Reasons for Choosing Velcro Patches

Reasons for Choosing Velcro Patches

Velcro patches, also known as moral or tactical patches, are designed with the hook or loop backing for quick and easy attachments. These patches are way better than the conventional irons or sewing patches that are a bit complicated to install and transfer from one cloth to another.

Velcro patches are getting popular among other patch types as they are flexible, durable, and convenient. Alibaba custom velcro patch are available in different materials (PVC/cloth), graphics, designs, patterns, shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

You can check a variety of trendy and classical velcro patches from Alibaba for multiple applications. But if you are confused about whether to buy a velcro patch or other patch type, worry not!

This article will explain the solid reasons for choosing velcro patches in detail. So, if you want to know, check the list below!

#1 Increased Durability

Velcro patches are known for their durability and long-lasting nature. Here is how!

The velcro patches are designed so that you can easily remove and reapply them from clothes. So, these patches did not face the washing process wear and tear. As a result, they last longer than other patch types.

In contrast, the iron-on or sewn patches are not that flexible. Also, they are more likely to fall off after a few washes. So, if you want your patches to last long, choose the velcro patches.

#2 Optimal Solution

The patch is not just used for fashion and style. These patches are essential parts of many uniforms and jobs for identification and logos like in military and security fields. In such applications, a person must regularly wear these patches.

The easy removal of these patches protects them from the intense cloth washing process where the rubber patches might get damaged. So, if you cannot afford to buy the patch every once in a while, the velcro patch is an optimal solution for your job.

#3 Go-On Fashion

Velcro patches are available in different designs and styles like heavy and classy embroidery. Because of this, a single stylish patch can transform your whole outfit. That's why many people purchase custom velcro patches to elevate the appeal of their dress.

If you are also an active fashion follower, check Alibaba fashionistas' velcro patch collection consisting of various PVC and cloth patches, and pick the one you love.

#4 Cost-Effectiveness

As mentioned before, patches are an essential accessory of many uniforms. So, people can either have a permanent patch on their uniforms or purchase a velcro patch.

However, velcro patches can be a cost-effective solution for the whole field for large-scale use of patches like in militaries and other areas where the same patches are used on uniforms. These patches are removable, so they can easily be used on new uniforms when needed.

#5 Distinctive Identity

If you love personalized accessories or want your own named patch, you can purchase a velcro patch for a distinctive identity. The name-engraved patches are not only used on uniforms or specific outfits but also backpacks and other items as labels or identification.

So, you can use a single name-engraved velcro patch on any of your items when required. This will help you protect and easy identification of your luggage.

Sum Up!

The easy removal and reapplication of velcro patches make them stand out in the market. These are the only patches that can use multiple times on different things. So, if you are excited to get your personalized velcro patch, check to place your order.