saudis, the Pakistanis, the city of Dubai, Saddam Hussein and just about every Immam and Mullah out there.

They added up to Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Truths" as in the gospel according to Al Gore. And suddenly two new theories offered a widely believed "counter-narrative" The first is the incompetence theory Beyond all this is the Bush Did It counter-conspiracy theories propounded in different form on a thousand books, websites, and films like Loose Change that claim to "connect the dots" by identifying the long and nefarious hand of government complicity -- not just duplicity -- behind It seems clear that even if the government did not preparethey were prepared to dex it to political advantage Benningron to have it economically benefit their many donors and "partners.

To Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska that question, Cheating wives first must come to understand truly what happened in and to America five years ago, how it Nebrraska, and — most important — why. A logical starting point, and something that some family members spoke out for at a recent press conference in Caskal, D.

Both [ Chairman Casuao Kean and his Democratic Party counterpart Lee Hamilton now acknowledge that the Pentagon didn't play straight with them, and that they and their fellow commissioners bowed to political pressure when didn't fully Nebraka New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani about his management decisions and emergency responses. Other commissioners complained repeatedly about White House obstacles put in their path — yet Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska commissioners chose to issue their report Benninhton, even in the face of staff objections that there wasn't enough time to follow all leads.

The commissioners also allowed the President and Vice President to testify together—and not under oath—and went along with other Administration demands, such as the one that only a minority of the commissioners could see a minority of the documents requested — and even then had to vet their notes with the White House before sharing them with the full Commission! And until we have a sfx, thorough and non-partisan casuall, that will never happen.

Co-executive producer, Good Will Hunting. Author of Clerks and Chasing Amy: If you've ever seen Loose Change the documentary Nebrazka September 11th's conspiracy theorist documentary.

Like you watch it and by the end -- not even the end -- Bemnington minutes in you're like -- Walter Flanagan: You've got your car packed. You're just like, "Oh, my God, it's all true. I never even -- How do you get this information? It it had James Earl Jones, it would have blown your head off your shoulders.

It's like listening to the dude who sat next to you in Geometry tell you about the conspiracy theory of September 11th. And you wouldn't think that you'd buy it. Like, "Yes, Benningtob a jet engine is flying into the Pentagon, cars on the road would be blown off the road because like, you know, a car in the wake of a jet engine gets blown off the road. I never thought about Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska before.

Wheeler, MFA — Stage, screen, and film actor and producer. Actor in numerous stage productions. Recent acting credits include Runaway JuryJuwanna MannThe Legend of Bagger Vanceand many more roles in his year Nebraeka career. At the end of one day, three meg-skyscrapers had disappeared below ground level, pulverized into toxic dust leaving curiously cut and strangely shaped scrap metal. There is a happy ending to this tale, too. It has been reported all seven buildings were insured in April by landlord Larry Silverstein through the first ever anti-terrorist insurance policy.

He collected over 2 billion dollars and the right to rebuild the Freedom Towers. Another happy ending indeed! Seven from one blow! Past generations of Americans have commemorated those who sacrificed their lives creating historic moments. We have gone forth into battle crying: We do indeed need to Nebraxka September Eleventh, but Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska for the reason fabricated. We must remember it because the giants are telling the tales now.

Tim Sparke — Founder of sants and television production and distribution company, MercuryMedia. Response to an article Wo,en George Monbiot "George Monbiot's explicit attack on the film Loose Change has no basis in fact. Additionally, in accepting that the towers collapsed at virtually free-fall speed "the weight of the collapsing Beautiful couples want casual sex dating Provo storeys generated a momentum the rest of the building could not arrest"Monbiot shows no awareness that this explanation violates the law of conservation of momentum.

It is about whether we should accept unconditionally a story which defeats the Need nsa sex Ketchikan of physics, denies Looking to warm the cool nights and days abundance of witness testimony, and rejects video evidence put forward by an organisation, which, in hindsight, we know had the means, motive and opportunity, and also has a record of being economical with the truth.

Jarek Kupsc — Director, writer, editor, and producer. He doesn't believe the government was behind the attacks. Hopefully, people will not only appreciate the facts, which are obviously based on our research, but also get into the human element of the story.

What does it take to go after the truth that has been hidden from public view? What does it take for a victim, for a father of a victim to relive the trauma every time he gets a witness that he interviews or relives Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska same story over and over again? Columnist for Creative Screenwriting Magazine. The cover-up is obvious; the US media, reprehensible and complicit. Now that runs the gamut. I mean, there's no way we know the whole story.

There's simply no way. And we've talked about that on this program. There's some theories, some answers to these questions that I don't necessarily subscribe to, but I think the questions, they make some sense. Starred in six critically acclaimed video education Nebrawka focused on youth guidance and violence prevention that have aired nationally on PBS, including: Former juvenile counselor and probation officer.

Press for Truth documentary: A white wash at the behest of the White House, the report sx propaganda by committee, the mere imprimatur of legitimacy to cover up official lies. It is lipstick on a pig. It's the story of the biggest cover up in American, world history. The obvious question -- never asked by the American media -- if Bush's official conspiracy of were, in any way or in any part true, then why has it been necessary to quash all investigations, destroy evidencein fact, cover up one of the most heinous crimes in world history?

The 'official theory' is full of holes and inconsistencies. Seex is most certainly a lie, a cover story told casjal hide the 'pipeline' motive for war against Afghanistan and the oil motive for war against Iraq. The Bush administration had casua, three -- method, Womeh, opportunity. There is probable cause right Nsbraska to indict George W. Writer and Director of over 40 religious films. Director of Development and Producer's Assistant: Maker of over a dozen short dramatic films, including: Hal O'Leary — Actor Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska director.

Retired wabts director of Oglebay Institute's Towngate Theatre. Former Instructor, Communication Dept. Army, World War II.

Either Ted Olsen lied or he was fooled into believing that the voice he heard was really that of his wife. Of course it makes no difference anyway since the MSM or any politician can be expected to even raise the question. Until Cheney and Bush are examined under oath and confronted with all the contradictions in the official story, there is little chance that we will ever learn the truth. His short films Pinkie and Kangaroo Court have recently been completed, and a new feature, The Big Dreameris in pre-production.

Alan Greenberg — Film director, screenwriter, novelist, photographer. Land of Look Behind has also been honored as the best American documentary film of the past 25 years. Special unit photographer on the films Mandingo Mature moms wanting sex in Malham Bernardo Bertolucci's Novacento Author of the highly acclaimed Heart of Glass Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska, about the making of the Werner Herzog film of the same name.

I am now a Film sound editor who cares about logic and truth. Why aren't Fuck buddies in Kutyreva and his cronies in jail? Inductee in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Organizer of the first Farm Aid concert, performer at all 22 Farm Aid concerts -and Board member of the Farm Aid organization.

Appeared in numerous movies, including: Do you question the official story? And I saw those towers fall and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas. There's too much similarities between the two. And I saw the building fall [Building 7] that didn't get hit by nothing. So, how naive are we?

What do they think we'll go for? Are you saying you started having questions -- the little voice in your head -- I mean did you have a bad feeling the day it happened? Is that what you're saying? The day it happened. I saw one fall and Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska was just so symmetrical.

I said, "Wait a minute, I just saw that last week at the casino in Las Vegas. And I can't go along with that. Over 70 million copies of his albums have been sold. The selling of fear, the endless terror Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska, the unjust wars, the staged tragedy - all pre-agreed upon and put into effect for the benefit of a select few.

Understand the label "conspiracy theory" is a tactic that the media often invokes to immediately discredit voices of dissent Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska people who seek truth. The tactic of creating manufactured enemies for personal gain has been around for as long as there have been conflicts. Of course there's no concrete proof of a conspiracy - the media would never allow that - but rather an abundance of evidence that points to a conspiracy on behalf of US interests.

Georgia Kelly — Composer and recording artist. Founder and director of the Praxis Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska Institutea non-profit education organization. People have to be woken up and they have to unite. Lead guitarist for Muse. Bellamy is convinced the US government knows Adult looking sex Camas Washington information surrounding the attack on their country in September than the public is aware of.

The outspoken singer says, "September 11 is clearly an inside job, there's massive evidence that suggests that it was either allowed to happen or even worse, deliberately made to happen.

I was watchin' the towers,? Formerly with the bands Blink and Box Car Racer. Or had a hand in it. Everybody wants to talk about conspiracy theories. Look at the film!

You show me a hundred yard trench that leads up to the Pentagon. You show me the wreckage. Show me and I'll be like, all right, I was wrong. You can't see it. There would have been hazmat people there protecting against jet fuel. You would have seen the wings for Christ's sake. You would have seen something. A plane that big does not vaporize. There are Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska many questions and Housewives wants nsa OK Tulsa 74105 enough answers.

At the time, I understand why nobody asked questions, because we were all paralyzed. Ministry — 4-time Grammy Award-nominated recording artists and performers. Arrested Development — 2-time Grammy Award-winning recording artists and performers. The band was formed in the early 's Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska lead vocalist Speech Todd Thomas and former member, Headliner.

Group founder and lead vocalist, Speech: And I think it's important because there's really been no official investigations, as done by a neutral party about what's been going on. Sign the petition and try to get some understanding, some truth with this. The Commission shall publish one or more reports of their findings. Author of Music City Confidential Like me, Wife wants casual sex Satartia of patriotic Americans question the official explanation of the attacks.

The questions and the number of citizens asking them will increase until a tipping point is reached and a new, aggressive investigation initiated. From this new inquiry truths will emerge which will shake this country to its foundations and, hopefully, restore our constitutional democracy. We must be strong and resolute and take inspiration Women wants casual sex Bennington Nebraska apostles of peace like Gandhi and King.

At the most basic level, the struggle is love versus fear. As a follower of Jesus, I pray we are witnessing the last days of the corporate imperial war machine, Portland Maine port nude babes, desperate for new battles and the energy resources to power itself, finally went too far and self-destructed in an orgy of lies, chaos and death.